Beginner questions

1. Who confronted Pharaoh?
    Joseph  Joshua  Moses

2. Who deceived his father?
    Esau  Laban  Jacob

3. How many books are there in the Bible?
    Fifty five  Sixty six  Seventy one

4. Saul's som was called
    Jonathan  David  Ziba

5. Gideon's final army numbered
    300  3,000  32,000

6. Where was Jesus baptised?
    Nile  Galilee  Jordan

7. Which disciple walked on water?
    James  Peter  John

8. When Jesus died there was darkness for
    One hour  Three hours  Six hours

9. The angel who spoke to Mary was
    Michael  Timothy  Gabriel

10. Goliath was an
    Amalekite  Moabite  Philistine

11. Solomon asked God for
    Power  Wisdom  Gold

12. Whose name means laughter?
    Sarah  Isaac  Mara

13. Which prophet healed a poisonous stew?
    Elijah  Elisha  Samuel

14. Cornelius was a ....
    Centurion  Priest  Tax collector

15. How many spies were sent into Cannan?
    Seven  Ten   Twelve


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