November - December 2006

Linda and I


I love Autumn. Besides the dramatic beauty of the colours it always evokes memories of collecting 'conkers' (Chestnuts from trees) with the children when they were young, and going fishing for pike on the cold Irish Loughs.
We know that winter and it's cold dark days are just around the corner and it makes us determined to grab each precious day of sunshine that we can. It's good to be alive!

Autumn also means the start of the annual prayer ministry school, and it is our joy to be teaching the 2006 students right now.  This basic one evening per week course usually lasts through until February and then some of the students will be offered the chance to attend a Saturday morning follow up school which can go on for many more months. From that group some may be offered a place on the Christian restoration team as a number two, and only after much supervised experience, the possibility of becoming a prayer ministry leader.  Its a slow process but it works.

Some years ago on a visit to a fellowship just outside Dublin the Lord wonderfully set free a young lady suffering years of rejection. She in turn then began to direct many other hurting people towards this ministry that the Lord has entrusted us with.

Then she went further. She began to envision a place that could be purpose built in her village in the south west of Ireland near Limerick. This remarkable young lady, with the help of her husband, set about constructing such a place on their own property. God went before them and in a remarkably short time, planning permission and finance came in and on Friday October 27th 'God's garage' was officially opened for Kingdom purposes.  Not only has it a meeting room which will seat 60+ people but a beautiful apartment below for accommodation and individual ministry purposes.

'God's garage'

Opening night

For the Saturday evening meeting this amazing lady invited many people who had never been to such a meeting before. All were invited into her home for evening meal before the meeting. She hired caterers to cope with the numbers and it was an amazing sight to see her home jam packed with people chatting and eating, with kids running around everywhere. When the meeting started the room was so full that extra seats had to be brought up and even when the children left after the worship folks still had to stand at the back. As I gave my testimony - finishing on the grace and the power of God that brought me back from the edge of death last year - the Presence of God was tangible. A salvation call at the end of the meeting produced a show of hands around the hall. The Kingdom of God had grown and the place was only two days old.

Christian Restoration in Ireland now has the use of these superb facilities in south west Ireland. A place where people can come to be repaired and have their Christian life 'serviced' at regular intervals. Hence the appropriate name God's garage!

We will be doing a Father heart of God course there on November 24-25th

Our youngest son David has been a Christian since he was 4 years of age. For more than ten years we went fishing together on every available Saturday. We chatted about God and life on every fishing trip. He read the Bible from cover to cover each year from age 10 through to age 14.
Last year instead of University he, along with his girl friend, went to Ellel Ministries in England for a five month prayer ministry course. Both have since joined our ministry team as prayer ministry leaders.

Aged only 19, he is now leading a Bible study every week in a friend's home.

The first weekend in December we will be holding the second of two healing retreats for the young men from Dublin who have recently come out of drug addiction backgrounds. Of all the work we do, I think this work is the most satisfying to me. To see young lads that the world would write off so easily come through into wholeness in Christ and often go on to serve Him in their local communities is so rewarding.

We all feel deeply privileged to be allowed to do this work.

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