May - June 2008

The weekly teaching series called 'Freedom' is now underway at Green Pastures, Ballymena, and for the first time we are using video cameras to develop a series of DVD's that cover this basic course. We are still experimenting with camera positions and lighting, but are getting to grips with this medium as the weeks go by.

Here is a short video sample taken from week three. Understanding spirit, soul and body'

An 83 minute version is now in the Teaching section, along with other videos on rejection, fear, careless words, understanding anger and understanding 'spirit, soul and body'

On April 14th Linda and I travelled to Liberty Church in Dublin for the wedding of Stephen and Gail. It was a themed wedding - the twenties - and it proved to be one of the best weddings I have ever attended! Just eighteen months ago Stephen was a drug addict with no future whatsoever. A life of drugs and crime was his lot. Then he met the saving power of Jesus and his life has been utterly and completely transformed. Now with his first ever job he is paying tax for the first time - having had to persuade the authorities that he existed as they had no record of him! 
Throughout the wedding ceremony and reception Stephen and Gail constantly gave glory to Jesus for what He has done and is doing. The lads we have come to know through Lifeline in Dublin have come to be like family to us

Linda and I managed to grab a last minute week long holiday in Lanzarotte. My hobby is photography and I took a lot of beautiful photographs. However this one is special. As we walked through the backstreets of a mid island village I saw this on a wall. I call it 'The Way'

The rust on the base of the whitewashed wall represents the flames of hell. The arrow, and the shadow lines, point to the way of eternal safety.

You'll see a new section in the left hand contents column this month, called 'Extras'  It is needed to accommodate things that do not fit into an existing category. It begins life with two videos. One - called 'God's glory in my garden' -is one that I made from my still photos and sometimes show at the Father heart of God, and the other is a copy (almost the same) of one I also show at the Father heart of God, and am constantly asked by people where they can see it again. Both are on God Tube. I plan to produce more inspirational videos based on Romans 1:20 in the future.

Phillip Richardson, myself and Jeff Wright

On Saturday May 3rd members of the Christian Restoration in Ireland team along with Jeff Wright - the Senior Pastor at Green Pastures Church - travelled to Sillogue House near Drogheda, to celebrate with Phillip Richardson and Lifeline leaders, the opening of their ministry's new base. Previously a bed and breakfast house, it has 17 bedrooms all with en-suite, and should be ideal for the expansion of their work amongst addicts in Ireland.

Since leaving hospital in September 2005 it has been my dream to climb once again to the top of one of the major peaks in the beautiful Mourne mountains. Last year on two visits to the mountains I climbed to the 'saddles' that sit between three of these peaks. On Monday May 5th I set out to get to the top of Slieve Bernagh.(2400 feet) and with just a little huffing and puffing in the latter stages I finally got to the top. The miracle of my heart continues!

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