Summer 2011

I suppose the biggest news is the publishing of my first book 'Loved like never before' by Sovereign World. 

It is available from Amazon, Sovereign World, many Christian bookshops (Quote ISBN: 978 1 85240 585 4) and is available as an eBook on Kindle, iBooks or FirstyFish.

It has been very well received and Amazon's initial stock was sold out within about 10 days. 

Here are the first reader reviews posted on

Book of the decade!, 5 July 2011

There's a first for everything, and this is my first review about any book. I just had to write it to say thank you for the most easy to read, clear, funny, life changing book I have had the privilege of reading in ages! It quite simply touches the parts that have been crying out for something, but didn't know what....until now! God no longer is a scary person, waiting to see me fail or catch me out...He's my Daddy and He loves ME!!!

Amazing!, 4 July 2011

It is a MUST read for every human being. I cried for a solid twenty minutes as something was released in me. I am beloved! It touched an inner part of me that I did not know existed and I did indeed feel loved like never before.

A life changing read, 1 July 2011

I couldn't leave this book down once I started reading! I recommend this life changing book for all Christians, struggling Christians and non Christians! This book makes it is so easy to understand the unconditional love given freely that we all crave for! I read it twice within a few days and know now beyond ALL doubt that I am loved like never before! Read it and pass it on!

       ..and an additional reader review posted on Sovereign World

Amazing book  29 June 2011

The book is amazing, Because of this teaching I now know I have a Father in Heaven who loves me unconditionally. It has totally changed the way I view my Heavenly Father.
I truly has changed my life for the better. Thank you so much !

June 15th - 17th Ellel Pierrepont Surrey

I taught the Father heart of God to NETS students from a great many nations, and it was during this two day event that the above book arrived.  As you can imagine it was a new experience to be asked to sign copy after copy of the book!! 

There was a Chinese contingent who listened to my teaching on headphones via a translator who converted my Northern Irish English into Chinese. 

Not an easy task!

 At the Friday morning communion service, attended by all students teachers and staff, I was speaking on the subject "Never, never give up!" It is available to listen or to download here...

June 21st  Green Pastures Ballymena

I spoke to students on the 6 month 'Transform' school in this amazing (truly amazing!) church, and prayed with some of them afterwards.

Enniskillen June 25th  'Sinking sand'

This was a major event, whereby many people were invited to a Barbeque at a conference centre in the grounds of Derrygore House on the shore of Lough Erne in Enniskillen.  It was the idea of the owner, who having heard the original teaching of 'Sinking sand' given at Ellel Pierrepont communion service in February, wished it to be available on video and distributed free of charge throughout Ireland and the UK.  The barbeque was superb and thankfully the threatening rain did not make an appearance.

The video set up was impressive with two cameras and a mixing desk and the centre was packed to capacity...

What could possibly go wrong?

Well unfortunately I could!  For some reason, and I have no idea why, there was zero anointing on my teaching and it was a lifeless 40 minutes of teaching.  Had it not been for the expense of the cameras etc I would have put the pre planned teaching down and spoken straight from the heart.  But I carried on, and on, and on, and it was awful!  This is only the second time that this has happened to me in 15 years of full time service.  On a humourous note the title 'sinking sand' was very appropriate for me that night!.

Perhaps - and I emphasis perhaps because I don't know for certain - it might be for the following reason.  At a local fellowship in Enniskillen the following day (Sunday) a man said that he had already heard 'Sinking sand' (as the audio CD had been passed around so many people) and was as he put it "very angry" at hearing it again when he came expecting new teaching.

So an interesting evening, but not the evening we had hoped and prayed it would be.  However, on a brighter note, a lady wrote to me saying that she had bought my book that evening and it had reawakened her relationship with God.

July 10th Lifeline Recovery, Drogheda

Myself and three men from the CRi team spent the day ministering to the men currently attending the Lifeline Recovery Centre and seeking to be free from their life of drugs and violence.  It is always harrowing to hear their stories, but a real privilege to be able to speak into their lives and to pray for them. So many trophies of grace have come from the work being carried out here by Phil Richardson. (watch the ministry video here and be inspired to pray/give)

July 8th - 10th  Portroe, County Tipperary

An eight person CRi team lead by prayer ministry leader Anne Galway made the journey to County Tipperary to teach and minister at the place affectionately known as 'God's Garage' built and run by Anne-Marie Mulrooney.

The teaching on Friday evening and Saturday morning was on 'Healing the human spirit and emotions', followed by 'Understanding anger'.  The afternoon and evening were given over entirely to prayer ministry.  We are continually amazed at the distances people travel to attend these weekends.  The hunger is amazing.

July 15th New Wine Conference, Sligo

  The main hall for morning and evening worship

I have been asked to take one of the 'Tough talking' morning seminars at this well known and long standing week long conference over in the west of  Ireland. The subject was 'Freemasonry - innocent or harmful?' Those attending would normally be from what would be termed the traditional churches such as Church of Ireland and Presbyterian where Freemasonry has traditionally been accepted.

The morning seminar, held in a large college lecture theatre was packed to capacity, with some sitting on the steps leading down to the teachers floor.  (Usually the teacher is looking down on the audience, but in these lecture theatres the audience look down on the teacher!)  The teaching went well. Very well. Afterwards there was a queue of people wanting to talk, ask questions etc. The minister who introduced me, told me that many years ago a former Freemason in his congregation was always very depressed, but when he came to us for ministry, he returned completely free and has stayed so, showing him how vital this teaching is to the church.   God is good!

Linda and I will be in Australia (God willing) all of August and September.


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