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Books on Freemasonry
It isn't free and it isn't Masonry


Best book for those in prayer ministry


It isn't free and it isn't Masonry

by Otto Bixler


(new in 2016 and highly recommended)


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Freemasonry - Death in the family' by Yvonne Kitchen Fruitful Vine Publications (Australia)
The deadly deception by Tom McKinney ex-33rd degree - Huntingdon House Publishers
Free-Masonry- a religion by John Lawrence - Kingsway Publications
The Dark side of Freemasonry by Ed Decker - Huntingdon House Publishers
Christ, The Christian and Freemasonry - W.J.McCormick - Diasozo Trust
The Brotherhood by Stephen Knight - Grafton Books
The Craft and the Cross - Ian Gordan - Kingsway Publications
Masonry. Beyond the Light by William Schnoebelen - Chick Publications
Should a Christian be a Mason? by E.M Storms - New Puritan Library
Darkness Visible by Walton Hanna - Devon:Britons Publishing (ISBN 0-85172-890-1) 1975 
Christian by degrees? by Walton Hanna - Britons Publishing Company
Free from Freemasonry by Ron G. Campbell - Regal       Highly recommended
Christian set yourself free from Freemasonry - Derek Robert - Freedom Ministries International
Freemasonry. The secret language - Steve Worrall-Clare - Freedom Ministries International
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Video of Freemasonry

From darkness to light' by Jeremiah films

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Ministry into Freemasonry - England
Sozo Ministries: -3 day ministry events in England through
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