The Christian Restoration Freemasonry Databank

This is a databank resource designed to make information on Freemasonry freely and easily available to churches in order to demonstrate the spiritual dangers of permitting the kingdom of Freemasonry to exist within the church.  

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"Is freemasonry compatible with Christianity?"  

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The myth of Hiram Abiff European Freemasonry
History of Freemasonry Albert Pike Christian denouncements
The degree framework Masonic literature Christian books /videos / tapes
Geographical variations Masonic quotations Recent developments
Masonic temple Obelisks Resigning from Freemasonry
Masonic Bible Egypt Prayer ministry guidelines
Masonic symbols William Morgan's murder Testimonies
Blue degrees (1-3) Witchcraft connections Links to other resources
Holy Royal Arch Mentions of lucifer Consequences
18th degree 'Rose Croix' Masonic roots Masonic opposition
Knights Templar Higher rank regalia Scripture references
The 32nd degree Auxiliary groups Miscellaneous
The 33rd degree The Orange Order Beyond the 33rd?