One month visit in July 2003 

Ellel Ministries International invited me to come for the month of July and teach at their recently opened base in Australia.

July 4th: Moving on with God:  

A fully booked one day seminar held on the Ellel base shortly after our arrival. 

It was wonderful to finally be teaching Kingdom truths on the other side of the world.

It took a while to for me to accept that this was the middle of the Australian winter!

July 8th to 10th: Father heart of God:  

Held at the Bethel Christian Fellowship church in Geelong, near Melbourne. Amongst those attending it warmed my heart to see about a dozen men from a local drug rehab sitting in on the teaching the first evening, and then coming to every session, some eventually moving from the back rows of the hall to the front. As there was no where to hold the outdoor walk that is an integral part of this course Paul Ryan kindly (and brilliantly) took these two sessions.

July 11th - 19th July  Our holiday period.

Linda and our youngest son David were with me and we had the most marvellous holiday organised by Paul Ryan from the Ellel base. 

Kangaroos, Koala bears, Sulphur crested cockatoos, King Parrots, Red back spiders, sharks, manta rays, crocodiles, Sea snakes, Dolphins, Pelicans, Turtles and a few million gum trees. We saw them all.

Steve Irwin's Zoo, Sea world, The Great Barrier Reef, Tropical rainforest, Mangrove swamps. We saw them all.

The highlight was probably the three days fishing in the Gulf of Carpentaria just 100 miles from Northern tip of Eastern Australia.  We had never experienced fishing like it in our lives!  The sight of Bronze whaler sharks coming up to the boat and ferociously attacking the fish we were catching took some getting used to! A close second was the scuba dive on the Great Barrier Reef where we met 'Wally' the huge Marie Wrasse!

Thank you Heavenly Father for an amazing display of Your Glory.




All the fish that were landed were safely returned to the water after having their pic taken!

July 21st to 23rd:  Father heart of God:  

The first of the residential course held on the Ellel base at Gilbulla during the month visit.  It was a new experience to take some 90 people on a one hour walk through the 'bush' for one of the teaching sessions. Being used to doing this on Ellel bases in England and Scotland does not prepare you for the difference that is Australia.  I had to undergo a crash course on Australian trees, plants , birds (thanks Nancy)  It was wonderful to see this course continuing to loose people from a destructive fear of God their Heavenly Father which may have come from strong negative experiences with their earthly father.  

Thank you Jesus for showing us the Father.

July 25th to 27th: Ministry to men 

The second residential course. So many men applied that two courses could have been held. If the whole visit had been for this course alone it would have been worthwhile. The response from the men left me quite emotional. On ministry night I have never seen so many men so determined to do business with God. The testimonies were wonderful and the spontaneous applause after two of the sessions showed that God was touching the men's hearts as a deep level. 

One associate Pastor phoned his wife and told her that her old husband was not coming home as he had been shattered in 1000 pieces, and a new husband was coming home. Another said he prayed that one day 25,000 men would be gathered in a stadium to hear the teaching they had heard. 

Thank you Jesus for faithfully showing up again.

July 28th - 29th : Prayer, Intercession and warfare prayer:  

Held off base at the magnificent Ryde Anglican centre in Sydney.  120 people attended.  This was the most intense of the teaching sessions as there was a considerable amount of content to cover in the nine sessions. 

Having taught some twenty one sessions (each of an hour and a quarter) during the past seven days I found myself rapidly growing weary during the last four sessions on the final day.  

God is good and gave me enough strength to complete the full course! 








Plans are underway for a return visit in 2004 Once again, Thank you Jesus!