Late Spring 2011

I'm not a big fan of Irish weather in general, but I really do love our spring times!

If you ever come as a tourist try and come April - May.  The sun shines (honestly!) for much of the time, the yellow gorse on the roadsides, the cherry blossoms in the gardens, the bluebells and the primroses in the woods, the birds singing, the fresh air. A wonderful time to be alive.

And God is doing good things!

On April 10th I spoke at the Green Pastures morning service to approximately 700 people.

The subject was 'Grief sorrow and loss' 

One lady said that due to grief sorrow and loss she had not slept properly since 1967 but after the service and the ministry from the front she slept through the night for the first time since then, and was rejoicing in her freedom. 

God is good!

In this photo I am showing how carrying 'grief sorrow and loss' is like carrying a heavy back pack with you through life, and that Jesus asks us to cast our cares upon Him, because at the cross He bore our griefs and sorrows.

Surely He has borne our griefs And carried our sorrows..

                                         Isaiah 53:4a

Grief sorrow and loss

Weekend April 29th - May 1st we took a large team down to 'God's Garage' in Tipperary. This was our 15th visit in 5 years, and this time we had a substantial contingent from Galway City.  The Pastor and those with him had planned to come just Friday evening to 'check us out' but they stayed all day Saturday as well.  Parting words included, 'We'll bring a bus load next time' and 'when are you coming to Galway?'   It was nice that our team included all the 'originals', and adding up the total years the team has been with me on this journey totalled approximately 71 years.  Quite a bit of experience!  We plan to return next month God willing.

Anne-Marie, our host at God's Garage received this thank you from two of the Galway visitors..

Just a quick line to thank you for a great weekend of ministry and fellowship. My wife and myself were greatly blessed. The ministry was very good, both in the group and one on one sessions. Thank the team for us, especially Davy and Simon , who ministered to us one to one. Be encouraged yourself Anne Marie. God has worked through you in an amazing way to build this place of ministry and fellowship.

On my return from Tipperary I had been left a message to say that February's "Sinking Sand' sermon at Ellel Pierrepont was the most popular MP3 on their web site this year.  How encouraging is that!!  When I checked on their web sites this is what was written..

(So if you haven't heard it yet, here it is again)

May 6th - 7th was the second Creativity weekend at Green Pastures church.  As well as teaching on Friday evening and Saturday morning, my part was to run three one hour photography workshops during Saturday.

The idea behind these creativity courses is the understanding that since we are made in the image of God, and He is Creator, then we are designed to be creative, and that creativity is in our human spirit. When a person has their spirit crushed or broken by neglect, abuse, rejection etc then stimulating creativity can bring substantial healing, and the testimonies given on Saturday afternoon , and those received since through text and word of mouth show how true this is.  This is the second such course that Green Pastures has run.

The visit to Lifeline Recovery at the end of May had to be postponed due to ill health.  All duties were suspended for three weeks to allow for recovery.

I plan to teach the Father heart of God June 15th-16th at Ellel Pierrepont, plus speak at the Friday morning team and delegates service.

At last - after starting nearly two years ago, and seeing many starts and stops on my part - the book called 'Loved like never before' is finally being published on June 13th by Sovereign World.

Priced at £7.99 it will be available at Amazon, Kindle, iBooks, Sovereign World and many Christian bookstores.

It was pre-ordered by the Australian book chain Kooron a month before the cover was even designed.

I have purchased a number of books from Sovereign World and will be selling signed copies them off this web site. Details will be posted shortly on the home page

You may have wondered why the photo of a dandelion was accompanied by the text 'Another day, Another miracle'   Here is the answer...


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