MAY - JUNE 2006

Linda and I

May saw our second visit to Cork City, doing the follow up conference to the Father heart of God.

It saddened us to hear that some of the city's Pastors were strongly opposing our visit. (A new experience for us) The teaching of generational issues and referring to God as 'Daddy' (Abba) seemed to be the main issues.

However, as before, the people came and the comments and spontaneous applause at the end said it all.

One lady brought an unsaved friend to the final evening session which was dealing with rejection and her friend got saved.

In June Linda and I are hosting a Thursday to Sunday course at Glenada Christian Conference Centre in Newcastle, entitled 'Marriage as God intended'  We have done this course in other countries but this will be the first time in Ireland.

The third weekend in June we head off to County Donegal where I will be the speaker at the Full Gospel Business Men's Fellowship International weekend.

We are getting prepared to travel to Australia in August and we are greatly looking forward to meeting old friends again. This time I will be teaching at Ellel Centres in both Sydney and Perth. The teaching courses will be Father heart of God, Marriage as God intended, and Men's issues.

We have had a busy few months and hope that July will give the team a well earned break.

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