Australia 2006

After the life threatening illness of last summer this was undoubtedly going to be the big test as to whether I was truly able to be back on the road again in ministry. As such it was always going to be a trip with a difference, but how different was quite a surprise. To say we were welcomed would be an understatement as the following good news report and the photo montages top and bottom will show..
Ellel supporters day (11th August)

It was a delight to start the one month mission talking to some 50+  Ellel Supporters at Gilbulla. For more than an hour I shared how gracious the Lord has been in bringing me, and indeed the whole family, through the extremely difficult events of 2005.

It was deeply moving to hear how people had responded to the news when it reached them last year, and we were left in no doubt that we were greatly loved and valued! 

After the meeting we all had a real Aussie 'barbie' on the lawns of Gilbulla.

Father heart of God (11th - 13th August)

This was a full house with 70+ people booked in for the weekend. It never ceases to amaze me how powerful this course is and testimonies confirmed yet again that many people experienced a real revelation of their Heavenly Father for the first time.

"WOW! Words are not enough to explain the things I've learnt - I need to go home and digest it and sort it"

"Made a very clear distinction between who and how God wants me to know Him and how my past experiences have been taken by satan and used as a tool to destroy God's true love for me. The veil has been torn down!"

"I love Him.. He's my true Dad! (the one I've always wanted) I want to walk arm in arm with Him forever"

"Thank you - just really lovely to hear Ken's gentle teaching about God the Father - has been an encouragement to trust God as the father - Abba"

"I found it all helpful as it built step by step to a place where I was drawn closer to the heart of my Daddy God in a deeper way on Sunday than ever before"

There was a very unexpected addition to the weekend course. On Saturday evening I was asked to come down to the veranda only to told that there was a professional firework display being put on in my honour! And what a display it was!  Damien Armstrong, who came on the very first Men of God course in 2004, was so transformed by the teaching that he wanted to say thank you by putting on the display.
His profession is a pyro-technician so as you might imagine, the display was simply awesome.  I confess I was not sure how to handle the honour, but as I walked back to my room later I felt the Lord speak into my spirit and say "Welcome back to Australia"

Marriage as God intended (15th - 17th August)

This course is the one which Linda and I both teach on, and being a mid week course the numbers were manageable. Teaching subjects included understanding what it means for God  to 'join' a man and wife, the differences between a marriage contract and a marriage covenant, the Lordship of Jesus in marriage, Godly order in marriage, breaking down the invisible wall that has built up over the years, handling conflict, love languages, and Godly sexuality. In the evenings couples were invited to share stories of how they met, and the most touching thing their spouse had ever done for them.

One session was left free to relax and discuss what had been taught. During this short break Linda and I took up an invitation to visit the Evangelical Sisters of Mary in nearby Camden. It proved to be one of the highlights of our time in Australia. When we arrived we were met by the Sisters who gathered around and welcomed us with a beautiful song, followed by much hugging and handshaking and photographs. I was delighted and flattered to hear that they had been listening to my teaching CD's for quite a long time!  We were given a delightful tour of their base 'Canaan Land' and given many books written by the founder Mother Basilea Schlink  Linda and I were deeply impressed with their trust in Jesus, and the way they pray in all their needs. As we left after our short visit we were again treated to a worship song. A blessed half hour indeed.

Men of God (18th - 20th August)

This was the course I was most eager to teach on, as I have found Australian men to be very responsive to the un-watered down challenge of radically following Jesus. In fact I would say that the tougher the challenge the more the Australian man responds. Men's lives had been radically changed in the two previous visits and the most exciting part is that the changes have not only held, but developed. World watch out!

The course was again full with a waiting list for cancellations, and the hunger was palpable. The anointing of God was so strong that even though there was only a short break between the marriage course and this course, I felt no weariness whatsoever.

Saturday evening was the ministry session and the Holy Spirit manifested His Presence very powerfully, and the men who stood for ministry into a range of 'men's issues' knew that The Lord had wonderfully and mercifully set them free.

"This teaching needs to be in our churches. I was here by divine appointment - broken the lie of satan that God doesn't love me anymore"

"A very in depth emotional experience, that is, a reality check on life, how it really should be according to our God"

"The challenge to step up in my walk with God and take my calling seriously"

"It was good to hear the truth instead of a watered down version - I had fallen back into a comfortable Christian role - this weekend re awoke my responsibilities and need to get real with God, to move forward to the front line instead of the back and do my share of the fighting. It has rekindled a desire to get to know God again, to talk and walk with Jesus instead of being just close to Him. I feel refreshed and a renewed energy to get back into the things of God"

"God showed me how crucial 'total submission; is during this weekend. Even though I knew it in my head it was just head knowledge. I found myself as an undecided person before I came here. But I realised it was related to my unclear relationship with God, and God showed me that it was time to fix this relationship. Also I am released from my past bondages from ministry time"

"God has spoken to me powerfully over the weekend and helped to affirm me as a man of God - I have been given the opportunity to openly and publicly admit the errors of my ways to God and am happy that He has acknowledged my broken repentant heart and granted me forgiveness. And a new start. This is exactly what I needed in my life right now"

Father heart of God - Western Australia (25th-27th August)

We now flew out to Perth to join Paul and Barbs Harris at Ellel's new base at Springhill, an 85 acre site formerly used as a base for naval personnel.  The base has resident kangaroos and an emu, plus a donkey, merino sheep and a newly arrived batch of sheep.

This first course attracted excellent numbers and it was a joy to take the group around this large site on the traditional Father heart walk and to see the invisible attributes of the Godhead being clearly displayed through the things that are made. (Romans 1:20)


We saw our first huntsman spider (non poisonous - but BIG) and got some wonderful footage of Linda screaming and running out the door when it dropped off the ceiling to the floor in one of the outside units.

It's these moments that make Australia unique!

Men's issues (29th - 31st August)
This was the last seminar in our one month visit, and in some ways I think it may have been the most anointed.  Again the radical challenge of following hard after Jesus was put uncompromisingly before them and again the Australian men responded with hearts very open to God. The testimonies were very encouraging and the group agreed that next year there should be 200+ men coming to hear this radical call to discipleship.

Free time activities

This is where the miracle of my health really became apparent. So severe is my 'official' medical condition that the cheapest travel insurance I could obtain for the four weeks was well over 700.

However in our free time I lived another story. God's story in my life.

I went deep sea fishing - 30 miles off the coast - and caught several large large yellow fin tuna with the largest one at an estimated 30 kilos (beating my previous record of 25 kilos in 2004) The yellow fin tune is reckoned to be - pound for pound - the hardest fighting fish in the world and the battle to land this huge fish lasted exactly 40 minutes.

Linda and I also went early morning canoeing up the Napean river with Ellel's Australian Director Paul Watson.

We went buggy runs at speed around the rough red earth tracks on the 85 acre estate, and to cap it all we then went hot air ballooning at dawn in nearby Northam village, reaching a maximum height of 4000 feet at one point.

A memorable trip on many fronts, and God willing we plan to return next August.

To God be all the Glory!!