Mormonism - officially known as 'The church of Jesus Christ of the latter day saints''

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Who are they?

Most cults have sprung up on American soil and none have been more successful than the Mormons.  They claim to be true Christians and are indignant at not being regarded as such. However despite their doorstep talk of God the Father, Jesus the Son and the Holy Spirit, a cult they are indeed.  As Isaiah said "To the law and to the testimony! If they do not speak according to this word, it is because there is no light in them" Isaiah 8:20  

Cults add, alter, or take away from The Word of God and Mormonism is guilty of all three. 

First however, a brief outline of the organisation known as 'The Church of the Latter Day Saints'

Size, growth and wealth Governing structure Localised structure

Size, growth and wealth

It is the fastest growing faith group in America  ('US News & World report' November 2000)

Salt Lake City Temple

  • 11,000,000 membership worldwide
  • 300,000 growth rate per annum
  • 75% of these claim a previous Christian affiliation
  • 60,000 missionaries a year into 120 countries
  • House to house tracking and proselytising those within Christian denominations is their major thrust
  • Each missionary baptises between 5-6 people per year
  • 1,000,000 dollar advertising budget produces a distribution of 3,000,000 copies of the Book of Mormon
  • Church receives over 3,000,000 dollars daily in tithes 
  • Business and land holdings make the church worth some 10 billion dollars making it second in wealth only to the Roman Catholic church.

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Governing structure

  • The headquarters is in Salt Lake City, Utah
  • The international administration centre is a 26 storey building.
  • First Presidency - 'The Prophet' holds the highest rank in church government. He and two 'counsellors' form the 'First Presidency'  They are considered living oracles of God.
  • The Council of the Twelve Apostles is directly under the First Presidency. The head of the Quorum of the Twelve usually becomes the next Prophet.
  • First and second Quorums of the Seventy - The Quorums of the Seventy assist in church government affairs and are travelling representatives of the church. Each is assigned a geographical area of the world over which he presides.
  • The Presiding Bishopric - three men who preside over the Bishops worldwide. 

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Localised structure

  • Branch - A 'Branch' is a local congregation of Mormons with about 200 members and the head of the branch is Branch President.
  • Ward - A 'Ward' is a local congregation of 200- 800 members. Wards are headed by a Bishop.
  • Stake - A 'Stake' centre is a collection of 5-12 'wards' within an area.  The Stake President is responsible to the church authorities in Salt Lake City and administers the church policies to the 'wards' under him

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