Air miles travelled

While writing this Newsletter in mid-October I decided to calculate the number of air miles that I had travelled in the three months since the last Newsletter's end date (mid-July) and was surprised to find a total of 29,312 miles, so, as well as giving news of recent ministry activities, I have also included the air miles involved in each overseas venture. This is all to the glory to God as seven years ago heart consultants told my family that they were keeping me alive "15 minutes at a time" I am SO grateful to God. Jesus said "Go, and lo I will be with you" and He is!

Ellel Pierrepont  July 17th - 20th 

(Belfast to London and back = 644 air miles)

How to boil a frog

On this visit to Ellel Pierrepont I did a two day teaching to term 2 NETS students on 'The Father Heart of God' and then a one day teaching to term 4 NETS students on 'The dark night of the soul' and The voice of God'


On the Friday morning I gave the weekly communion sermon, which nowdays is videoed, and released on YouTube as well as on the Ellel Web Site.  Audio mp3 available here.

Ellel Springhill, near Perth  Australia August 3rd -5th

(Belfast -London-Singapore- Perth = 9,505 air miles)

Springhill This beautiful 75 acre centre - known as Ellel Springhill - hosted the weekend course 'The Father heart of God'  It is always a privilege for Linda and I to spend time with long-standing friends Ellel Directors Paul and Diane Watson. However, as Paul was in India on ministry business we only had one day to catch up with him on his return before flying onwards to Ellel Gilbulla, roughly one hour outside Sydney.

Ellel Gilbulla, near Sydney  Australia August 10th - 19th

(Perth - Sydney = 2047 air miles)

Ellel Gilbulla
Gilbulla teaching
This was our 8th visit to Ellel Gilbulla and it is becoming like a home from home! The first weekend was teaching 'The Father heart of God' and the second weekend was a new course called 'Walking with God' I received an email telling me that this latter course set a new record for CD orders!

Ellel Christchurch New Zealand  August 24th - 25th

(Sydney - Christchurch = 1330 air miles)

Christchurch Friday This was our second visit to New Zealand's south island, but the first time to teach. We had several sunny days to spend with Ellel Directors Paul & Jillian Larsen-Robertson, and also to spend an evening teaching the Ellel prayer ministry team before beginning the weekend programme. Despite this being our first teaching visit, the Friday evening teaching 'Hearing God' had the largest attendance at an Ellel event in New Zealand so far, so that was encouraging, as was the feedback.
Christchurch Saturday The Saturday teaching was 'Moving on with God' and again, this was well attended. I believe that the anointing that day was the 'heaviest' that I was aware of on the whole trip to Australia and New Zealand. CD's are available from Ellel Christchurch (
Kyle D

Two years ago I had the privilege of leading this young man called Kyle to the Lord. This was not just any young man, but was the son of a very dear friend who has been with me on the ministry team for 13 years. Kyle recently travelled to work in Christchurch and it was a joy, not only to meet up with him there, but to see how wonderfully on fire he still is for Jesus, and also to meet his new and on-fire friends as well. His father, mother and grandmother (in her 80's) are flying out in November to spend three weeks with him.


Like his father was, Kyle is a keen rugby player, so it was great fun to sit with a room full of Kiwi men one evening, and watch the famous New Zealand All Blacks play (and beat) the Australian Wallabies.

Christchurch earthquake

We knew about the Christchurch earthquakes (in fact we were in New Zealand two years ago in a camper van when the first one struck) but we were not prepared for the level of damage that we saw. TV footage at the time showed the city centre devastation, so I assumed that was the only part of the city that was damaged. In fact, some 100,000 homes were effected with 12,000 due to be pulled down.


The home of Ellel Directors Paul & Jillian Larsen-Robertson was one of the thousands that are due to be pulled down and completely rebuilt, and the temporary accommodation that we stayed in with them is also due for a complete rebuild. Almost everyone we met on our visit told us how had their homes had been badly effected. This photo on the left, taken while we walked along the beach, shows houses cut in half by a cliff face that collapsed during one of the several earthquakes. Rebuilding cannot commence until there has been a six month absence of earthquake tremors, so rebuilding will be slow.

Brisbane Australia August 27th - September10th

(Christchurch - Brisbane = 1558 miles)

John Small

This was time out for us! Time to spend with our daughter and family, and my first opportunity to meet my new grandson who was born in January. Linda had flown out for three weeks in January to be with our daughter at the birth and afterwards. We had a wonderful time as always, and a highlight for me was spending a night outside in an Australian swag!  We also had the chance to spend a day with our great friends John and Ilhona Small, who journeyed all the way from Byron Bay to be with us. (Photo with John)


It is wonderful to visit our family each August when I teach in the southern hemisphere, but it is so hard to leave them again for another year. I thank God for Skype which allows us to talk face to face by computer for an hour each weekend.

Home to Northern Ireland   September 11th

(Brisbane - Singapore - London - Belfast = 10,898 air miles)

Freemasonry training afternoon in Belfast   September 26th
Is FM compatible
The Church of Ireland healing ministry invited me to give a two hour talk on Freemasonry and it's incompatibility with Christianity, and thus it's spiritual dangers and consequences. This was very well received but the afternoon's session was a real battle. As I began to speak a commercial pile-driver began to pound it's drill into the ground close to the building. The force of each 'punch' to drive the bit deeper into the earth was so strong that the very floor shook, and the noise was so great that I was forced to virtually shout my presentation to the audience. Nevertheless, the Presence of God was tangible and this outside event only seemed to heighten awareness of the spiritual clash of the two kingdoms.

Lifeline Recovery Centre, near Drogheda, Southern Ireland  September 28th - 30th

Lifeline Sept 2012
This was the first of two weekends for a new batch of lads who have come to the centre to seek freedom from drug and alcohol addiction. While on this weekend I took the opportunity to video interview several of the men in preparation for a teaching on freedom from addictions at Ellel Gilbulla in Australia next August.

Anapa Russia  October 10th - 15th

(Belfast - London - Moscow - Anapa - Moscow - London - Belfast = 5256 air miles)

Russia 2012

The Bishop of the Krasnodar Pentecostal union of Churches had invited me to come to his area in Russia to teach on the 'Father heart of God' as many men in Russia have limited understanding of fathering.

Stphen May and I in Russia

As it was a men's conference, Linda could not come with me on this trip, but I was really blessed to have Stephen May from Dublin accompany me. He took on the roll as 'armour bearer' with such a heart that I was nearly in tears when it was time to part back in Belfast! He has such a servant heart and such a love for Jesus that it humbles me. Many of the Russian men could identify with Stephen as they had come from the same background.

Few trips to Russia will prove to be incident free and this trip was no exception. Despite British airways in Heathrow assuring us that our cases could go straight through to Anapa, this proved not to be true. When we arrived in Anapa our bags remained in Moscow, and we were only able to retrieve them on the return journey. The first thing that the welcoming Pastor Sergey had to do was drive us around various stores to get underwear, socks, a shirt, toothbrush and toothpaste etc.  Despite this hiccup, we had a wonderful time! The conference teaching was very well received and there was much prayer asked for afterwards by the men. On the Sunday I spoke in church 'Is your fish going the right way? (loving the unlovable) " and then invited Stephen to give his testimony which he did under a strong anointing of the Lord. I have been invited back next year to do a similar conference for men and women. I truly experienced God's supernatural sustaining power, because for a variety of reasons I had very little sleep over the five days, yet my energy levels were simply incredible. Not only that, but on the day I returned home after an eventful 21 hour journey (10 hours in Moscow airport) and with only a 40 minute snooze on the plane, I taught that evening at the Autumn prayer ministry school, and then, after only one night's sleep at home, carried on with my busy life. God is good!
Russian Pastors and translator
Stephen May, Armenian Pastor, myself and Russian Pastor Sergey
Translator Oleg (Ukraine) and myself

My book 'Loved Like Never Before', has now been published in Swedish, and is due to be published in another language in the coming months

The Book
The Book Swedish version

School now using the book with their pupils!


I have been greatly blessed to learn that a school with many pupils from difficult family backgrounds has been using the book as a section-by-section study book in their R.E classes.


Green Pastures prayer ministry - Every Thursday
Green Pastures foyer

Prayer ministry room GP

One of three prayer ministry rooms

Christian Restoration in Ireland have been closely associated with Green pastures Church in Ballymena since it's opening in 2007. For several years we have been sending a two man prayer ministry team to the church every Thursday, and recently, to help reduce the waiting list, Linda and I have been ministering there also. The current church seats around 850, and will shortly have 4 Sunday services. They have now acquired a 97 acre site nearby and plans to build a Christian village which will include a 4500 seater main hall, plus many other features. This church is making a huge impact on the community, and prayer ministry is at the heart of the church.

Visiting teacher  September 29th

The Rev. Dr. Alistair Petrie is an international conference speaker, teacher, researcher, author and the founder & Director of Partnership Ministries, so it was great to be able to spend an afternoon and evening with him in our home on September 29th. He is a renowned expert on community transformation, discerning the times and authentic revival, and was in Northern Ireland to visit the sites of past revivals and speak to locals in the area to see what God is currently doing there. He is a very knowledgeable man in the Kingdom of God, and I count it a privilege to have been able to call him my brother and friend for many years now.    (I took this photo of him)

Alistair Petrie

The CRi Autumn/Winter prayer ministry school   October - February

Autumn school

Team member Simon Rowland teaching on the Lordship of Jesus and the power of forgiveness

This is the 9th annual prayer ministry training school and to date the largest, with many denominations represented again. The school, which is by invitation only, runs every Tuesday evening from October through to February, and then there will be a follow on once a month Saturday morning practical school, followed byb occasional all day Saturday events dealing with more advanced issues. Topics include Understanding the spiritual realm, Understanding out spirit, soul and body, The Lordship of Jesus, Forgiveness, Understanding generational influences, Freedom from ungodly relationships, Rejection, Fear, Negative inner vows and careless words, Abortion, Blood Covenants, Healing the human spirit etc. This is one of my favourite events in the annual calendar.

God's Garage, Portroe, Tipperary, Ireland   October 26th -28th
Portroe Oct 2012
A CRi team of eight made the 200+ mile journey to Portroe in County Tipperary, to teach and minister at 'God's Garage', purpose built some years ago be Anne-Marie Mulrooney for the Lord's work in that area. On the Friday evening and Saturday morning I taught on 'Walking with the Lord' - a challenging message that was very well received. A lady emailed me two days later saying "Thank you for challenging teaching on discipleship. I loved it and was blessed. God bless you all for coming to us 'in Macedonia' :-) May He pour in again all that the team has poured out on our account.."  On the Saturday afternoon the team ministered to many people who were booked in for prayer ministry. I am always amazed at the distances some of people travel to get here. It is very humbling and very encouraging. On the Sunday morning I had the privilege of dedicating three week old Donagh Owen Benjamin Mulrooney to the Lord. I have previously had the privilege of dedicating the other children in the photo below (Ciara, Grace and Ella) when they were babies. I think we get the warmest welcome of all at God's Garage. (Linda, my wife is missing from the photo as she was the photographer!)
Dedication of Donagh
David, Walter, Anne, Simon, baby Donagh and myself, mum (Anne-Marie) Linda and John, with Grace, dad (Mul) Ella and Ciara in te front row.

Mens conference
Teaching at Mens conference Green Pastures
Worship at mens congference at Green Pastures

The 300 Men's Conference was very well attended, with men coming from as far away as Galway in the west of Ireland.


Pastor Jeff  Wright spoke on the Friday evening, I spoke on the first and last sessions on the Saturday with Michael Ross Watson speaking in the two middle sessions on Saturday.


Interestingly the teaching was done from inside a mock boxing ring!!


The afternoon was set aside completely for fun, and despite the cold weather it was fun.

A video of my first session on Saturday morning called 'The line in the sand' will be available

on the teaching page in the New Year.

Phillip Richardson

Phillip Richardson

Weekend November 30th - December 2nd was spent at Lifeline Recovery Centre near Clougherhead in County Louth, Southern Ireland. This centre was founded and is still run by Phillip Richardson. A team of nine went down, five for the full weekend, and four more for the busy Saturday sessions. This was the second of two weekends, the first one being The Father heart of God, and the second one (this one) is divided into short teaching sessions followed by prayer ministry, which is where the team comes in. Topics covered on this weekend included The Lordship of Jesus, Forgiveness, Fear, Negative vows and Destructive Words, Generational Influences. Always a busy, but a fruitful weekend.

my 65th birthday
I reached the landmark age of 65 on December 18th, and courtesy of three wonderful friends, Linda and I were able to spend that special week in Malta. Having been given only hours to live in 2005 this was a real cause for celebration! I am now a fully signed up pensioner with bus and train pass to prove it. [Photos here]



Ken Symington