Miscellaneous bits and pieces worth watching, listening to and reading.

Prepare to have your faith challenged!

Hear the remarkable

testimony of this young

mum from County Tipperary, Ireland.

Filmed by Christian Restoration in Ireland in July 2009

Plus - a follow up interview in

December 2010


An abortion survivor speaks at Queen's Hall, Parliament House, Victoria. Australia - on the eve of the debate to decriminalise abortion in Victoria.

John Piper

Listen to this short extract from John Piper's talk on retirement.


Sparkling Gems

I am sometimes asked to recommend faith building reading. 

Sparkling Gems by Rick Renner takes well known New Testament verses, and day by day over one year, greatly deepens your understanding of scriptural truths by looking at certain words in the verses as they were understood in the original Greek. It is easy to read, easy to understand, and worth the price for the unpacking of the crucifixion and resurrection events alone in April's readings.

Very highly recommended.


   The three volumes that form the Jon Courson Application Commentary on the whole Bible are amongst the most faith building books I have ever read, and also happen to be the best Bible commentaries I have ever read.  Going through the Bible verse by verse and study by study the revelations are at times simply breath taking!

I also heartily recommend Ellel Ministries 365 programme A one year, day by day, discipleship development course. Click on logo for full details.

Short videos about creation
A selection of 90 second videos reinforcing the accuracy of Scripture in creation


If you have been persuaded that evolution is proven and your faith in scripture has thus been weakened, then this book is a must read.

Richard Dawkins published his book called the 'Greatest show on earth', finally putting forth all the evidence he can muster for his belief.

Dr Jonathan Sarfati has responded with this book which answers Dawkins point by point.

It is probably, the best book on the subject that I have read.

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This book should be essential reading for all Bile colleges, Ministers, Pastors and Bible students.

It deals with almost every issue that has undermined confidence in Biblical authority and using scientific evidence resets Biblical authority back centre stage.

A well researched, well written and timely book which I thoroughly recommend.

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Ken Symington Photography

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