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  1. What do you mean by 'Christian Restoration' ?
  2. Do you work under a denominational umbrella?
  3. How do you exist financially?
  4. Are your team trained?
  5. Do you believe in the gifts of the Spirit being in operation today?

What do you mean by 'Christian Restoration?'

I mean bringing us as individuals, or as fellowships, back into alignment with the Kingdom of God.

The Body of Christ was never meant to be a sub-culture of the world.  It was always meant to be a counter culture. 

Yet we all know in our hearts that cultural viewpoints, denominational traditions and religious habits have gradually become subtly mixed in with our true Christianity, and separating the two, once the cement has hardened over generations can be an interesting work.    

If I bought a beautiful, though badly scratched piece of furniture in an auction, I would ask that it be restored back to it's original beauty. Nothing added. Nothing taken away.

So it is with restoring God's people. No new plan.  Just 'Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven' 

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Do you work under a denominational umbrella?

No. As my father's first born son I was dedicated to God by a Methodist Minister, and for many years attended a Baptist Sunday School. My wife is from a Roman Catholic background. We attended a Methodist Church for ten years, were both 'born again' at a Methodist Holiday week, baptized in a Baptist Church, became members of a very large Presbyterian Church for seven years, then a large Elim Pentecostal Fellowship for nine years, and are with the Church of Ireland. The Body of Christ is made up of all who know, love, honor, trust and obey Him. The CRi Ireland team reflects this denominational spread.

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How do you exist financially?

The God who called us also keeps us through His provision. Freely I have received, freely I will give. Gifts and honorariums for teaching in churches, fellowships or seminars are always very welcome and of great benefit, but never asked for.  You may have noticed that there are no advertisements on the web site. Just as we would not want to see paid for commercial advertisments appearing in our church services so I regard this site as set apart wholly as service on to the Lord, hopefully for His glory.

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Are your team trained?

We have a team training one evening a week throughout the year. The majority of team members have been with me between ten and fifteen years. The team has ministered to many hundreds of people from many denominations.

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Do you believe in the gifts of the Spirit being in operation today?

Yes. And I believe that the Bible in its original autographs is 100% the inspired Word of God and the final authority on matters of faith.

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      Revised: April 2014