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January - June 2015

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Spring - summer 2015

The annual prayer ministry school continued weekly from October through to February 3rd, with the advanced school continuing into 2015 with 'Freemasonry' on Saturday February 4th, and the 'Queen of heaven' on Saturday February 7th. That completes the school programme for another year!
Prayer ministry school 2014

January 29-30th Portroe, County Tipperary
God's garage Jan 2015
worship at portroe The sense of God's Presence is always very real at these meetings in God's Garage in the grounds at the home of Anne-Marie Mulrooney - and this is very evident in the passionate worship. On the Friday evening I taught on the subject 'Time to grow-up!' and on Saturday morning 'When it's dark'.
cars from near and far The Saturday afternoon was taken up with prayer ministry as people came from far and wide to this tiny Irish village. The CRi team of seven ministered to a total of 36 people between 2:15 - 8:15. A real privilege to be trusted by the Lord and by the people.

Ellel Pierrepont's 20th anniversary
Anniversary teaching
celebration meal to pierrepont
Miracles of Pierrepont

I have been an associate teacher at Ellel Pierrepont for fifteen years and it was an honour for Linda and I to be invited to join in their 20th anniversary celebrations, titled 'Only Believe'. Ellel Ministries International and Ellel Pierrepont in particular have been used powerfully by God to produce disciples who have gone throughout the world in numbers and made - and continue to make - a great impact for the Kingdom of God. Their NETS discipleship school is, I believe, without equal, and attracts students of all ages from more than forty countries throughout the world.


In 1995 when Ellel took over the premises of the abandoned school (which had gone bankrupt) creditors had stripped it bare of everything that could be removed. Toilets, beds, curtains, carpets, kitchens, lights etc. Everything was gone. Yet with faith that God was directing them they went forward and the story of how God miraculously provided everything, and how the NETS school developed is a faith building story that just had to be written. And thankfully, now it has. The new book was officially launched at the weekend. [For more details click here] The weekend was one of the most inspirational events I have experienced in many years. Speakers included Peter Horrobin, Jill Southern-Jones, Andy Taylor and Jim Graham.

Maybe it's time you seriously considered doing the NETS course at Ellel Pierrepont. Read all about it by clicking on the logo. Especially see, listen to, or read the testimonies.
Nets at Ellel Pierrepont
Teaching on NETS 35 at Ellel Pierrepont February 24th - 27th
Teaching in Great Hall
Two days after the celebrations finished my teaching schedule began. On the Tuesday I had the priviledge to teach NETS term 4 students (the one year term) three sessions on 'Hearing the voice of God' and one session on 'The dark night of the soul'. Two days later they left to go on a mission to Croatia.
On the Wednesday and Thursday I taught 'The Father-Heart of God' to term 2 students (the six month term) One student later gave testimony that "if this had been the only course in the school it would have been worth it!"

On the Friday morning at team communion I taught on the subject 'How will I know? - understanding Blood Covenants' The video recording will be made available on this web site as soon as it has been processed for online viewing. [Now available - see lower down this page]

At the end of the week a gifted caricaturist on the NETS school presented me with a caricature of myself!

Colchester, England March 6th - 8th
I was invited by Paul and Karen Carr of Eagle Ministries to come and teach in Colchester - a town with a rich military history. On the Friday evening, in their home, I met with a group of potential young leaders for a teaching entitled "How will I know?" followed by a discussion about their individual calling and potential destiny in Christ. The next day, Saturday was a 10am - 4:30pm teaching in a Salvation Army hall on The Father heart of God.
Father Heart of God Colchester


"Hi Paul and Karen. I just wanted you to pass on to Ken how I was blessed by his talk yesterday. I have to say I have felt different since leaving yesterday. I feel a sense of peace and stillness in my being, that I belong, that I am loved. A totally different kind of being loved. I felt it yesterday and woke up feeling it today and pray it stays! It was such a relief to hear of the dark night of the soul as that is where I feel I have been since October and to know that it will end and end well for gods purposes is a relief and encourages me to trust the Lord more. Thank you ken :)


"I've been a Christian for a while and never heard a day like this, really good, and very relevant to me"


"When after an afternoon of crying Ken prayed for me at the end of the day's teaching I felt the Holy Spirit reveal and relieve me of words spoken by both my parents to me over 40 years ago. Such a new lightness"


Great Horkesley hall
On Sunday morning I taught at Paul and Karen's Freedom Church in Great Horksley village hall. I had a severe headache and upset stomach, which thankfully diminished while I was teaching on "Jesus's family tree'. Despite the headache I continued with the planned afternoon's programme and was glad that I did, because for me, it was the highlight of the visit. Paul, Karen and I went to The Military Corrective Training Centre (MCTC) in Colchester. The MCTC takes servicemen and women who have been sentenced to periods of detention from 14 days to 2 years from all three services.
Colchest MTCT Ten men and two women, plus guard, came to the canteen where I gave my testimony and told the story of a soldier I know who had been regularly detained while in service and whom I had the honour of leading to Christ, and the incredible change it made to his life. In the following half hour I got talk to five of the men and was able to pray with three of the men before I left. Despite not feeling as well as I would have liked, it was very satisfying time. Paul and Karen do this great work every Sunday afternoon, including a full army Alpha course..


It is embedded in my heart that God's children should know how deeply they are loved by God. Hence my first book Loved Like Never Before, published in June 2011


It is equally as embedded in my heart that God's children should mature and develop passionate disciple's hearts and mindsets, and so grow into their true destiny in Christ. Hence my second book. The Great Adventure - the challenge of really following Jesus which is one year old this month, (March) and has been a great challenge and inspiration to many Christians who long to live and walk at the very centre of God's will.


I cannot recommend this book highly enough. I believe it is greatly needed, as sadly, in today's compromising climate within the Body of Christ, much of it is never taught or modelled in church. Chapters include 'Who is the boss?', 'Electrifying faith', 'The value of a soul', 'A divided life?', 'Simon's story', 'Hearing God's Voice', 'Growing pains', 'A Forgotten truth?' 'Lines in the sand'.


 [click on book for more details]

"...could you pass on to Ken that I have just finished his new book and it is fantastic. I couldn't put it down. The truth spoken to His people. Truly anointed, and a reminder for us to make sure that He is Lord of all. Thank you Ken. May the Lord bless you abundantly"

"On second reading of Ken's book, dynamite"

"Ken, I gave your book to a friend who told me this morning that he loved it. He enjoyed it so much that he wants to pass it on to a retired bank manager who he thinks would benefit from it"

"your book is very challenging and an excellent read"

"I am almost finished your book and I have to say every chapter has left me challenged and talking to God. I cried through the entire chapter of Simon's story and couldn't believe he was the man and that was the family I sat with!!! It really is such a great book, and I can't wait to use it as a teaching aid and to encourage others to get it to "walk out" their healing journey!! So well done!!!"

"People raving about your book. Need 15 copies.."

Weekly sermon at Ellel Pierrepont recorded February 27th
How will I know video
'How will I know?'  Scripture gives us a rich insight into the significance of the Old Covenant God made with Abram (Abraham) and his descendants and the New Covenant God made with Christ on our behalf. As this world gets darker and we find ourselves saying, 'how will I know?' we need to remember that we are partakers of a Blood Covenant which is unbreakable and unshakeable. [Click photo to watch video]  

West Church men's weekend April 24th - 26th
Men's weekend



I was privileged to be the speaker at the annual West Church men's weekend held at the stunning National Trust location of . Forty-six men stayed for the full weekend with many others coming for the Saturday only, with ages ranging from thirteen to seventy-five, and from several denominations.


Twenty-two years ago I had the privilege of leading a life-changing West Church men's weekend and it was very special to be asked back again.


One man brought his teenage son (right) who got wonderfully saved. As his dad said, "I came with a son and am leaving with a son and a brother!


On Sunday May 3rd I attended the West Church evening service to hear many of the men give testimony as to how the Lord impacted them over that weekend. It was very encouraging, and I am grateful to God and to the men for entrusting me with the weekend. To God be the glory!

Isaac salvation       Salvation!

Dedicating the 97 acre site for new Christian Centre - June 10th
Dedicating the land Myself and two CRi team members joined the Senior Pastor, team leaders and staff from Green Pastures Church in Ballymena to dedicate a 97-acre site to God. When the work is finished, probably in 2-3 years time, it will be the largest Christian Centre in Europe. It has been quite a journey for the church to acquire the land, get planning permission and begin raising the necessary funds. The work - over the total construction period - will employ over 1000 people at an estimated cost of £101,000,000. The church started locally only eight years ago and in that time has planted 901 people in the church as members, with 896  baptisms. I have the privilege of being part of a three man Presbytery at the church.

Getting a three day break! - June 11th - 14th
Each year my youngest son and I try to get a short fishing holiday in Southern Ireland and having missed last year's trip due to my gall bladder surgery, we were keen to reinstate this long standing custom. Weather was lovely, the fishing was slow and, as always, we enjoyed every minute.
Fishing june 2015

Large pike

As is our custom, all fish -including this large pike - were returned unharmed to the water to fight another day.

Russian holiday school in Hungary - June 17th - 24th
Russian school Hungary 2015
Russian holiday school session

It was called a Russian holiday school but there were people from Russia, Ukraine, Latvia, Slovakia, USA, Australia, Israel, England and of course Ireland (us) there. This picture shows an early session before all had arrived. The course was the Father heart of God. I was due to take this school last June but my 17 day stay in hospital for severe pancreatitis followed by gall bladder surgery meant that we had to cancel. This year, praise God, I had no such issues!

The 75 acre site called Ur Retje (The Lord's Meadow) has a beautiful lake only metres from the front door of the centre and it is great recreational spot for just sitting beside or for swimming, boating or fishing on. As it is a holiday school there was free time to enjoy Hungary. We all had a day in Budapest which ended in an evening cruise along the famous Danube river. Linda and I became very attached to the delegates over this week long school. 

Russian holoiday school

History in the making ! Work begins on the Green Pastures 97 acre Christian Village! - June 28th
Ground breaking day montage
At 5pm on Sunday June 28th about 1000 people gathered on the site for the Green Pastures Christian Village. After a time of worship Senior Pastor Jeff Wright spoke passionately about seeing the vision God gave him years ago finally begin. The 'church-in-the-field' then took communion followed by Pastor Jeff performing the official sod-cutting ceremony not with spade but with large digger! The crowd then walked on a two mile route round the site seeing architect displays showing what each piece of the site would be used for. The main auditorium will seat 3000+ people. At 6.30 all went back to the church for a BBQ where the large crowd formed a long, long queue for their burger! CRi have been very closely involved with the church since its inception and (as mentioned earlier) I have the privilege of being part of a three man Presbytery at the church.
Soil box

Everyone was given a small box to collect soil in to remember 'Today is a moment in history' and to be reminded to pray continually for the work.


It is hoped that steel work for the main auditorium will be in place by next March.

'God's Garage' Portroe, County Tipperary - July 2nd - 5th
Portroe July 2015
Gods garage 2015

This meeting hall was especially built for us to come and minister in by the Mulrooney family in 2006. This was our second team visit this year and our 25th visit in total. Linda and I and a seven person team made the 500 mile round trip leaving home Friday 2nd and returning Sunday 5th.


The building has an upstairs meeting room, downstairs kitchen toilet etc plus a speaker's self contained flat. [see story here] It was encouraging to see two Polish people and several Americans there! Friday evening's teaching was "What is stopping you" and Saturday morning's teaching was "healing from griefs and sorrows, shock and trauma" Both sessions had prayer ministry afterwards. Saturday afternoon was devoted entirely to prayer ministry which involves all team members for several hours. Portroe is a tiny village in County Tipperary and it never ceases to amaze and delight me how far people will travel for teaching and prayer ministry.

Cars outside Gods garage

Tenth anniversary celebration time!

Freeman's Hospital July 2005

          Freeman's Hospital, Newcastle upon Tyne

Ten years ago, on July 5th 2005, a virus hit my heart, and two days later the consultants told my wife that I would die that evening. There was nothing they could do and were merely keeping me alive '15 minutes at a time' on life support. My heart was functioning extremely rapidly at only 10% function, my kidneys had ceased functioning and my liver was 'shot to pieces' Then on the 7th of July - the day bombs went off in London killing 52 people and shutting down normal flights - in a last ditch attempt to save my life they hired a Lear jet from Luxemburg to fly me on life support from Belfast to Freeman's hospital in Newcastle upon Tyne for a heart transplant. Then God stepped in and I never did have that heart transplant. This picture was taken two days after they took me off life support.


You can read or listen to the amazing story here, and see why we celebrated the 10th anniversary this week!

Ellel Pierrepont July 14th - 17th

The main Hall Pierrepont

The main teaching hall at Pierrepont

This is my 16th year teaching at this discipleship school known as NETS, and I never tire of going there!  It never ceases to amaze me how many nations are represented. On Tuesday 14th I taught the more advanced term 4 students on the subjects of 'Hearing the voice of God' (2 sessions) 'The dark night of the soul' (1 session) and 'God's testings' (1 session). On Wednesday 15th and Thursday 16th I taught 'The Father heart of God' to the term 2 students.(8 sessions)

Finally on Friday 17th I gave the weekly communion sermon entitled 'When God offends


The video and audio will be available in the next newsletter.

When God offends sermon
The walk and talk
One of my favourite sessions during the two days of teaching is the Father Heart of God walk through the beautiful wood and along the river that runs through the property. This walk takes just over an hour with many stops along the way to show how God has revealed Himself through 'the things that are made' (Romans 1:20)

Books about to be published in other languages!
'The Great Adventure - the challenge of really following Jesus' will shortly be published in Swedish!

'Loved like never before - understanding the Father Heart of God' will be published in a few months time in French, with another language translation completed and plans underway for publication.

Both books available at


A day at Freedom House. July 23rd
The walk

Freedom House, associated with Green Pastures Church in Ballymena, is 'a holistic residential discipleship program for broken and hurting women to come and experience the hope, love and freedom available in Jesus.' (My sister Shireen is a facilitator at the house) On occasions Linda and I spend time there teaching ministering and interacting with the girls.


On this occasion - at the request of the girls - we went for a 'Father Heart of God walk' through Portglenone forest.  What a priviledge.

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