March - April 2009


Linda in an Irish winter wonderland

And now. Spring time!

January and February days were dark, bleak and cold with occasional days of glorious snow covered landscapes.

It is a relief to see the first fingerprints of Spring on the landscape and know that we have made it through another long British winter.

Try as I may I saw no global warming!

However the weather did not hold back the work of the Lord.  Indeed I cannot remember a time when I have been so busy so continually for so long. Even finding time to write this newsletter has been difficult and is some three weeks overdue. How I continue to thank God for my health.

Lifeline Recovery: The 'lads from Dublin' came north to the Christian Renewal Centre at Rostrevor for two weekends. The first weekend for the Father heart of God January 16th - 18th and then the follow up Ministry weekend February 27th-29th

I never tire of saying what a privilege it is to work with Phillip Richardson and his Lifeline team as we seek to see the lads set free from addictions. It is awesome to see God at work.

During the weekend it was a joy to present Stephen May with a Certificate to signify that he had successfully completed the Annual Christian Restoration Prayer Ministry School Course. To put this award into perspective it meant Stephen driving over 100 miles every Thursday for several months through the winter for just 90 minutes teaching and then driving home again. He is being used by God to lead many to the Lord and has gained an excellent understanding of prayer ministry. Well done Stephen! You are a real hero!

Our youngest son David (22) having completed the six months Ellel NETS discipleship school and then the one year at Charis Bible College course, has left secular work to serve Jesus full time in whatever way He might wish. He has been a member of our prayer ministry team for two years and has wisdom beyond his years. As I write this he is working for two weeks with Phillip Richardson and the team at Lifeline's House outside Drogheda, in Southern Ireland.

Teaching continues at the Servant Academy in Green Pastures Church Ballymena.

This academy is in its first year and a whole range of speakers bring Kingdom understanding to the students.

Visits were on January 29th February 26th March 5th and March 19th with teachings scheduled for April 9th and 30th.

Subjects so far have included Lordship of Jesus, the power of Forgiveness, Understanding the spiritual realm (angels and demons - which I think they found a little heavy!) Spirit soul and body, Godly submission, Controlling your thoughts, Careless words and inner vows and Rejection.

Friday evenings from January 23rd to the end of March have been for teaching the 'Freedom' series at Green Pastures. This is the third time in two years that this powerful series has been held at the church and the testimonies of lives changed continues to bless and encourage us. One lady said she had suffered from depression from 27 years and was set free during the prayer ministry into forgiveness followed by cutting of ungodly soul ties.  [The soul ties evening was videoed and can be seen here]

A man said that after the teaching and ministry into fear he was free from claustrophobia after 23 years of bondage. It had begun when he had been trapped in a  lift as a boy. After the ministry he got into the Green Pastures lift and went up and down with no reaction at all.

Anne Galway took one of these evenings to teach 'Understanding generational influences' and Mollie Regan took one of the evenings when I was laid low with a 24 hour tummy bug. I thank God for such a brilliant, faithful, willing and mature team.

Pastor Jeff Wright asked me to teach the church on two consecutive Sunday mornings in March on the subject of Godly order and covering, with ministry on the second Sunday for those who have suffered from authority abuse in the past. Both Sundays went very well, and some 25 people stood for ministry at the end. [You can listen to Godly covering here]

What was extra special for me was my daughter Joanne being willing to come on stage with me to be used in teaching demonstrations. First week with her husband Jason and then on her own on the second Sunday. On this Sunday I asked her to fall backwards and trust me to catch her which she did. Even a year ago she would have been far too shy to do such a thing and this was a long awaited breakthrough. She has now decided to get publicly baptised. God is So good!

God's Garage

A CRi team led by Anne Galway travelled to God's Garage, in Portroe, County Tipperary.

Teaching was given Friday evening ("Do you love Me?") and Saturday morning ("Truth and lies") with the team ministering to people all afternoon.

Mollie Regan then spoke at the monthly meeting Nenagh Town on the Saturday evening. It was wonderful to see the large packed hotel room packed yet again for these Saturday meetings.

In mid February Linda and I travelled to Ellel Pierrepont near Franham in Surrey, where I taught NETS students for one day (Feb 11th) on The Dark night of the soul / Hearing the voice of God, then two days teaching The Father heart of God (Feb 12-13th)  I also taught on Joy and sacrifice at the weekly Communion Service on the Friday morning.  Linda and I taught together on the Marriage as God intended open day (Feb 14th)  A busy and fruitful visit.
Pastor Jeff Wright joined us at Pierrepont on the Thursday and Friday. He is keen to develop a large site in the Ballymena area to help broken people find freedom, and I thought it wise for him to meet Ellel Pierrepont Director Jill Southern, in order to fully understand the issues that running and maintaining such a large project entail. Jeff found the visit very helpful, and it is good for such visionary leaders to meet each other.
Linda, Jeff and I went out for a meal on the Thursday evening and when we returned to Pierrepont I was told that our home had been burgled while we were away.  Thieves had broken in through the back door but were eventually disturbed when our son David returned at 9pm.  The thieves spent most of their time breaking open the safe in my office (they succeeded), which they must have assumed held cash. It did not, but they did get Linda's few pieces of jewellery, plus my nearby Sony laptop, which held the web site.
Other than a bit of mess however there was little damage done and within two weeks insurance had provided me with a new laptop. (A Mac this time) I then had to reinstall software and reclaim the web site.  Annoying, but no big deal. It allowed us to genuinely pray for the thieves and trust God to bring good out of these prayers. What touched us was the fact that when word got out that we had been burgled Christian friends showed up at the house in force. So on the night there were two policemen and fifteen Christians all crammed into our home!

Now an unsafe safe!

Linda and I will be returning to Ellel Pierrepont to teach young people at an event known as 'Quiver'. Quiver events have the specific vision of reaching and equipping the younger generation (18 to 35) for a no-compromise lifestyle in Jesus (Titus 2:12).
On Thursday March 11th five ministry leaders met for a day at Lifeline's main house outside Drogheda. Jeff Wright of Green Pastures (right) Phillip Richardson of Lifeline Recovery (left) myself (centre) and Paul and Sharon Perry from Dublin Metropolitan Church (not in picture)  The purpose was to seek ways in which we could provide better help for broken people, especially those from drug addiction backgrounds. We plan to meet several times a year.

I will be speaking at a ladies day in Omagh town on April 25th.  This will be the first time teaching in this area of Northern Ireland.
I was delighted to have Fran Murphy of Lifeline Recovery stay with us for a long weekend March 21-24th. He has been with Lifeline Recovery for some time and is now part of their leadership team. We put in much walking and talking, even though the weather was very cold and windy at times. I took this photo of Fran with CRi team member Simon Rowland on one of the walks around the County Down coastline.

Some of the Lifeline lads (as we call them) have grown into great soul winners and Fran is no exception. He is currently studying on a course that will equip him to be able to help people with drug addiction problems.

One to watch for the future!

The Tuesday evening team training nights continue and are a source of strength for all the team. One Tuesday in March I had to miss the evening as I was SO tired!  That is one of the few I have missed in ten years!

Countries being visited in the months ahead include Sweden (May), Germany (June) Australia (August September) Hungary (October) and Sweden again (October/November)

Linda got a (well earned) 5 day break in beautiful Devon with my sister and good friends who live and minister there. That is the longest we have been apart for many years now and I so missed her!
God's Glory in my garden video has now past the 1000 views on Tangle
Can you watch this video without fighting back a tear?   Christian, the lion.
My annual heart check up is on April 6th. It will be four years this July since the heart virus

With being so busy I have had almost no time to take any more photographs. (I did manage one called 'Storm' ) However I did have the chance to spend one training day with professional photographer Matt Symons (in return for a donation to his favourite charity). It was enjoyable and very useful. The photo of me at the top of the page was one that Matt took with my camera when he was explaining how to use the natural half light in doorways!  This one of Matt was my attempt to do the same. As you would expect his is far better!
 Other than this brief break in the calendar, personal down time has eluded me in recent months.
 I recently found this amazing photo that I took several years ago when I was in the Mourne Mountains in winter time with Linda and team member Mollie Regan.

I was ahead of them and looked round to see the 'heavens open' and beams of light fall on the pair. .

A WOW! moment in life. 

It has now belatedly been added to the web site gallery

I continue to be encouraged by the increasing numbers of people who visit the web site and the complimentary emails I receive.

Wow, they literally take my breath away. Not only did I not know you are a 'photographer', but also such quality!! Keep it up Ken... you also Linda. Amazing... just amazing.

I found your site by accident and it is such a brilliant thing, it really does reflect the Glory of The Lord's creation

I am just on your website enjoying your photographs and just want to say how
great the photos are. I really enjoyed the Irish/Aussie mix

Encouragement works! Thank you!

It's a busy and rewarding life, and I am trying to find space in the diary for a much needed break.

God bless,

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