Note: In 1986 The Grand Lodge of England removed the candidate's speaking out of the traditional physical penalties. However they are still within the wording, only more subtly. The pledge now states 'Do you likewise pledge yourself that you conceal what I shall now impart to you with the same strict caution as the other secrets in masonry?'  The worshipful master explains to the candidate ' the symbolic penalty at one time included in the Obligation in this degree (as below) had he improperly disclosed the secrets entrusted to him, which implied that, as a man of honour a Fellow Craft Freemason would rather have had the left breast laid open, the heart torn out and given to the birds of the air or the devouring beasts of the field' and in an exchange with the Senior Warden when he asks the candidate to what does it allude the candidate answers ..'the symbolic penalty of the degree, which implied that, as a man of honour, a Fellow Craft FreeMason would rather have had his heart torn from his breast than improperly disclose..etc'


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