January - December 2021

After 14 years of more detailed quarterly or half yearly Newsletters, I have decided from this year to reduce it to a more simple end-of-year report.

At the end of last year I did a one day Father Heart of God teaching (using Zoom technology) to a Russian church in Dresden, Germany.

As a result of that, I then did a two day (Two weeks apart) Father heart of God zoom teaching in February to a church in Omsk, Siberia.

My Father heart of God book 'Loved Like Never Before' is being translated into Russian for distribution next year.

Also in February I did a two day Father Heart of God teaching by zoom to the students at Green Pastures Leadership College in Ballymena, Northern Ireland.

In February I was booked to do a two day 'Moving on with God' for stage three students at Ellel Pierrepont, but I had a heart issue set back which meant cancelling. However they had a previous teaching of my Father Heart of God on video, and that was shown to the students.

On a normal three day visit I do the Friday morning communion sermon for staff and students, but due to my medical issue it was filmed at home and shown there.
It is entitled, 'The Journey from Child to Man/Woman of God'

Following the heart issue, I had an ICD fitted into my chest. It is designed to kick in and act as a pacemaker if my heart beat drops under forty for a while or goes above 195 for a while.

The next few months were very busy with ministry and church associated board meetings.

At the end of August - during a relaxation of the Covid-19 19 restrictions - Linda and I were able to get several days holiday on Rathlin Island, just off the County Antrim coast. Equipped with my drone I was able to capture the beauty and tranquility on this island.

Rathlin Island

July 2nd and 3rd the CRI team made a rather different visit to 'God's Garge in Portroe, County Tipperary. On the Friday evening I gave a talk on what baptism entails, and the powerful meaning attached to it. Then, on the Saturday I had the priviledge of baptising a number of people, young and old, in Lough Derg, along with a brother from the local church. These were people who had been coming to the meetings at God's Garage. It was great witness to shoreline visitors.

In September I published another video on to our YouTube channel aimed at young people who may be considering transisitioning from 'male to female' or visa-verse. [Click on image]

Before you transition.

October 8th-10th was the wonderful return to a 'real live audience' after so many zoom meetings throughout the year. Anne-Marie of God's Garage in Portroe organised two weekends at the Scripture Union's beautiful Ovoca Manor conference centre, just outside the village of Avoca in County Wicklow. We weren't sure how many would venture out as another lockdown had just ended, but the hall was as full as resrictions allowed. The first weekend was the Father Heart of God, and people came from many parts of Ireland. Some of the men who had come to our ministry weekends from the Lifeline drug addiction centre in previous years came especially to meet with us again, and it was a delight to see how well they are doing in their walk with the Lord. The testimonies at the end were powerful.

The second weekend at Ovoca Manor was November 12th -14th and was entitled 'Healing through the Father Heart of God'. This was a mixture of teaching and prayer from the front and then for some, person ministry afterwards. Once again, the Presence of God was so tangible and the testimonies were very touching. A third weekend is pencilled in for March 18th-20th, 2022, but as I write, the Covid-19 infections are at a new record high and there is much talk about increased restrictions in the new Year.

This was the programme.

In November I had contact from a lovely 'born and bred' Northern Ireland lady called Gilly Mathieson who now heads up Ellel's base in Denmark. It was a delight to hear the local accent! As a result I was delighted to agree to do a one day Father heart of God zoom teaching to their centre on November 27th. I have taught many times in Sweden over the years and once in Norway, so it was nice to now serve the Denmark centre! When Sweden heard of the event they wished to join the day and it was so encouraging to see people from both countries (and one from England)

In September and October I noticed my energy levels taking a substantial dip. It turned out that my heart is working much harder than ever before. A blood test called BNP reveals how hard your heart has to work, and anything over 100 is regarded as abnormal. Over 400 is regarded as critical. Since the virus hit my heart in 2005 my BNP has been around 1200. Then with the heart failure earlier in the year it went up to 1700. The results from this recent episode show that the figure is now dangerously high at 3,700.

However, as I write my energy levels are doing much much better than the facts would expect, but I reaslise I need to be wise and carefully, prayerfully, navigate the way forward.

On December 18th, I completed 74 years of life - and so entered the beginning of my 75th year!

I am SO blessed.

Considering that back in July 2005 my family were told I would probably die within 24 hours gives you some idea how grateful I am, day and daily, to my Abba Father.

I have been distressed at the division in the Body of Christ over Covid-19 19 legislations and restrictions throught this pandemic, so on December 21st I wrote my first editorial for this web site since 'Black lives matter' in Septemer 2020.

It is entitled 'Obeying the government (Covid-19 19)'

As we cross the line into a brand new year let us fix our eyes on things above, let's do what the Apostle Paul said in the troubled days that the New Testament epistles were set in.

Colossians 3:1-2

Since, then, you have been raised with Christ set your hearts on things above,where Christ is, seated at the right hand of God. Set your minds on things above, not on earthly things.

God bless!

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