Passion yes, aggression no. Harry Potter All roads lead to God?  
Value of a soul. Homosexuality Passion of the Christ
Islam and Christianity  Love not the world Persecution coming
Biblical or secular worldview? Freewill offering Letter or Spirit?
Faith The sacred and non-sacred Test your self
Discernment The gospel of me Repentance
Sinking sand That awful four letter word Sin
When God offends Walls, gates and electric fences The curse of pornography.
Gender confusion Flowers and weeds The War on Abortion
The abuse of grace. God's sword divides Black lives matter
Obeying the government (Covid-19)    


I began writing these occasional editorials as far back as 2001 when I found myself growing uncomfortable with the way secular thinking and spiritual immaturity was impacting Christian thinking. 

For instance, I saw the world, and Christians, become spellbound by the witchcraft world of Harry Potter.

I listened to Christians agreeing with the world that other roads could possibly lead to the same God.

I was dismayed as many Christian leaders gradually bowed to the relentless pressure from the world to approve of ungodly sexual behaviour.

I noticed many a Christian's faith slowly crumbling under the media's continual ridiculing of the Word of God.

I read research that showed that less than ten percent of Christians can now be said to hold a Biblical world view, and that only one quarter of Christians believe that there are moral absolutes.

I became aware of the rapidly developing laxness towards sin.

And so on.

The world will applaud (but not respect) Christians who compromise, and persecute those who do not.  

Jesus said “If the world hates you, you know that it hated Me before it hated you"  John 15:18

You can be approved of by God or by the world, but rarely both. 

We really do need to choose whose voice we follow.

I hope these writings will be of some help.



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