Winter 2010 - 2011

It is a very cold winter this year, but I don't mind too much. It's the way I think a winter should be. The cold, snowy and icy weather does not stop the work of the Kingdom and life is as busy, as fruitful and as enjoyable as ever.



In November I brought a team down to Lifeline Recovery in Drogheda, Southern Ireland to hold a Father heart of God weekend with a follow up weekend planned for early January. During the weekend five of the men made a commitment of their lives to Jesus.  

The photo (left) includes some of the men with some of the CRi team members.

We feel very privileged to work with these men, and some of the past Lifeline men have gone on to become mighty in the Lord, and also men that we now count as being our most trusted friends.

     God's Garage, Portroe, County Tipperary 


Weekend December 10th -12th, Linda and I and six other members of our team went to Portroe in County Tipperary for a teaching and prayer ministry weekend. I taught on rejection on the Friday evening and on fear during the Saturday morning session. The rest of the day saw the team involved in personal prayer ministry to more that twenty people who had requested an appointment.  The great delight was to see so many people there for the first time, including one lady who was attending her first ever Christian event. The purpose built hall and teacher's apartment were built by Anne-Marie Mulrooney in the grounds of her family home.  You can hear her speak of her journey with Jesus in the Extras section of this web site.  I took the opportunity to film her recalling more of her faith building encounters with Jesus. This new interview appears as 'Anne-Marie testimony two' on the same page as the first video.

Very early on Sunday morning, Anne Marie's husband Mull got up at dawn and drove me around the local beauty spots where I captured some amazing photographs (and put scripture to some of them) It was very very cold, but worth every frozen finger!! 


             Isn't Ireland beautiful, even in mid winter?



The 2010 - 2011 Autumn school is well under way, with delegates from various denominations attending every Tuesday night from October to February.  Subjects taught include The Lordship of Jesus, forgiveness, understanding the spiritual realm, understanding spirit, soul and body, understanding soul ties and generational issues, rejection, fear, anger, abortion, controlling your thoughts, inner vows and mindsets and the Divine Exchange. There are also all day workshops where prayer ministry training can be tried under the watchful eyes of the CRi team members.  One of last year's delegates wrote this to encourage the new delegates.

Prayer ministry training school :-

What can I say that would express correctly what I actually feel and experienced?

The journey - one and a half hours every Tuesday night, usually in horrendous weather conditions in the dark, and not getting home until around midnight, BUT would NPT have missed it for the world. It is the one thing I looked forward to from one week until the next. I couldn't wait!!

The atmosphere was warm, friendly and very welcoming. It was easy to fit in and make new friends. The team were so lovely and ytook it in turns over the weeks to do the various teaching topics led by Ken.

The teaching was superb, at times quite emotionally challenging, and very enlightening. I only wish I had heard the depth ofit years ago because it would have saved me a lot of heartache and unnecessary baggage.

A year down the line I have finally decided to join our church prayer ministry team and I am SO EXCITED to be part of something where I can actually see at first hand, God at work.  I know without a doubt that it is where I am meant to be, and for the firsttime in years I feel fulfilled. I am at church all day every Thursday and still have to travel 45 minutes but I wouldn't mind if I had to go to Cork and back!

To delegates joining the 2010 -2011 school, ENJOY, and allow God to transform your thinking and enlarge your understanding. It is totally worth it.  


For the first time we are also running an advanced prayer ministry school for those who have attended any of the schools in previous years. On Saturday November 6th I did a three session teaching on 'Ministering into abuse'  The next one day advanced school will be in January.


The manuscript for the book covering the Father heart of God teaching has now gone to the publisher.

I have a new batch of photographs with scripture on the photo web site HERE

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