January to December 2020
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his year has had proved to be another significant year for Christians. Covid19 has thrown most of our plans up in the air.
But more significantly, the previously stable western culture continues to be morally and spiritually changing so fast it feels like
a car heading downhill and out of control. But we have been born for such a time as this, and the call on our lives is to be a light
in darkness, an ambassador for the Kingdom of God and a living letter from Jesus. Quite a challenge! As Joshua was about to go from the relative safety of the wilderness into the enemy filled promised land it's no wonder God said four times in eighteen verses, "Be strong and courageous' (Joshua 1) God also assured Joshua with these words. "As I was with Moses, so I will be with you; I will never leave you nor forsake you."

Ellel Pierrpont, near Farnham, Surrey. February 4th - 7th


This year marks the 22nd year of my teaching at this amazing international discipleship school. It is like a home from home. It has played a substantial part in my Christian life!

My first day there (Tuesday) was teaching the term four students. These are the students who are completing a full year's course having already completed terms 1-3.  I taught on 'Hearing the voice of God' - 'The dark night of the soul' - and 'God's testings'

Wednesday and Thursday were spent teaching the NETS term 2 students on 'The Father Heart of God'. It never ceases to amaze me how many different nations come to this disciplehip school.

During my stay I remember students from, Italy, Israel, Spain, Bulgaria, Malaysia, Switzerland, Finland, Australia, South Africa, Norway, England and (yeah!) Northern Ireland. The two staff members - who were previous students - and were the course hosts were both from Northern Ireland also.

Students regulary state that this particular course is one of the most impacting of their stay at the school. One of unusual sessions on this eight session course is a guided walk through the extensive grounds on the Pierrepont estate, which has the River Wey running through it. The walk takes about 90 minutes and along the way I make regular stops to talk of how we can see the character of God in so many ways through the things He has made. Romans 1:20 'For since the creation of the world God’s invisible qualities - his eternal power and divine nature - have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that people are without excuse.'

Friday February 7th. Communion sermon given to staff and delegates

The sermon was titled 'God's Sword divides' (click on photo or here for video and sermon script here) and deals with the unsettling events in recent years where various leaders and denominations have begun - under secular pressure - to accommodate, welcome and support contra-biblical behaviour. For a page with all my Ellel Video sermons click here. Most listened to audio sermon click here.

God's Garage, Portroe, County Tipperary.  February 21st - 23rd

This was our team's thirty-third visit over fourteen years, and it remains our favourite place to visit and minister. Anne-Marie Mulrooney built this venue at the side of her home so that people could get access to sound teaching and individual prayer ministry. Her amazing journey with Jesus, now in book form titled 'You were God's idea' was published last year. It is an inspiring, faith lifting read. On Friday evening we thought no-one would venture out in the storm rain and flooding but there was a full house! People came from as far away as a three hour drive. One man came from Belfast - a five hour drive! That's hunger! On Friday evening I taught on 'Taking Jesus's yoke'' and on Saturday morning 'Who is The Holy Spirit - and what does He do?'

On Saturday afternoon I and my 7 strong team ministered to 25 people who had booked in for prayer ministry.

The worship leader told the team 'you have no idea at all how much your ministry has changed lives'  
That was such an encouragement! Other's were kind enough to text their encouragement,

'From the bottom of my heart and on behalf of all those you ministerd to, Thank you to CRI'.

'A sincere thank-you to all the CRI team for the beautiful fragrance that you all carry. What was released in the spirit was so glorifying to God..may you increasingly flow in unity and in the anointing of the Holy Spirit.  

'Greetings from Donegal. In the peace of Our Lord's Day I've been remembering last weekend and thought it was high time I thanked you for arranging all. It was lovely to hear Ken teaching again, and to know he was particularly moved to speak on The Holy Spirit.

'I got a buzz over the weekend (Holy Spirit) and Ken's teaching was on target'


The unexpected coronavirus pandemic has thrown us all into a 'new normal' of lockdown when extended family have to stand away from the door when they call with our shopping (so grateful!) However I don't intend to stop teaching going out so I have started up a YouTube channel with well over thirty pre 2020 videos already posted, and I have begun recording an 'armchair teaching' series that I will continue to post on a regular basis.


The first teachings have had an encouraging response. .

"Ken that was one of the best most insightful teachings we’ve ever heard. Fascinating truth, especially the revelation of grace in the Old Testament. Always for unintentional sin. It marries up so well with what the apostle John said: 'My dear children, I write this to you so that you will not sin. But if anybody does sin, we have an advocate with the Father - Jesus Christ, the Righteous One.' Sounds very much like John is expecting us to not be sinning wilfully!! I’m sure I’ll be referring to that teaching regularly". J.T

"Brilliant, clear and wonderfully balanced on the grace of God. Loved it, fed and filled my spirit with wonderful truth. Thank you." Pastor D.

"Loved it. It's all about the tone in a message and it was spot on" J.A

"Great teaching. Truth spoken with grace and a clear note sounded." S.R

"Brilliant. Hope it's watched by many and heeded by many" M.R

"Feels like a real prophetic message to the church" M.M


"Brilliant Ken. Fed my life with truth, wisdom and food for my soul so thank-you and may this teaching impact all who hear it and our lives be ever thankful for the Lord's goodness to us. Pastor D

"That is excellent teaching Ken and so professionally done" A.M

From a Jewish man living in Israel - "Thanks for sharing the video. The points you raised are highlighted annually in Judaism. The crying of the Israelites upon the report of the spies took place on the 9th of the Hebrew month of Av. Because they complained without reason that time, they were given many reasons for complaining on that date in future years. Many things happened on that date, such as: the destruction of both Temples, the outbreak of the First World War and others which escape me right now. We should never despair and should always trust that G-d is with us and does only good things for us. This is also fundamental principle of Chassidut (a more mystical movement within Judaism) that 1) everything comes from G-d 2) everything is for a reason and 3) everything is for the best. Many Chassidim try to keep this at the forefront of their thoughts and can be seen singing joyfully all day. 
A very appropriate message for anyone and everyone."

"I really enjoyed the teaching. Although I’ve heard it before the Holy Spirit truly illuminated it to me; and showed me my own grumbling in my heart, if not aloud. And led me to deal with it. "

It was a really relaxed non threatening teaching and I believe would be accessible to the mature Christian and newly born again.

"Really great Ken. Very relaxed and easy to listen to ... looking forward to seeing more" H.McQ

"Excellent teaching!! Very relaxed atmosphere! Thank-you" S.P

"Thanks Ken. A good reminder. May we bring no accusation against the Lord in these days. For He is slow to anger and abounds in love and compassion towards us. He pours liberally upon us everything pertaining to life and godliness. Blessings of His fragrant presence on you both" M.

"Thank-you Ken. Well presented, clear and easy to understand" A.S

"Really enjoyed that ken, it spoke to me personally as well, not that I've been complaining, but I have been a bit frustrated seeing my business slump due to the virus. A reminder not to worry, God's our provider. Look forward to more armschair teaching." J.T

"So glad you got this working Ken. This is such a great way to preserve all that's in your head!!!   J.A 

"I love the armchair setting. You look so relaxed and the word of God flows from you naturally. The content is very clear. Very anointed. A subject that needs to be heard time and again (for me) Our nature seems to just fall into that way of going so easily. Bless you Ken" M.R

I thank God for encouragers!

  I will be trying to produce a new video at the start of each month. This one was posted on May 2nd  

Within 24 hours of this video being posted it had received 143 views and subscriber numbers nearly doubled! By mid August over 500 views, eventually passing 3000 views. It also has the most 'likes'

A senior Pastor texted me to say "Hey, listened to your message. Wow you have a great capacity and knowkledge and understanding of the word. That was brilliant Ken. I'm going to try and share this on Facebook"


Many Christians feel 'unsafe' with God as if He might leave them, or be disappointed with them, or feel unworthy to be called a child of God. Maybe they are 'not good enough' in His eyes. Maybe they need to do more to earn His love. Understanding the unbreakable power of the New Covenant and the faithful loving heart behind it brings that longed for peace.

'What a blessing you are to the body of Christ Mr Symington! I am so glad to see you on YouTube and I look forward to hearing your teachings and the strong meat that they bring. May the Lord continue to extend the reach of your ministry. Love in Christ x'


The YouTube channel opened on April 9th and by June there were 102 subscribers which meant that YouTube now classify the channel as 'a brand' and it allows the shorter address to be: youtube.com/kensymington which is easier for people to remember!

By early August there were more than 120 subscribers

Released end of June

Ken I really appreciate listening to your messages. You are a "Man after God's own heart" and your messages are Spirit led and very challenging. I'm from Greystones. Co. Wicklow. Thank you so much and the Lord bless you and your family. ❤️🙏

Wonderful word, full of truth, every aspect of life is sacred unto the Lord. Thank you Mr. Symington and may God bless you 🙌🔥

Loved that Ken, thanks.

Released end of July

Thank you Ken, great teaching. | Great teaching on prayer Ken. Thanks.

  Released end of August  

Ken’s teaching is very powerful and challenging. I love the way he can deliver a profound message is such a simple way so that someone like pecan understand it and apply it in my own life. ..He is a blessing to many including me.

You are doing a brilliant job with these, you are creating a whole new library of great content that will serve the Body of Christ for many years to come

Loved the teaching Ken, there is always an underlying message in your teachings that points to living a Holy Life.

Oh so needed.. they are incredibly anointed. Length of time is perfect.

Such an inspiring speaker. What a wonderful message about tackling unwanted intruders.

Great analogy here, very well explained.

Thank you for this month’s teaching. Really good clear warning. God will help us to be diligent.

Oh this is very good Ken. | That really spoke to me. | Really brilliant. | This is excellent.

  Does God really want to be a Father to you?  
    Released end of September
Even though - in John 14:9 - Jesus said to Phillip '“Anyone who has seen me has seen the Father." many Christians feel safe with Jesus but not with God 'the Father'. This is because the word 'father' is not a neutral word. It comes pre-packed with experiences, good or bad from our own father. Many secretly think Jesus welcomes them but the Father does not.
That perhaps He is still angry. I pray this short video will forever settle the matter!
Several months ago team member (21 years) John Doherty took a heart attack while out walking.
What happenned next was so unusual that Ulster Television featured his story during a news broacast.
  John Doherty's miracle  

Amazingly he is the third team member God has graciously intervened in when life-threatening events struck. My own story (on this website) and Simon Rowland's story (chapter nine in my second book 'The Great Adventure - the challenge of following Jesus)


  What a priviledge it is to teach students each year on the Green Pastures Leadership College.
This year of course is different and has to be conducted on Zoom (as do our fortnightly team training nights) As in previous years I am doing five weekly two hour teaching sessions on 'Understanding Prayer Ministry' and then one full day on 'The Father Heart of God'   It took me many sessions earlier in the year to adapt to online teaching but it is now the new normal!


  Released October 23rd  
    'Thank -you Ken, that is a brilliant message right from your heart and it is indeed truth well told. It touched me deeply'  
  'Latest video FANTASTIC. A message powerfully but sensitively handled. One of your best yet'  
  'Great teaching Ken"   |   'Oh Ken. Gold'   |   'Good stuff ken!' 
  'This is so anointed and really spoke to me'  
  'Very powerful, I have shared this with a few other people..'  
  'Thank-you! That teaching is excellent!!!!'  
  'I think this is your best so far! Wonderful teaching'  
'This couldn't be better timed. It puts my turmoil into stark contrast when compared to Horatio. Thank you. A wonderful video.
'What a powerful message..I am so encouraged and my faith is stronger. The world needs to hear more messages like
this especially in these days of uncertainty and for many, anxiety and despair'


  July Edition  


I have had the priviledge of being a Pastor to Flame International for several years. This incredible ministry takes teams of volunteers into war-torn and
suffering communities with God's love and compassion for the broken. I've
had the priviledge of teaching at their last two bi-annual conferences, and had the priviledge of writing several teaching artcles for their Burning Issues Magazines. Previously on prayer, and this year for the July edition, an article on Yo
ga, and for the Novenber issue, an article on Reiki.

Father Heart of God Conference to Russian Church in Dresden, Germany on November 15th

< The pre-check with Russian Church

Zoom teaching is the 2020 normal now. I can't wait for it to be in the past. I find teaching 'at a screen' very uncomfortable, but needs must. Ellel Nets term three students were due to have a ten day ministry trip to Ireland but Covid put an end to that, so Ellel asked me to step in and provide two one day teachings.

Wednesday18th was on Understanding Prayer, Intercession and Prayer warfare. The full course is normally nine sessions over two full days so one day with four sessions was a challenge.

Wednesday 25th is titled 'Moving on with God'

Released December 3rd 2020

'That is a good and important message Ken. One sermon I remember preached in Chapel when I was in seminary was called 'Blessed are the balanced'. This is so true. Thanks (Pastor)

A very needed teaching on embracing the full truth of God's Word. It's so easy for all of us to go down only one track to reinforce our own theological views. Thank you Ken (International Bible teacher)

Thanks for bringing the whole counsel of God and His word in a simple and balanced way. Blessed and challenged my heart. You are a great gift to the body of Christ. (Pastor)

I will be pray for this going out. The analogy to images and sliders is so good.Thank you. I will definitely use this as people so often have questions around this. (Leader)

Just wanted to say thank you for that wonderful teaching. Don't think I've ever heard it taught so clearly and in that way. Praying the Lord will truly annoint it as people open their hearts to listen to it. Have already posted it on to thers and those in our New Believer's Lifegroup too. Such a blessing. So priviledged to have been taught and brought up under your brilliant Autumn School through CRI.

I just want to say another huge thanks for your teaching.  I had just watched for a second time, your Youtube teaching … “Why do so many Bible verses seem to contradict each another?” It’s soooo good to have clear, succinct, no-hype teaching … wish I had had that when I was young.

Enjoyed your December video Ken. So important to be reminded of balance in the word. Discernment of heart to understand what portion to use at any given time both for others and ourselves.

Thanks for this teaching. So refreshing as in all things we need balance. God bless.

The word in red. Well explained!!

Excellent!!! Thanks for sharing Ken

Thank you so much Ken for that. I love the teaching.

Truth declared.


Note : Already booked for January zoom conferences to church in Omsk in Siberia


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