At Freeman's Hospital in Newcastle-upon-Tyne

The family trusting in God


The family stayed in hospital accommodation and along with some Christians in the hospital prayed and trusted in God. I was in an induced coma for the first week. Then three days after I was taken off life support Linda asked that I be taken out into the sunshine for 15 minutes. It took hours to get me connected to mobile equipment.

Brought out into the sunshine
The smile on my face as I feel the sunshine
 Getting tired now after ten minutes of excitement


The journey back to Belfast
On board the Lear Jet Big smile!
The Lear Jet
The life support machine goes home too.
My sister greets me on the runway

What a day it was! 


Coming home!


Or to be more exact to be coming back to the Royal Victoria hospital in Belfast for another six weeks.


The same Lear Jet that took me to Newcastle brought me home again only this time I could both know and enjoy it!

The tubes from my neck were for the kidney dialysis machine I was attached to every second day.


A Doctor and nurse, especially hired in from London, accompanied me with the equipment I was attached to (see bottom right photo)


My sister Jill - who works in the travel industry - got special permission to go on to the runway to greet me as I stepped off the plane (I insisted on walking off!) The heavy life support machine that I had been attached to going out was now home as well and was carefully load on to the waiting ambulance. Linda had flown home a little earlier and accompanied me in the ambulance.


The next part was the long haul back to health.