August - December 2019

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Isn't Jesus wonderful? As the spiritual pied piper leads the culture ever deeper into moral and spiritual darkness Jesus shines clearer and clearer against the darkening night sky. He truly is The Light Of The World. Watching what is happening all around us is like being in a rescue ship and watching a great luxury ship (like Titanic) slowly slip deeper and deeper under the waves with passengers unaware of the danger. But Praise God, some are aware and are turning their eyes to The Ark of safety. Jesus. The fields are indeed white unto harvest. Let's make sure our hearts are knit to His Heart, and that we are genuine living letters from Jesus.

Ellel Pierrepont's well known NETS course is made up of four ten-week stages, helping students develop in the Biblical areas of healing, deliverance, discipleship and leadership.

This was my 20th year as an associate teacher. I have been priviledged to teach studentst at every NETS course since 1999. That was NETS 4 and on this visit I was teaching students on NETS 43 and NETS 44. My sister Shireen was Nerts manager for three years, her daughter and son-in-law were youth pastrs for several years, and my youngest son and his wife were NETS students in 2005

Visit to Ellel Pierrepont, Frensham, Surrey.  August 6th - 9th.

Tuesday was teaching the NETS 43, term 4 students on Hearing the Voice of God: The Dark Night of the Soul: God's Testings.
Wednesday and Thursday was teaching the NETS 44, term 2 students on The Father Heart of God. This always includes a one hour walk through the woodland and river side, helping them to see Romans 1:20 "For since the creation of the world God’s invisible qualities—his eternal power and divine nature—have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that people are without excuse.' Friday morning I gave the weekly communion sermon titled 'You have to plant flowers. You don't have to plant weeds!' I believe it is a very important message. An expanded version of this talk is available here on this web site.

At the start of this teaching I make much of the fact that this marks my 20th year teaching at Ellel's Pierrpont Center. (I started teaching with Ellel Internationally in 1997) However, it turns out I was wrong, as I received this gracious and encouraging email telling me so!

Dear Ken,

Greetings from across the sea, I'm just emailing you to suggest that maybe the next time you go to PierrePont that you study the photograph of NETS 3 1998!!! You may recognise some folk in it such as Jo O'Keefe, Anna Haunch from Australia, oh and me, I was there too. You taught on Spritual Warfare, Freemasonry, Father Heart of God and Intercession, everthing was life changing on NETS, particularly your teaching. I was sharing with Shireen only a few weeks ago that the Lord had prompted me to read Rees Howell Intercessor again, and that you had mentioned him and his book when teaching us on Intercession so I bought it, and I was reminiscing on some of the stories that you shared, '21' years on I still remember so key was that teaching, plus all the other subjects you taught. So no, dear Ken, you did not start teaching at Pierrepont NETS 4 1999. When I started to listen to your sermon on Planting flowers I replayed the beginning twice as I thought I must have heard wrong, but no!! Sorry if I'm the umpteenth person putting you right but so precious was that year to so many of us I can't possibly let you forget, and to thank you for overcoming all you fears as your dedication, and obedience to the Lord will not be forgotten by all those whom you have so blessed. Hey what's in a year and a number!!! J.H.

Jan Ransom MBE

On the Wednesday evening I met with Jan Ransom MBE at Pierrepont. I have the honour of being a Pastor to Flame International which was founded by Jan Ransom - a former NETS student. Flame International is a UK based charity that takes teams of volunteers into war-torn and suffering communities with God’s love and compassion for the broken. It adds to the valuable work of traditional aid and relief agencies by bringing healing of the emotional and spiritual damage caused by bloodshed, conflict, poverty and oppression. Watch these 5 short films made recently showing Flame's amazing work in Armenia, Uganda, South Sudan and the Middle East. We were finalising details for Flame's bi-annual conference in November 29th - December 1st, where I have the priviledge of sharing teaching duties with Jan and Archbishop Justin Badi Arama from Uganda.

The war on abortion in Northern Ireland.

Northern Ireland is an integral part of the United Kingdom, and like Scotland and Wales has it's own devolved Assembly. Sadly, our elected politicians fell out over some issues in January 2017 and have refused to meet together since. Northern Ireland now holds the world record for the longest period without a sitting government. To date, we as a people have refused to pass laws allowing abortion (except in extreme cases) and refused to pass laws allowing same-sex marriage. Westminister Government has taken advantage of this vacant situation and - unless our elected representatives return before hand and block it - plan to pass a law on October 22nd, not only legalising abortion here, but legalising one of the most liberal abortion laws in the world. Abortions would be legal - for any reason - up to seven months (28 weeks) [ Please watch this 24 week baby] This has had the effect of uniting Christians from all denominations. Indeed Roman Cathloic and Protestants are standing side by side on this issue. The cry to God and the outcry to our politicians went into full speed esecially during the week September 2nd - 8th and we were pleased to be there, and added 'The War on Abortion' to the Editorial section.

Monday September 2nd Belfast's St.Anne's Cathedral was packed to capacity - with many having to stand outside - as Christians met to cry out to God for deliverance from this impending evil being loosed in our nation.

St Anne's Cathedral 2019

Friday September 6th. An estimated 25,000 people gathered in silence outside our Assembly building.
Saturday September 7th. The largest pro-life march to date took place through Belfast City streets. Nearby a pro-choice march was held. It's the battle for the soul of our nation. Life is either precious, or disposable at will.

Live video link to Life Coach / Mentor / Blogger in Florida
I had the priviledge of doing a one hour live video interview on the subject 'The Father Heart of God' with Barbara Hitchings who runs a ministry called Transformative. Her ministry seeks to help restore dignity and hope to those who have experienced trauma or abuse. She herself is a 'survivor' of such, and as a committed Christian she is passionate about helping others find the freedom she has found in her relationship with God. A lovely lady! I highly recommend her ministry! (a link to the interview will be provided shortly)

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