Welcome to the world of the cults


They call at your door. They talk of God. They talk of Jesus. They talk of the Holy Spirit.

It seems so close to what we believe. But it is not.  It is as far apart as heaven and hell.

When I was first saved and read one of their tracts I could discern little wrong as they used scripture so freely. And so I wondered why I believed what I believed. I began a journey of investigation until I knew why I believed what I believed and why their teachings are so totally deceptive.  I present some of these findings to you.   Each section will look at the founder and the leaders who followed him or her, their teachings, and of course how those teachings sit alongside scripture. (The Biblical plum-line is extensively laid down in the Jehovah's Witness section and therefore not repeated as extensively in the Mormon section)


Jehovah's Witnesses


                               Identifying a cult