The Ellel international school of healing deliverance and discipleship 

Linda and I were invited to be ministry team leaders at this ground breaking two week school  in the beautiful Glen Eyrie estate on the outskirts of Colorado Springs. This huge estate - owned by the Navigators - is situated next to the world famous 'Garden of the gods' (see photo left)  It was quite simply the most stunning piece of landscape I have ever stayed in and Linda and I resolved to come back to the same area for a holiday the following year in order to see more of the surrounding mountains and hills. The school programme included group meetings and ministry at 4 pm each day and we quickly bonded with the group we were allocated. Many states were represented in the group ranging from Alaska to Texas. Much ministry - especially deliverance - was done in the groups each day, increasing as the school progressed.

I was asked to be the speaker on the Sunday morning meeting which was outside the official course and God gave me a very powerful message to bring. The message carried such a powerful anointing that the meeting went on long after the official close and there were many who were deeply moved and in tears. I was so aware that God had delivered a powerful message and I did not want to add or subtract to it during conversations afterwards so Linda and I fled off to the local hillside and did not reappear until 4 pm - leaving folks wondering what had happened to us. ( I always do a disappearing act when the message has been especially anointed!)

On one of our days off we went to the top of Pike's peak (14,000 feet) on a cog railway and on the second day off we went to the World Prayer Centre where during the weekly worship time I had a significant Holy Spirit encounter.  We also went to see the enormous complex that is the 'Focus on the Family' base.  We were amazed at both the physical scale of these international ministries and the scale of their spiritual vision.  Very inspiring.

This was out first time in the USA as Christians and we loved every minute of it!

Note: Linda and I did return to Glen Eyrie for a 10 day holiday in April 2003 and again in April 2004

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