July - December 30th 2015

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Australia 2015

11th August to 6th September.


This was the 12th visit to Australia since our first invitation in 2003. It has become like a second home to us with both family and friendships established since then. We spent the first 10 days with family in Queensland before flying to Sydney for a 10 day stay at the Ellel Ministries centre at Gilbulla near Menangle in New South Wales.
August 21st - 23rd Father Heart of God
Father heart of God 2015
This course is taught every year and is still as popular as ever, and still as life-changing as ever!
father heart walk 2015

One of the unusual features of this course is that one session is taught outdoors as I lead the school around some of the 54 acres of land stopping at several places to teach on seeing God's glory in creation. The weather in Australia makes this somewhat easier than in the UK!


This is still my favourite course, both for the privilege of teaching it and for the joy of seeing so many people finally 'get it'. Most of us know 'theologically' that God loves us, but when that truth explodes in your heart as revelation rather than only in your mind as education the change can be profound. You are loved and can live and mature in the certainty of that unchanging love.

August 28th - 30th Reclaiming the ground
Reclaiming the ground
This is the second time I have taught this unusual subject in Australia and it is certainly 'meat' rather than 'milk'

Land is mentioned some 1700 times in the Bible and scripture makes it clear that land can be blessed, cursed or spiritually defiled. This course brings an understanding of the reality and the consequences of these issues, and also scripture's answers to the reality and consequences. Along the way I tell many stories from my own life and ministry experiences.


The question and answer time also showed how real this issue is in many lives.


The course poster reads,


Ken Symington brings essential teaching on how to bring cleansing to land and buildings which have become defiled. How do you spiritually cleanse the ground and buildings that you have authority over? Ken's clear biblical exposition matched with many years of experience makes this course a valuable learning opportunity.


The testimonies during the final session were very encouraging.

September 1st - 6th. A holiday!


Courtesy of long-standing Aussie friends, Linda and I had a wonderful week long holiday at a beautiful beach house close to the most easterly point in Australia, near Byron Bay. The weather forecast was for rain all week, but God was gracious and we had perfect sunshine until the day we were leaving. We watched and photographed humpback whales making their annual migratory journey along the coast, and large pods of dolphins hunting just of the beach. We read books, enjoyed good food, long walks and many conversations over coffee. I went canoeing in an estuary and tried body board surfing in the sea. Thank you Lord. Thank you John and Ilona.

Beach house view

When God offends - sermon

This Friday morning sermon was delivered at Ellel Pierrepont, Frensham Surrey on July 17th and was made available on the internet

in mid-August. The talk was extracted from the editorial of this name on this site. Because the majority of the audience was to my right and the video camera to my left the result is that you see more of my side profile than my face!

When God offends

October 13th - 2015 Annual prayer ministry school start.
cri school 2015

This is  - we estimate - our 12th or 13th prayer ministry school.  Invitation is by word of mouth only so until the first night we have no idea how many people will come. On opening night more people came than the hall we hired had seats for, and some delegates had to sit on the ground. Conscious of possibly breaching the maximum numbers allowed by insurance and fire authorities most of the Cri team retired to a nearby member's home to pray - something usually done in a back-room within the venue - before returning at 9.30pm to provide supper. (One team member had to dash to the shops to buy more disposable cups) The next day we found out that we could legally accommodate more delegates and the provider supplied two additional rows of seating to take us up to the maximum number allowed. The hunger amongst the delegates is palpable and some of the distances people have travelled to be here is inspiring. One man does an evening round trip of 120 miles - and this is his second year coming on the school!

Saturday November 14th. My Glory to God 5k Park Run.
5K Park Run

Those who know my story will know that prior to being saved at the age of 42 I was a fairly serious athlete. Hundreds of events included 8 Belfast Marathons, 1 Dublin Marathon, 2 New York Marathons, many Irish Triathlon championships and in 1987 the world Triathlon Championship in France. (2 mile swim + 77 mile cycle + 20 mile run)


Shortly after I was saved the Lord asked me to give up competitive sport (which was hard to do, but I obeyed) because, with hindsight, I now understand He had another destiny planned for me instead.  Then in 2005 a heart virus nearly killed me, and left me with the following heart condition.


Dilated Cardiomyopathy with left ventricular systolic dysfunction + Mitral regurgitation + Atrial fibrillation. With a heart working irregularly at only 23%. This is one of my heart monitor readings...
my heart beat night before event


It is a miracle that I survived the virus attack especially with no surgery or implant, but wisdom dictated that I should never undertake anything too strenuous. 

In November last year while watching our local Saturday morning 5K Park Run I silently asked the Lord if perhaps one day it might be possible for me to do the run.  Three months ago the Lord gave His peace to gently start training which (somewhat nervously) I did. Very gradually I ventured into longer and longer runs, and then on November 14th - one month before my 68th birthday - and on a freezing autumn morning I successfully ran the 5K with no ill effects.  I was delighted! Total, absolute, Glory to God.

Park Run report

Saturday December 5th.  Father heart of God day in my home town.
Father heart at Primacy
As part of the annual prayer ministry school we held a Father Heart of God open day, and it was encouraging to see people come from as far away as Dublin - over 100 miles away! Despite having taught this subject in a many nations around the globe it is only the second time I have taught this life changing subject in my home town. I will be taking a Father heart weekend under the title of  'The Father's Embrace' at Ellel Ireland January 22nd -24th and Ellel Germany January 29th-31st.

'How to boil a frog' is the 4th most popular weekly sermon given at Ellel Pierrepont.

Top ten talks


It is encouraging to see my July 2012 talk

on 'How to boil a frog' still popular!

How to boil a frog
To see all my video and audio sermons given over the years at Ellel Pierrepont go here.


December 18th - another birthday
Ken fron early 40's to 68

Yes, I have just completed 68 years of life and I am so grateful to God for everyone of them.  The mountain top experiences :-) and yes, even the dark valley ones also :-( 


In July 2005 doctors told my family I would die within 24 hours and I was flown to England (on a Lear Jet!) for a possible heart transplant as a last attempt to save my life. I never got the transplant and to this day I live a remarkably energetic life on a very damaged heart. Only God.

Three days out from a coma

On December 24th I will have been in full time ministry for 21 years, and it has flown in. I can hardly remember how young I was when I left my much loved employment to follow Jesus into an unknown future.


I am glad to have recorded some of the remarkable events during those years on the web site, especially in the many years of  Newsletters.


Many other remarkable events remain recorded in my memory only.


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