July to December 2017
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Ellel Australia, Victoria. June 28th - July 1st

This was our 14th teaching visit to Australia. It truly is an amazing country and we feel it has become almost a second home. Leaving Dublin on June 27th we flew into Melbourne on Thursday 28th for a Friday and Saturday programme with Ellel Ministries in Victoria. Last year was our first time speaking in Melbourne and approximately 100 people came to hear 'The Father Heart of God'. This year the subject was 'Step by step - the making of a disciple'

and whether it was the subject, or the 0° degrees cold morning, the turnout was only thirty-nine people. However, the leader's report said "The number of guests was small but the response was big and warm. People were moved, and by the end of the day, some were in tears"  Indeed, one lady attending travelled to the Sydney area the following weekend to hear more!

On the Friday afternoon I had the honour and the pleasure of teaching the Ellel ministry team. I gave them a choice of three subjects and unanimously, they chose 'Gender confusion'  The teaching took a couple of hours, followed by some questions. In a later email to me, the Ellel leaders kindly said,

Your teaching was God breathed; spot on for both the team on Friday 30th June,& then the Step by Step day on 1st July.

Byron Bay July 2nd -7th

As I was not due to speak until the following Friday evening in the Sydney area, dear friends of  brought us to their holiday home by the sea in Byron Bay. It is one of Australia's most beautiful areas and very popular with surfers. Thus, nearing 70 years of age (December) I decided to take a quick lesson in surfing. (Yes, that's me on the left) I managed to catch a few waves lying on the board, but the next step of quickly jumping up and standing on the board was clearly never going to happen, so after a few satisfyingly successful belly-surfing rides in to shore, I called it a day. As usual, it took a full week to adjust to the 9 hour time difference and many a night Linda and I were wide awake at 3pm making tea and toast!


Then on Friday 14th we flew down to Sydney to begin a 10 day programme at Ellel Ministries at 'Gilbulla' about an hour from the centre of Sydney.

Ellel Australia, Gilbulla . July 7th - 9th
On July 7th-9th I taught the 'Father Heart of God'. This has been a weekend fixture on all 14 visits to Australia, yet each year the teaching hall is full. It seems the hunger for this foundational truth is insatiable! I am SO grateful to God for entrusting me with this teaching.

During the following week I had the privilege of teaching the young people's team for an evening, and as in Melbourne, the subject was 'Gender confusion'. I also had the privilege of speaking at the weekly team communion time on the Friday morning.

On July 14th - 16th I taught on the Great Adventure - sub-titled this year, 'Step by step - the making of a disciple' Again, praise God, the teaching hall was almost at capacity. This year both weekend courses were videoed using several cameras so the courses may be part of a future online training programme.

Family time July 17th - 26th
The last days of the one month visit were spent with our daughter and grandsons. Precious, precious quality time! We left Australia on July 26th and arrived back in Ireland on the 27th July.

Ellel Pierrepont August 8th - 11th
Almost home from home. I first taught on NETS discipleship course number 4 - and this visit to teach NETS course number 40 marked my 36th NETS course over an 18 year period. How the years have flown in!  I arrived on Monday afternoon the 8th and had a three hour meeting that evening with Flame International founder and leader Jan Ransom (a former NETS student) As a result of the excellent meeting I will be speaking at their conference in High Leigh Conference Centre on November 26th.

Tuesday 9th - Teaching NETS 35 term 4 (full year) students. The two morning sessions were on 'Hearing the voice of God' and in the afternoon sessions 'The dark night of the soul' and 'God's testings'  The evening was spent profitably with visiting speaker and friend the Rev. Dr.Alistair Petrie (Director of Partnership Ministries based in Canada) and his wife Marie.   

Wednesday 10th and Thursday 11th - Teaching NETS 36 (term 2) students on 'The Father Heart of God'  
This is a truly life changing course (and based on my book Loved Like Never Before) During one of the eight sessions on the course I take the students for a walk through the beautiful 35 acres of riverside woods, stopping at various places to teach from Romans 1:20 'the invisible attributes of the Godhead are clearly seen through the things that are made...'  The following day a Chinese student told me that this was a revelation to her, and she was going back the next day to do the walk herself again. Another student got 'heart revelation' of God the Father's love for her so deeply that she couldn't stop crying! Such testimonies greatly encourage teachers!


Thursday evening I had the privilege of having dinner with Jill Southern - former director of Ellel Pierrepont for 25 years. She is one of the most inspirational Christian leaders I know and the person who invited me to teach at Pierrepont eighteen years ago.

Friday 11th - I did the NETS sermon at the weekly team and student communion service. The title was 'Walls, gates and electric fences' [click on photo] To date my previous NETS sermons on You Tube have been viewed in total by more than 18,000 people!



Ministry Team Training Week

August 22nd - 25th Green Pastures Church in Ballymena is strengthening it's compassion ministry with additional team members and Christian Restoration in Ireland team members Anne Galway, Simon Rowland and myself spent four full days training the new team.


It is an honour to play a part in this rapidly growing church, which is currently developing a nearby 97 acre site for a planned move within two years.

  ..also at Green Pastures...

Every second Tuesday from 9am -11am I have the priviledge of teaching all the Green Pastures staff. (an early start from where I live!)


The series is designed to help bring an understanding of prayer ministry into all the church and not just within the prayer ministry team.


So far I have spoken on, healing the human spirit, rejection, understanding the spiritual realm, gender confusion and abuse.


Remaing topics will include, Freedom from damaging relationships, Abortion, Fear, Freemasonry, Inner vows, Understanding spirit, soul and body...etc

October 5th - 16th
This was our 5th visit to teach in Sweden. Last year I was invited to teach on the subject of 'deliverance' to the Ellel Sweden team and it proved so popular that they asked me to continue that topic again this year!

As with last year the team weekend was held at the beautiful Teen Challenge Centre near Orebro. This year however team members from Finland also joined the training weekend, so translation was going from English to Swedish, and also then from Swedish to Finnish! But it worked!


The Friday morning (October 6th) I also did two sessions on teaching skills and this was appreciated.

On Saturday and Sunday mornings I did a total of four sessions on deliverance, with the last session focusing primarily on deliverance ministry into occult bondages. Goran Andersson has been my faithful friend and translator on all my visits and without doubt he has been the best I have ever worked with. Not only does he translate well verbally, but he also mimics my every action, large or small, and my tone of voice, so that nothing is left out.


During the days between both busy weekends we stayed with Goran and his wife Roswitta, and mid week I spoke to a local church group which had Swedish, Eritrean, Ethiopian and Somali people present. Very international!


Then on Friday 13th we were driven some three hours away to the city of Jonkoping

On Friday evening and Saturday until 6pm I taught on 'The Father Heart of God. Some people who had read the book travelled from Stockholm, Gothenburg and Fena to attend, and there were several young men from Afghanistan there also. The event was held in a beautiful Salvation Army hall. After the Saturday teaching had finished I had the opportunity and the privilege to minister to two young Afghanistan men who had attended. This young man called Moses was overjoyed at the ministry he received and asked for this picture to be taken. As I said to him, "I can now say that I have met Moses!On the Sunday morning I was honoured to be asked by the Salvation Army leader to teach at their morning service. It was wonderful to have the Salvation Army's brass band play as this brought back memories from seeing them on street corners at the weekends in my town.

I was surprised but delighted and greatly encouraged when a lovely Christian lady presented me with a father and daughter figurine as a gift along with a card which read...


Thank you so much for teaching me that I am 'loved like never before'. I heard the teaching the first time at NETS, then 3-4 times in Sweden, and everytime I learnt a little more about Daddy God. In Langviksmon (in 2010) you spoke very much about being Daddy's boy. Suddenly the Holy Spirit revealed deep, deep into my spirit, "you are Daddy's girl"  I went to my room, tears of joy streaming down my cheeks, repeating again and again, "I am Daddy's girl".

The next morning I saw a girl sitting on Daddy's lap, securely telling Him something without fear. He smiled and listened. The truth, "I am daddy's girl" is rooted deep, deep in my spirit, and I am still leaping with joy. Thank you for taking me to the Father!!

It has been my great privilege to teach about the Kingdom of God in many nations including Northern Ireland, Southern Ireland, England, Scotland, Portugal, Germany, Poland, Ukraine, Russia, Lithuania, Canada, Sweden, Lapland, Cyprus, Australia, Hungary, New Zealand, Netherlands, France, U.S.A, Norway and Egypt. However, in May this year I believe Jesus told me not to travel to teach internationally until and unless He directs me there anew. So until and unless He does I will be focused on UK & Ireland.

Annual autumn prayer ministry school - October to December

This is our 13th autumn basics of prayer ministry school, held Tuesday evenings from October to end of December. It has always been held in the town of Bangor, but this year, at Green Pastures' request it is being held at their superb premises at Ballymena. Subjects include, Lordship of Jesus, Forgiveness, Understanding spirit, soul and body, and the spiritual realms, Generational influences, Freedom from damaging relationships, Careless words and inner vows, Abortion issues, Fear, Deliverance and similar issues. All delegates are offered ministry at end of school.

Our 29th team visit to Portroe in County Tipperary - October 27th - 29th
Anne-Marie Mulrooney built 'God's Garage' at the back of her home nearly 11 years ago so that local people (and not so local) would have access to Kingdom truth and prayer ministry. It has been our privilege to help provide this since it's opening night. This weekend was our 29th visit, so eagerly looking forward to soon celebrating our 30th! On Friday evening I taught on 'Stumbling blocks' and on Saturday morning 'Discernment' Both teachings produced good feedback! On Saturday afternoon each member of our team then provided individual prayer ministry for approximately fifteen people. The fellowship we have with Anne-Marie and her family in between the teaching and ministry times is a precious time to us all. And oh how they feed us!! Pictured left are the CRi team on this trip. Between us we have been serving Jesus together for around 100 years!
Myself, Mollie, Simon, John and wife Linda, David

Jill Southern's visit. November 2nd


It was a delight and privilege to spend a very profitable day with Jill Southern during her recent week long visit to Northern Ireland. Jill was the founding director of Ellel Ministries at Pierrepont in Surrey, and was leader there for more than 20 years. Her book, 'The miracles of Pierrepont' tells the amazing journey over those two decades. She is a very anointed teacher and a regular speaker on Revelation TV and Premier Radio. She has taught and ministered in more than 40 countries!  She is still almost as active in her 'retirement' regularly travelling and teaching in places such as Malaysia, Hong Kong, China and Papua New Guinea. To be able to ask questions, debate, talk and laugh at many of the stories in our journeys with such a leader is something to cherish.



Flame International is a UK based charity that takes teams of volunteers into war-torn and suffering communities with God’s love and compassion for the broken. Flame International adds to the valuable work of traditional aid and relief agencies by bringing healing of the emotional and spiritual damage caused by bloodshed, conflict, poverty and oppression.

I have been a supporter of Flame International for a few years now, and in recent times have a Pastoral role, so I counted it a great privilege to speak at their annual conference in the stunning High Leigh Conference Centre in Hertfordshire.


The conference ran from Friday evening to mid-afternoon on Sunday. Saturday's two speakers were Eugene Bach who is the Director of Back to Jerusalem and Rev Imtiaz Ashraf who has a ministry with Release International.


On the Sunday I had all three sessions, and it blessed me that it was so well received. Follow up feedback received was very encouraging.  Faithful God. Faithful God!




 Aged one..and now

aged 70!


To my delight - and gratefulness to God - on December 18th this year

I reached the grand age of 70.


Those who know the history of my health will know just

how grateful I am.



Psalm 90:10a


The days of our years are 

threescore years and ten; and if by reason of strength they be fourscore years...



International teaching in 2018

I believe The Lord has asked me keep my teaching schedule stay within the UK and Ireland for 2018.

After travelling to teach internationally for 18 out of the past 20 years this will be very different!


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