Intermediate questions

1. The potter and the clay is recorded in
    Isaiah 18  Jeremiah 18  Ezekiel 18  1 Kings 18

2. Which of these was Noah's grandson?
    Shem  Ham  Cannan  Japheth

3. Who committed incest with his sister Tamar?
    Absolom  Joab  Nathan  Amnon

4. Who made the axehead float?
    Joshua  Elijah  Elisha  Jeremiah

5. How many containers of water did Jesus turn into wine?
    Three  Six  Seven  Twelve

6. Which daughter of Jacob and Leah was abused at Shechem
    Rachael  Tamar  Hagar  Dinah

7. As Jesus died and the temple veil was torn apart there occurred an
    Eclipse  Earthquake  Whirlwind   Storm

8. Elijah was transported to heaven by a
    Chariot of fire  Whirlwind  Angel  None of these

9. Who threw the staff down before Pharaoh?
    Aaron  Moses  Joshua  Gideon

10. How many years did God add to Hezekiah's life?
    Five  ten   Fifteen  Twenty

11. The disciples were first called 'Christians' at
    Jerusalem  Caesarea  Antioch   Rome

12. Jesus raised the widow's son in the town of
    Nain  Chorazin  Nazareth   Capernaum

13. "My God My God, why have You forsaken Me" is first recorded in
    Psalm 18:1  Psalm 22:1  Psalm 32:1  Psalm 37:1

14. Proverbs has how many chapters?
    29  31  35  36

15. Which of these men were left handed?
    Joab  Jehu  Abner  Uriah


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