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1. How many were killed for looking into the Covenant Box?
    Thirty five  Seventy  Ninety

2. Who was killed by God for spilling his semen on the ground?
    Onan  Er   Shelah

3. Rahab's son was called
    Boaz  Obed  Jesse

4. Pentecost occurred during the feast of
    Weeks  Trumpets  Shelters

5. Paul met Lydia on the Sabbath at the
    Synagogue  Riverside  Marketplace

6. Jemimah was the daughter of
    Job  Solomon  Ahab

7. What age was Isaac when he married Rebecca?
    35  40   47

8. Does 'Edom' mean
    Red  Blue  Brown

9. Rachael's maid was called
    Basemouth  Judith  Bilhah

10. Who wore a gold nose ring?
    Rachael  Rebecca  Sarah

11. Moses was buried in the land of
    Ammon  Edom  Moab

12. Which of David's mighty men killed a lion in a pit?
    Benaiah  Shammah  Eleazar

13. Who reigned after Herod's death?
    Archelaus  Quirinius  Augustus

14. The high priest who struck Paul was called
    Festus  Ananias  Tertullus

15. Is Passover (Pesach) held on Nissan the
    9th  10th  14th


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