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January - June 2014
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Turtle dove

The flowers will appear on the earth, the time of singing will have come, and the voice of the turtledove will be heard in our land'. (Song of Solomon 2:12)


The Annual Prayer Ministry School
Prayer ministry school
The annual Prayer Ministry School carried on through to the end of January, with prayer ministry then being available to all delegates in early February. The school's second phase began in February with classes held on six Saturday mornings, where delegates could gain practical experience under team guidance. Finally four all day Saturday classes for more difficult subjects.

Ellel Pierrepont

I first started teaching at Ellel Pierrepont in 1998 and have taught on every NETS school since then. Pierrepont is an amazing place with students coming from all over the world. There are 3 NETS terms available, each three months in duration.


Tuesday- January 21st, I taught term 4 students (the 1 year students) on the subjects 'The dark night of the soul,'  'God's testings' and 'Hearing the voice of God'  Students in class were from Israel, UK, Brazil, Germany and China.

Wednesday and Thursday- January 22nd / 23rd I taught 'The Father Heart of God' to term 2 students from Taiwan, China, UK, USA, Israel, Singapore, Canada, Germany, Estonia, Ukraine, New Zealand, Australia and Nigeria. The teaching was translated for the Chinese students via a balcony translator and headphones for the students.

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A unique part of this two day course is a 'fatherly' walk round the normally beautiful grounds at Pierrepont with teaching stops along the way and designed to illustrate Romans 1: 20. However recent storms and floods had devastated the whole area with trees and large branches down and all undergrowth destroyed. It was like a scene after a mini tsunami!  I was not sure whether the normal walk could work under such bleak circumstances but went ahead anyway, and to my surprise (sorry Lord!) it was a great success.  This short video clip shows the international makeup and the enthusiasm of the class.

Wednesday evening I was asked to speak to the discipleship class called 'Revolution.' This group are strongly and deliberately committed to being discipled through teaching and innovative practical experience. I spoke from my heart

for nearly two hours and at the end the Presence of God was very evident. Written feedback I received was very encouraging. Some examples...


"I just want to say thanks for your time and teaching. I received new revelation from God through you"


"Thank you for you amazing teaching. It has changed my life..."


"What a priviledge and blessing to again have the opportunity to sit under your teaching. Your testimonial teaching, sharing and your relationship with God inspires me to press on with Him and all He has for me. Thank you again."


"Just wanted to write and say thank you for last night. God really spoke to me, very deeply, and corrected somethings"


"Thank you so much for everything, this was such a blessed time. The Lord used your heart, mouth and wisdom to bring His truth and love to us'


"Thank you so much, Ken, for all your input and sharing your experiences and wisdom with us - so encouraging and inspiring and authentic. Bless you lots!"


When its dark

Friday - January 24th I was the guest speaker at the weekly NETS communion service and spoke on the subject 'When it's dark


Not only is there the immediate audience in front of you (100+) but several weeks later, some 4,000 people who have signed up, receive access to the video sermon by email. The video also goes on to YouTube for open viewing..


I apologise for the delivery of the message. Unfortunately that morning I was struggling with a chest infection and found speaking very difficult.


Amazing news at the hospital.
On Friday February 7th I attended a pre-surgery assessment at the Ulster Hospital in order that anesthetists could be satisfied that my heart would be strong enough - when under stress - to undergo gall bladder surgery. To date they had refused to consider surgery due to the severity of damage as recorded on my medical records. The test I was to undertake was called the Shuttle run or 'beep test' where I would walk backwards and forwards between two cones in time to beeps at the cones. The beeps speed up and so the pace lifts and lifts and lifts to place the subject under increasing levels of physical stress. A technician watches closely and a nurse walks beside you in case you cannot cope.

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The results were surprising. As the pace increased my heart beat remained below 100 and my oxygen levels remained around 98%. Finally the test was stopped because the nurse accompanying me could not cope with the pace any longer!! 


The technician said I scored the highest marks that they had EVER recorded, and the staff were literally in hysterics because the nurse who tried to stay with me had instructed me to hold her arm if I became exhausted but she ended up having to take mine!

They laughingly said that there was no where on their medical result forms to state that the test was stopped because the nurse collapsed!  They said they would fax the results to the anaesthetist immediately to surprise him! They said this set the bar at a new high level and "I would be the talk of the place!" Linda was recording the event on her iphone and above is the final clip where the accompanying nurse was hanging on to me, still somewhat breathless, while the technician in charge was still laughing in the background.  Isn't God just truly amazing!!!


New book now available!



New book on sale


Just take the first step....., 1 Mar 2014
5 out of 5 stars
By Jill Russell
This review is from: The Great Adventure: The Challenge of Really Following Jesus (Kindle Edition)

I read this wonderful book within 24 hours and have already started over again! I know many of us are ready for The Challenge and are looking forward to the rewards from REALLY following Jesus! I recommend anyone to take the first step on The Great Adventure....and the rest will follow.


Text messages received by colleagues and forwarded to me...


"...could you pass on to Ken that I have just finished his new book and it is fantastic. I couldn't put it down. The truth spoken to His people. Truly anointed, and a reminder for us to make sure that He is Lord of all. Thank you Ken. May the Lord bless you abundantly"


"On second reading of Ken's book, dynamite"


..and sent to me directly...


"Ken, I gave your book to a friend who told me this morning that he loved it. He enjoyed it so much that he wants to pass it on to a retired bank manager who he thinks would benefit from it"


"your book is very challenging and an excellent read"


"I am almost done your book and I have to say every chapter has left me challenged and talking to God. I cried through the entire chapter of Simon's story and couldn't believe he was the man and that was the family I sat with!!! It really is such a great book, and I can't wait to use it as a teaching aid and to encourage others to get it to "walk out" their healing journey!! So well done!!!"


"People raving about your book. Need 15 copies.."


Galway visit March 7th - 9th

Galway Church

A ten strong team drove to Galway Christian Fellowship at the New Life Centre, for our first ever visit to this beautiful west of Ireland city. I taught the Father heart of God course, Friday evening, all day Saturday 10 am - 9.00pm, and then taught at the Sunday morning service (see photo above) The church has sixteen nationalities attending and a very large and vibrant youth section. We are thankful to Peter and Sandy Burrows and the eldership for the invitation and for the privilege of teaching there.

Appointment to the Presbyter Board of Green Pastures - the people's church.
Presbyter Board
Pastor Jeff Wright has appointed Pastor Roy Todd (Northern Ireland) Pastor David Branker (USA) and myself to the Presbyter Board at Green Pastures, and asked us to provide spiritual oversight. What a privilege!
  Meeting a heroine and a hero.
Kelly Gallagher Skier - from Zimbio

Local heroine Kelly Gallagher won Great Britain's first ever Winter Paralympics gold medal in Sochi, Russia. She is visually impaired (oculocutaneous albinism) and - while travelling at up to 70mph - she can only see the blurred orange vest on her guide skier, Charlotte Evans. She has to listen to Charlotte's voice in her earpiece and can only tell how fast she is going by the wind in her face. It was such a privilege to meet her shortly after her win when she was a bridesmaid at a wedding we attended. One determined lady!

Kelly Gallagher and I

Simon and I I took this 'selfie' photo with Simon Rowland at the same wedding function and those who have read the chapter titled 'Simon's Story' in my new book will know why Simon is not only one of my best friends but also a hero of mine.

Jesus heals today seminar
April 26th - 'Jesus heals today' at Ellel Pierrepont, Surrey, England.

More than 500 people attended this bi-monthly 'Jesus heals today' event. (The second largest number since these one day events began) The worship was passionate and the hunger was real. I spoke on the subject 'healing father-wounds' and it was wonderful to see the 'international-ness' of the audience with people from Asian, African and Caribbean nations there, and members of a Russian speaking church with translator and headphones. The teaching was finished by 3:30pm and people were still there two hours later waiting for ministry from the Ellel Prayer Ministry Team. Both books were made available and all books were sold. A privilege to be there. [You can view and listen to the three sessions here]


Update: Received an email from Pierrepont two days later to inform me that a very devout Muslim couple had come to this event after seeing Jesus in a vision and had a powerful encounter with God there. A young Arabic speaking lady on the bookstand prayed with them in Arabic and led them to declare Jesus as Lord. How exciting is that!

Bumble bee on a flower


Nikon D300 camera


The family bought me a macro (extreme close-up) lens for my 66th birthday and I have been waiting for springtime to try my hand at insect close ups. This is my first real success and I love it, so have to show it of!

The best of times...and the worst of times!
Gods garage may 2014

On Friday May 16th I led an eight person CRi team to God's garage in County Tipperary for a teaching and ministry weekend. It is one of our favorite venues because the hunger in the people who come from near and far is so strong. As the evening began I noticed a nervous man in his late thirties come in and I welcomed him. He said it was his first time at such a meeting and he warned me that he had hundreds of questions. I told him that I had hundreds of answers and we could chat sometime over the weekend. He came for prayer ministry the following afternoon where we got to talk and just half an hour later he gave his life to Christ!  As I led him in the prayer I saw his mouth tighten and I wasn't sure what was happening. I needn't have worried. He was fighting back his emotions. He said he had waited for someone to tell him the truth, and now he had it. His whole demeanor changed! How wonderful. Nearby, team member Mollie Reagan was leading another first time visitor to the Lord! I taught on 'Noah's Ark and the last days' on Friday evening, and CRi ministry manager Anne Galway did a wonderful teaching on 'False guilt' on the Saturday morning. The rest of the afternoon was the team in one to one ministry sessions in the upper room. God's Presence was tangible.

Then on the Saturday evening, just as we finished our dinner, I was seized by terrible pains in my abdomen. I knew what they were - my gall bladder again. Those who follow the last year's newsletters know that I have suffered greatly in this area, and I was due to finally have the surgery to remove my gall bladder in the Ulster Hospital, Belfast in exactly one week's time. It was the first time the team had seen me in such agony and it was distressing for them. An ambulance was called and I was driven for an hour over extremely bumpy back roads to Limerick hospital. My wife was with my sister some seven hours drive away, so Anne Galway accompanied me on the journey to the hospital where we were joined by team member David Dobbin. I have been to hospital by ambulance with gall bladder some five or six times in extreme pain over the past eighteen months, so I expected it would take the usual course and I would be discharged some six hours later. (The last attack had been only ten days earlier when I was taken to hospital at 1am and discharged when the pain had settled at 6am)

However, this was different. After blood tests the news was broken to me that I had a severely infected pancreas and that the infection levels were close to the level where mortality rate is 15%.  I was fitted with a catheter and taken immediately to the high dependency ward where I stayed for four days. Here I had a morphine button to help manage the pain. I was allowed no food or water other than being drip fed with saline solution. My sister drove Linda to our home (a four and a half hour drive) whereupon team member Colin drove her the five hours to Limerick to be with me. Anne Galway and she booked into a nearby hotel so that they could be with me as often as visiting allowed. I was very touched when the Galway Christian Fellowship Pastor and his wife travelled to see me. On the Thursday I was moved to men's general ward and told that an ambulance would take me to my own hospital in Belfast the following day. Sadly that did not happen and Linda and Anne drove me instead. I was officially booked to have gall bladder surgery the following day, but I was so ill that that could not happen.

Limerick hospital

High dependency ward - Limerick


The next days were very traumatic as I was still in much pain and again using a morphine button. I was unable to eat so I was fed through a tube in my nose for several days. I confess that emotionally I broke once or twice which was quite distressing for all. Finally a week later I was taken for surgery, and it went well. I felt good the following day. Until about 6 pm when suddenly severe diarrhea started and lasted for just over two days. At this point I became very very weak and the decision to discharge me was put back another day. Finally, after a total of seventeen days in two different hospitals I got home.  I had lost a stone in weight over that time. Medically my heart condition is rated 'severe' following the virus attack in July 2005 (Dilated Cardiomyopathy with left ventricular systolic dysfunction, Mitral regurgitation and Atrial fibrillation) so a week after getting discharged and struggling to regain any measure of strength, I began to wonder whether my heart had been further damaged by the recent trauma. I have an assigned heart nurse who arranged an appointment at my heart hospital the following day and I underwent all the appropriate tests. The results showed that my heart does not seem to have been effected. In fact the result of the heart stress test was better than previous tests before the trauma. Praise the Lord!!


Linda and I were due to fly to Hungary on June 28th where I was to teach at Ellel Hungary for one week at a Croation holiday week, and then one week at a Russian holiday week. It was distressing have to pull out of that. This was the first time in twenty years of full time ministry that I have had to cancel any booking.


On the positive side, during the darkest hours in hospital I received many cards, phone calls, e-mail and texts (via Linda) that encouraged me. In fact many made me weep. Here is a sample. I think you can understand how deeply such words touched me when I was at my lowest points. I thank God for His encouragers.


Dear Ken, I've just heard that you weren't able to go to Hungary and are back in hospital. I am so sorry. I have no idea what your immediate situation is, but just want you to know that we are praying for you. You are one of the most courageous saints of God I have ever known and have huge admiration for your determination to press on and through whatever hurdle you have had to face... (International ministry leader)


Ken I just want you to know that because of you I am the man I am today. You have helped tremendously with my healing and deliverance and you taught me how to be a real man and a great daddy to my two girls and a good husband to my wife. I would never have known how to be like this if it wasn't for you, and all the teaching and mentoring and encouragement you gave me. My daughters and wife will have a godly man in their lives because of you. I just want you to know how much I love and appreciate you. I'm healed and delivered and I will do likewise for broken men in this dark world. Changed and transformed for God's glory. So thank you brother (ex-drug addict, and now ministering to drug addicts)


Ken you have been on my heart. It is only in times like these do you realize how important certain people are in your life. I would say you have impacted my life like no other man in Christ. I know we have unfinished business so when you get well we will see what that is. I know our Father in heaven has plans (Former founder of an addiction centre)


It's all in God's Hands. All is well.

Final update for this newsletter

Healthy again!

I'm well again!

After six (very) difficult weeks, suddenly on Friday evening June 27th I became well again, and it was sheer delight to enjoy the following day working in the garden in full strength and energy and going out for a couple of hours of photography with Linda. And then to church on Sunday morning.


Faithful God.



God's handiwork

Thank you Jesus!!



Last updated June 29th


Ken Symington