Early Spring 2011

The CRI annual basic prayer ministry school has ended for another year, but the CRI Advanced Prayer Ministry School continues on occasional Saturdays.

Those attending the first Advanced prayer ministry school must have previously completed a basic prayer ministry school. Subjects taught so far on the one day courses include Abuse, Queen of Heaven and Freemasonry.  Future one day courses will include Healing the human spirit, Accident and trauma, The cults, Deception and Sexual issues.

Lifeline Centre

January 7th - 9th Myself and four men from the team spent the weekend at the Lifeline Centre near Drogheda in Southern Ireland. This center, run by Philip Richardson, deals with drug and alcohol addiction and is mainly populated by young men from Dublin in the 20 - 40 age range.

This visit was the follow up weekend to the Father heart of God weekend in November, and the focus on this weekend was the teaching and then the ministering into many different areas that were relevant to the lives of the men there.

Subjects taught and ministered into included Repentance, The Lordship of Jesus, Forgiveness, Truth and Lies, Addictions, Violence and Ungodly Relationships (sexual / gangs / drug dealers etc)

The hunger and the response from the men was very encouraging and the prayer ministry times that followed were powerful with several substantial deliverances taking place. God is good!


Ellel Pierrepont, near Farnham, Surrey

February 1st - 4th

I taught the Father heart of God on the Tuesday and Wednesday to term 2 students, then taught Dark night of the soul / Hearing God / Kingdom business / God's testings to term 4 students. It is a privilege to teach such hungry students.

My talk at Friday communion for staff and students was very well received and can be heard here.

On the Father heart of God I take the students on a one hour walk around the beautiful grounds and stop at intervals to teach into Romans 1: 20  It is harder in winter as most things are devoid of signs of life!
There are staff and students from 28 nations at Ellel Pierrepont and on Chinese New Year the Asian students (China, Japan, Korea, Malaysia and Thailand) treated us to a feast of 'real' Chinese food. It was one of the highlights of my time there


Weekend March 11th - 13th, the CRi team and I travelled to Enniskillen in the west of Northern Ireland, close to the border with County Donegal which is part of Southern Ireland. I was to teach on the Saturday but as some accommodation came with the venue - situated on the banks of the beautiful Erne River - some of us chose to drive up on the Friday and return home on Sunday.  This was my first time teaching in this area, so I was not sure what to expect.  I taught on 'sinking sand - the days we live in and the call upon the church', 'negative spoken and inner vows', 'hindrances to receiving the Father heart of God' and 'renouncing idols and occultic based healing practices' Many stayed behind to have one to one prayer ministry from the team. The teaching day went well and the feedback has been excellent. I have been asked to come back and teach at a regular Saturday night meeting at some time in the future.

I always bring my camera to new places and when snow fell on the Saturday in the grounds that the venue was situated in, I went out for an early morning walk and took this photograph of a 'winter tree'

The photo only web site has had nearly 2500 visits over the past ten weeks.

Lifeline Centre - one day visit.

March 22nd, accompanied by team member Colin McQueen, I spent the day at the addiction recovery centre talking to the men currently at the centre.  Morning teaching was 'Being a man' and the afternoon session was 'Standing on the Rock, discipleship and questions and answers.  My heart is so much for this work amongst men.


In past years I have written perhaps two to three editorials a year for this site.

Between December to February alone I wrote five

'Test yourself'   'Discernment'   'The gospel of 'me''   'Repentance'   'Sinking sand'

I wrote these because I sense a burden to bring a solid Kingdom plum line back to the church. I pray that these writings carry Kingdom truth and that they will be of value to many readers. We must have a strong believing committed servant hearted church in these darkening days.

The Father heart of God Book called 'LOVED LIKE NEVER BEFORE! will probably be published in May / June by Sovereign World. It will also be available for Kinder and iBook online reading.


 How Great Thou art Lord!


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