July - August 2007

First a look back at the end of June and early July.

Our final night in the 'Stronger' series of Friday night teachings at Green pastures in Ballymena included some twenty minutes for testimonies.

One lady told of her remarkable healing from arthritis following prayer ministry into forgiveness issues in her life.

The following morning she awoke  to complete freedom from all her arthritis and her great joy was in being able to turn her neck round with ease when reversing her car.

Following the teaching and ministry into rejection another person in the church wrote to us saying..

"I just want to express my gratitude for the teaching over the last few months and in particular for the ministry into my life two weeks ago. It has made a huge difference to me. I had no idea that rejection was the underlying issue but as you spoke I knew that the words were really affecting me.. I am so glad that I stayed behind. I felt so safe and secure as you prayed. I was a little reluctant to repeat some of the words but decided I had to trust you and the Holy Spirit. I was aware of the Holy Spirit ministering and it all happened without a struggle. I knew it was going to make a difference in my life but the extent was highlighted for me today when I met a friend for lunch. As she talked about issues in her life I realised just how far I have moved emotionally since receiving ministry. My mindsets and thinking patterns have been completely changed. Thank you once again for the great work you do. Thank you Lord from the bottom of my heart.

At the end of June we had a group of ladies from Dublin attend a Father heart of God course at the Christian Renewal centre at Rostrevor. All of the ladies are related in one way or another to the 'lads' who have been coming to us in recent times from drug addiction backgrounds. We had mums, step mums, wives, fiancées and girl friends. All were touched deeply by Jesus during the weekend and three received salvation. All others attending were already Christian.

At the beginning of July we took a strong team down to 'God's Garage' in County Tipperary where I taught on reconciliation on Friday evening and rejection on Saturday morning - with ministry after both teachings. Saturday afternoon was left for ministry appointments with the team members plus a further training session for around one dozen people in the CRi Prayer Ministry School. We are always keen to build up a prayer ministry team at any centre we regularly visit so that they can be 'self sufficient' in this area in due time.

We will be doing the same at Green pastures over the summer when two of our most experienced prayer ministry team members will be running a weekly Saturday morning school for nearly two dozen selected church members.

Prayer ministry to individuals continues week in and week out and we are so very grateful to God for the evidence of lives changed. One girl (a prodigal daughter!) wrote to say..

"..words cannot express what, through God, you have done for me. You brought me through a difficult spiritual war that was happening in me with your words of total encouragement and truth.. I now feel I can face anything 'through God who strengthens me'  My mum and whole family have seen a major change in me and would also like to thank you for making their lives better as well."

I have just returned from teaching at Ellel Pierrepont, near Farnham, Surrey.

As well as teaching The Father heart of God and Kingdom Business to NETS students, I shared my testimony of God's healing in my life to around 150 staff and students at the early Friday morning communion, and later shared with the students what God was graciously doing in Ireland through this ministry.

The Great Hall, Ellel Pierrepont

How Great Thou art Lord!

Along with some prayer ministry to individuals the main thrust for the remainder of July is to prepare teaching material for our August visit to Australia.

God is good!

  Main events during July - August

July 11-12th Ellel Pierepont, (near Farnham, Surrey) NETS students 'Father heart of God'

July 13th Ellel Pierepont, NETS students 'Kingdom Business'

July 27th  Leave for Australia

August 3rd - 5th Ellel Gibulla (near Sydney) 'Father heart of God'

August 7th -9th Ellel Gilbulla 'Moving on with God'

August 10th - 12th Ellel Gilbulla 'Sons of God' (young men)

August 15th  Leave for Perth

August 17th - 19th Ellel Springhill (near Perth) 'Men of God'

August 24th - 26th Ellel Springhill 'Moving on with God'

August 28th  Holiday in Northern Australia

September 12th Arrive home

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