I have been in full time Christian ministry as a teacher for nearly fifteen years, travelling to many parts of the world and teaching a wide variety of subjects.

I have often said that if God asked me to teach only one subject for the rest of my life and gave me the choice, I would choose ‘The Father heart of God’

That is because I have seen this simple teaching change more lives than all the other teachings in total.

Here it is in three words.  “God loves you”

Ah, but you already know that, don’t you?

If you were stopped in the High Street this weekend by someone with a clipboard and asked the question, ‘Does God Love you?’ You would confidently answer, “Yes”.

But in my experience this usually represents head knowledge rather than heart knowledge.

Here’s a test.

Imagine the following for a moment.

The angel Gabriel appears to you and says that God would like to see you in His office.

Behind Gabriel you see three impressive doors.  One marked ‘God the Father, one marked ‘Jesus Christ’ and one marked ‘Holy Spirit’

“Which door shall I go to?” you ask Gabriel.

“Anyone,” he replies.

You stand and you look at the three doors set in front of you. 

Your head knowledge tells you that it shouldn’t matter which door. 

God is One and yet three.  The mystery of the Trinity. 

There should be no difference.

After all Jesus said that He and the Father are one, that he who has seen Him has seen the Father, with the apostle Paul affirming this profound truth again and again .

And yet.

And yet you would gladly knock on the middle door where Jesus would be.  Maybe at a push you might knock on the third door marked ‘Holy Spirit’, not entirely sure what might happen in there, but the last door, definitely the last door that you would knock on would be that of ‘God the Father’.

Because you know what fathers are like, don’t you?

If that would be your reaction then please read this book.


It is my prayer, and the very heart of God, that by the end of the book your new response would be a desire to run to the first door with childlike delight, knowing that you will be truly welcomed, loved and valued.

That you belong there.

That you are safe there.


Ken Symington









John 10:30, John 14:9-10, Colossians 1:15, Hebrews 1:3