January - February 2008

Greetings at the beginning of 2008.

It is cold and wet - and often dramatic - as winters in Ireland predictably are*, but winter time does help us to understand seasons in life.  On December 18th I crossed the line into my sixties and am aware that I must make the most of the healthy days months or years that the Lord has allotted me.

Linda threw a surprise party for me at a local hotel (I thought I was going out for a meal with Linda and my sisters) and more than fifty family and friends were waiting in a darkened room to welcome me. It was very moving.

I had hugs and presents piled upon me and it took me about an hour before I felt that I had regained a measure of equilibrium.

During the evening the team surprised me with a brand new Apple Mac computer. The latest 24" iMac!  I had hoped to purchase one when the home restoration work was done but the costs turned out to be much greater than we could ever have imagined so I had written that idea off completely. This gift has turned out to be real God -send as we will need it for our plans to start filming the teaching in future, and Apple Mac computers, especially large ones, are the industry  norm for this kind of work.

We have just received the first of two Sony High Definition Video cameras plus accessories and software to begin the learning process! By late Spring we hope to have the first video DVD's available.

Our only daughter, Joanne, became engaged at the end of the year to Jason Harris, son of Paul and Barbs Harris who have been directors of Ellel Springhill outside Perth, Western Australia, since its opening. The marriage will take place in Ireland during the summer which has meant that our planned annual visit to Australia has had to be set aside this year.
Thinking of Oz, I recently got an email from one of the men in this picture - which was taken after a men of God weekend several years ago. The picture sits on my desk at home and his email reminded me afresh of the event, bringing back so many great memories. Thank you Nick!

As you know we love Australia and it takes a major event like this to remove it from the calendar! Maybe it is no surprise that our daughter will become an Australian citizen in the near future!

On January 13th the new Green Pastures Church officially opened. It seats 900+ and over 1000 people turned up for the opening night. Since Green Pastures has featured so regularly in recent newsletters and will feature strongly this year I thought you might like to see what it looks like inside. (I took these pics with my new Apple iPhone - a birthday gift from my eldest son)

Last year the fourteen Friday evening teaching series called 'Stronger' proved to be very successful and it is planned that an eight week version of this will take place every Friday during April - May, and again in the Autumn. It is also planned that I will teach at a monthly church get together throughout the year.

In September it is planned that a one year residential discipleship school will begin. More details of that exciting development in future Newsletters.

On Friday 18th January I led a small CRi team to teach and minister at 'God's Garage' in County Tipperary. I taught on 'God's Seasons' on the Friday evening and on 'Fear' at the CRi prayer ministry school on Saturday morning, followed by teaching on 'Controlling your thoughts' at the 11.30 am open teaching session. Prayer ministry took place throughout the day and it was wonderful to see God moving during the ministry times.
One gentleman could not contain his surprise and delight at what God did during the ministry session. His best explanation was "it is like champagne inside me!"  The following morning he phoned the event hostess and said 'he was absolutely blessed and didn't know it was possible to receive such healing and experience such freedom' She said that he could not say enough about the team and the ministry. Thank God for every encourager who takes the time to encourage us!
CRi team member Simon was asked to give his testimony at the monthly 'Living Waters' meeting in nearby Nenagh on the Saturday evening. God is doing great things here at the moment. The hotel room used is the largest available in the area and is already filled to capacity each month. Many who come have never been to such meeting before. Simon has one of the most dramatic God honouring testimonies I have ever heard and in truth it perhaps warrants a book to tell the story. He is truly one of God's miracles!

On February 8 - 10 we will have another group of young men from Lifeline in Dublin with us at the Christian Renewal Centre, Rostrevor. This will be the first of two weekends for the group and this one will, as usual, be the life changing 'Father heart of God'  Speaking to Lifeline leader Phillip Richardson this morning he was saying how strong these young from serious drug addiction backgrounds have become in their faith. We are delighted that two leaders from Green Pastures will be with us on this occasion.

This is mobile phone video from one such event last year


Linda and I fly to England on Tuesday 15th February to teach at Ellel Pierrepont in Surrey. Shortly after arrival I will be teaching term 4 students on 'Kingdom business' then all day Wednesday and Thursday I will be teaching 'The Fatherheart of God' to Nets Students and day visitors. Friday is a free day and then Linda and I will be teaching 'Marriage as God intended' on the Saturday, flying home on Sunday

  • Prayer ministry to individuals continues as usual throughout each month.

  • The CRi Team Training evenings take place every Tuesday evening. (9 years now!)

  • The CRi Prayer Ministry School continues every Thursday evening and should finish at the end of February.

  • CRi team members minister every Thursday at Green Pastures, Ballymena.

 How Great Thou art Lord!

*The picture at the top of the newsletter was taken by Linda on the mile long Portstewart Strand on Saturday January 27th during a much needed weekend away in a caravan. 60-70 mph winds buffeted us most of the weekend but on the Saturday morning there was this calm between storms! >

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