The Great Adventure - published February 2014
Two translations


Ideal for both individual and small group study


I wrote this book because I am passionate about restoring the Christ centred plumb-line within the Body of Christ.


Our Christianity has become too comfortable, too lukewarm, too worldly, too weak, too lax on sin and too careless and frivolous with doctrine.


Jesus comforted the lambs, the distressed, the broken, the rejected, the lonely and the outcast - and my first book 'Loved like never before' does that.


But Jesus also challenged the comfortable to count the cost and come, follow Him , and this book does that. 


He called for disciples, not just believers, and this book does that.




   What Christian leaders have said..

It is a rare occurrence to find a book that so clearly and passionately encapsulates the Kingdom of Jesus Christ and how to live wholeheartedly in His Kingdom today. This book exposes and addresses the many things that are eroding and undermining the effectiveness of believers today and steadily guides us back to the plumb line of biblical truth. At the same time, it reaches out and rekindles within us that God given desire for “more”. You will not fail to be both challenged and inspired as you read this book and I pray that it will stir you to press on and take hold of all that Jesus died to give you. Ken’s first book “Loved like never before” is our number one bestseller at Ellel Pierrepont and I believe that this will even outstrip that.


Jill Southern-Jones (Centre Director) - Ellel Pierrepont,


My hope is that this will become a sought-after textbook to be read and worked through by anyone who is serious about living a lifestyle that reflects the Kingdom of God. If you are feeling left out, misunderstood, isolated, or have questions about God’s ability to release the fullness of His life into your life, then this book is for you. Ken Symington speaks from his heart, gives vivid illustrations, and answers some of the most pressing questions that many of us wrestle with, or silently ask. I often say at our ministry conferences that corporate transformation always begins with the individual, and that you cannot with integrity expect your church, your business, your community, and even your city to go further than you yourself have gone. So be prepared! The Great Adventure has the ability to change your life! By that I mean you cannot simply read this book, see scripture and live out one’s Christian life in the same way ever again.  Putting it another way, this book is a blueprint for living one’s life in Christ and for Christ in a manner that will shift the reader from a life of mediocrity to one that experiences and reflects the power and relevance of the Kingdom of God. If the message in this book is applied correctly, expect to receive vision – insight – direction – even correction – along with a fresh understanding of Godly counsel and discipline.  Above all, the message in this book releases new hope and passion for anyone seeking more in their Christian journey, since what may simply have been “learned behaviour” up until this moment, will suddenly become an adventure!


Rev. Dr.Alistair Petrie  (Author and Executive Director) - Partnership Ministries,


When I’m looking at the car and motorcycle sales web sites I sometimes see an advertisement that says “No tire-kickers”. What this is saying is that the seller doesn’t want to waste his time showing the car to people who only want to have a look, but aren’t really serious about wanting to buy.

From my experience in the body of Christ I sense that there are many Christians who are “tire-kickers” when it comes to following Jesus Christ. Being a disciple is not a hobby which just fits in alongside other interests in a person’s life.

I love the way Ken challenges us to walk the walk. His teaching, his writing and the way he lives stirs me to be completely surrendered to Christ, my Savior and Lord.

This book should carry a warning sticker - “Not for Tire-kickers”.

Rev Paul Watson – Regional Director, Australia Pacific, Ellel



Someone once said that becoming a Christian is free, but becoming a follower of Jesus is costly!!  How true that is, but how true it is that very few Christians have ever really been taught this cost or have even been helped to understand this truth. The results of this kind of a free and easy christian life are not hard to see. A form of godliness but without any real impacting difference being made on the world that our Father God so loved.


If we are going to make a difference in our world we are going to have to be different.


A true follower of Jesus will be different, not the freaky kind we see too often today, but the naturally supernatural kind who carry the presence and power of Christ in them to be His difference makers. Extraordinary Christians who know their God and do great exploits for Him


Everywhere Jesus Christ went he made a impact and left His difference behind. In the making of such a follower of Jesus there are many ingredients needed to make the real thing and keep the main thing the main thing! Like a great cake its very essence is dependant upon the ingredients that are put into it and it's greatness is proved in the power of its taste.


Ken Symington's book on following Jesus provides the would be follower of Jesus Christ  not only with the right ingredients but also with the right mix and balanced understanding that will help more Christians become the real thing


As a pastor who wants to see his flock flourish, the greatest asset of Ken Symington to the church is not just his tremendous knowledge of the things of God... many people have that also, but it is his understanding of that knowledge that, for me, really distinguishes this book from all the rest. This is what has given him the ability to get the mix and balance right which will firstly prevent Gods people being destroyed by a lack of knowledge and live an ordinary life, but secondly it will help the true follower of Jesus become His difference and live a life of adventure as we follow Jesus .


If you want to live an ordinary Christian life then this book isn't for you. But if you want to go on the great adventure and lead an extraordinary life in the power of the Holy Spirit then this book by Ken Symington is a must know.


Jeff Wright Lead Pastor Green pastures -The people's church



To listen to Ken Symington teaching is not like listening to anyone else. He is down-to-earth, clear, means what he says and says what he means. His book “The Great Adventure”, has the same character. It has an intriguing second title line: “The challenge of really following Jesus”. The word “really” stands out, makes this book different from so many others on the same subject. It tells me that Ken means business.


It is a book that challenges you in many ways, but that never leaves any doubt that you can be that real follower. It is simply a handbook for those who want to live the adventure that is called a Christian life in a non-Christian world.

Ken is the best guide to such a life that I can imagine. He is not luke-warm. He believes in the Word of God, and he bases everything he says on that reality. He also lives it out, and that gives him an enormous amount of experience to share with the reader: “It is written, I have tried it, and it works!”
This is not a book for the bookshelf, it is for repeated reading and daily digesting for those who are honest about their desire to be real with God. It is a book that will greatly help you get going in your great adventure, really following Jesus.

I cannot strongly enough recommend this book. It is a book that shows the way from being an average Christian to being totally, radically and eternally committed to following Jesus. Whoever you are, wherever you live, and whatever the cost. If you are not ready for that, read the book at your own peril!

Goran Anderson Retired Director Ellel Sweden and former missionary to Japan for 18 years

The call to follow Jesus is a combination of invitation and challenge. Ken Symington, in his new book 'The Great Adventure' seeks to provide a clear framework of teaching that teases out what that invitation and challenge looks like if we really want to follow Jesus. With his conversational style and easily accessible language, he poses some basic questions which lie at the heart of discipleship and in doing so 'laces' his book with Scripture, stories and personal reflection on his own journey so far.

By writing this book Ken adds his voice to a growing number of voices who recognise that the greatest need of the 21st century church in the West is for disciples - those who will really follow Jesus in the 'nitty gritty' of everyday life.

The ultimate challenge of this book is a call for all apprentices (disciples) of Jesus, in the power of the Holy Spirit, 'to do' the truth as we follow the one 'who is' the truth. Ken urges us to embrace this challenge and in doing so to enter into 'The Great Adventure’.

Rev. Francis Rutledge Rector, Christ Church Primacy, Northern Ireland-

Just found this excellent quote in your book: 'The wind and the waves obeyed Him. The fish obeyed Him. The demons obeyed Him. If we don't obey Him, what does that make us?' Brilliant. So simple and so challenging. Love It. (From an international Bible teacher)

I am almost done reading your book and I have to say every chapter has left me challenged and talking to God. I cried through the entire chapter on Simon's story ... it really is such a great book, and I can't wait to use it as a teaching aid and to encourage our guests to get it to "walk out" their healing journey!!  So well done!!!

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