Linda and I returned to this amazing continent from the end of June to early August to teach and minister at the Ellel centre at Menangle, New South Wales.

Linda and I in the beautiful grounds of 'Gilbulla' 

..and what a joy it was to return and see the fruit from last years visit. Especially from the 'Men of God course'  One lady told us that the moment her husband arrived home from last year's course she knew that she had a new husband. 

The husband gave me his written testimony...

"I had been a Christian for nearly 30 years at the time of the 'Men's Weekend' and had been battling with an addiction to masturbation for 34 years. The Bible doesn't specifically deal with this sin but this sin leads to others such as lust, adulterous thoughts and pornography and is a real trap that creates slaves and prisoners. Once this sin got a foothold in my life Satan knew that he could stifle my Christian growth and shackled me with guilt and shame. I had tried many, many times to free myself of it because I knew it was wrong. 

I had varying levels of success over pornography by not letting myself be exposed to it but I was a prisoner to the compulsion to masturbate. Some times I would win the battle for a few weeks but then I'd give in to temptation and fall back into the same traps. I knew Jesus could make me free as He says in John 8. I don't really know how it happened at the Men's weekend other than the power of the Holy Spirit changing something intangible, but I do know I was healed of the addiction. I am free, the addiction is gone, the guilt and shame are gone. Temptation still occurs occasionally but I now have a choice and I choose not to whereas before I was a slave to sin"

Understanding 'Freemasonry and the occult'

This was a one day course with two sessions given to each subject. The church is beginning to awaken to these issues and this day was given over to laying down a sound understanding of how these issues effect the individual and the church.

Father heart of God holiday school.

Linda and I with Margaret and Roy Blomfield who travelled from New Zealand to attend the Father heart of God school

This was a five day holiday school with teaching every morning and the rest of the day free to spend with family. 

This simple but profound teaching continues to radically transform lives wherever it is given. 

This short selection of testimonies from the feedback forms says it all..

"God has done so much in my life that this space is too short - but I will send it into Ellel in the next week. God is so good and faithful"

"Kicked out the old negative Father God image and I met my Heavenly Dad which is parents both closed their door on me. I tried to get on top of that through achievement and now (finally!!) deeply realised that my Heavenly Father is different, totally for me and that He won't close the door to me." 

"God has been shown to me this week in a way I did not know before. I have come to know Him as Dad, whereas before I knew Him as the Father who sent His Son Jesus to us. He is no longer distant but very close. This gives me more confidence to move on through Him"

"All my life I have felt useless, a failure and of no worth. Now I know I have a Dad who loves me and I matter to Him.."

"God has really changed my attitude and relationship with Him. Previously I had the feeling that God was just beyond my reach and contact. He was near, but just a little further away. Ken's ministry showed how clearly this is wrong. I was prompted by Ken and the Holy Spirit to realise we are God's children chosen by Him. We can rightly call God 'Daddy' not keeping a score sheet of our errors.. I personally am encouraged by God and feel strengthened for the ministry He has chosen for me."

"For many years I asked to 'comprehend' Father God. I love Jesus and the Holy Spirit but somehow God was 'out there'. Now I had head knowledge of the Trinity, but I now know "Daddy God" and I'm His darling, special little girl."

"Brought me into a deeper understanding of how God welcomes me as a son, Jesus' younger brother and that He is truly my Daddy who listens to me. I saw on covenant teaching a picture of myself with the cross right behind me and wherever I walked the shadow of the cross always stretches over me and ahead of me whether I could see it or not. Wonderful!"

Moving on with God

A challenging three day course which, being mid week, was the only course to not be fully booked. However a substantial number of people attending the Father heart of God school decided to return for this course and it was such a joy to see so many people who attended some of last year's courses plus this unexpected carry over from the previous course. Subjects included hearing from God, understanding the dark night of the soul, the wilderness and the land of promise, Godly submission and blood covenants.  God's Presence was so real especially on the final morning during the subject on Godly submission (entitled 'The rise and fall of Miriam').

Ministry to men weekend

Once again a full house of Australian men hungry for God. Many returning from last year with friends. Two leaders brought men from their congregations in Perth, Western Australia, (a four hour flight)  

Others came from Brisbane Canberra and beyond. 

Once again most of the teaching was dealing openly and honestly with male issues, especially male sexuality and once again the response of the men on Saturday evenings ministry time was deeply moving as they sought to do serious business with God. Lives were radically changed. Again, as with last year, an email about a wife saying that is amazed at her new husband!  With such men emerging Australia's spiritual future looks bright. 

Marriage as God intended weekends (2)

This was originally planned as a one weekend course but when it booked up immediately Ellel asked if we could squeeze in a second course just before we returned home. This we were happy to do.  

Linda and I have been developing this course over 18 months now and it is such a delight to have her teaching alongside me.  On the first weekend's course Linda took the women separately for the session on Godly Sexuality and on the second weekend we did this teaching jointly.  Both worked equally well I think. The responses to both courses was remarkable.  A pastor attending wrote this on his feedback form..

"Opened my eyes to the Lordship of Jesus and given me fresh revelation into Godly sexuality and how important marriage is in God's eyes. The other thing that I've learnt is that we need to heed God's word on these issues as God is serious about His word and watches over it. I'm glad I came, its my first time. However it will not be my last. The teaching was great."

"Realising just how powerful and vital the husband's role is as the Godly covering for his wife and family, and the negative impact it can have if he doesn't walk in that role"

"Conflict resolutions, straight talk, making clear lines between a Godly or an ungodly marriage - it was all great. What else can you say. Linda and Ken are just gems!"

"I fell in love with my husband in a whole new way.. I also learned what the meaning of blood covenants really is. I feel the urgency of telling my 3 teenagers what the covenant means, even though we have taught them that sex before marriage is not Godly and will hurt them later, I want them to know how precious the gift of sex is from god and not make the same mistakes as me."

"Confirmed to me again just how truly blessed I am to have a husband who has a very high standard of integrity, cherishes me with all his heart, and is walking more and more closely with the Lord every day.

I feel as if there has been a further consolidation and growth in our relationship (which was good anyway) but somehow an extra indefinable and positive element has been added over this weekend - maybe a deeper awareness of each others needs and what treasures we are to each other."

..and finally..
Thanks to Paul Ryan (again) we had a fishing slot in our visit. However unlike last year when we had several days in the gulf of Carpentaria, this year we had just one day in deep waters off the continental shelf out of Kiama about one hours drive from Gilbulla.  Rising at 4.45am we set sail on a charter boat at 6am  The weather forecast was excellent but someone forgot to tell the weather that. Rather than calm seas we had 3 metre swells that saw Linda sea sick for hours below deck and me being sea sick for only the second time in my life. 
However the BIG bonus was that after a half hour battle I landed my biggest ever fish (by far). A yellow fin Tuna weighing in at 25 kilos (53 lbs)  

Normally I put all my fish back but this beautiful fish (worth approx aus$3000 on the Japanese fish market) was given to Ellel Australia after being expertly filleted by Daniel the skipper of the boat. 

God is good!