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Prayer ministry guidelines
for the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and Holy Royal Arch degrees
in Freemasonry



Generational chart
Ruling spirits / ministry chart
1st degree check list
+ 1st degree desecration chart
2nd degree check list
+ 2nd degree desecration chart
3rd degree check list
+ 3rd degree desecration chart
Holy Royal Arch degree check list
+ Holy Royal Arch degree desecration chart

Basic prayer guidelines
Temple desecrated
Higher degrees?

Please note: 

The rituals for the Masonic first three degrees are pretty much standardised throughout the world, but within the set framework there are minor differences from area to area. For instance in Ireland it is more common not to kiss the Bible after each ritual but to raise the right hand as the swearing takes place. In Ireland the hoodwink is usually on for the 1st degree only. In some places the rope is always round the neck rather than changing for each degree. These are minor variations and it is too complicated to include them all in notes.

Introduction for understanding
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The candidate is told to remove his jacket or waistcoat, his tie, and if detachable, his collar.
He is asked to set aside all metal items such as his watch, cufflinks, money, keys etc.

His shirt is unbuttoned to the waist to bare his left breast. His right sleeve is rolled up above the elbow and his left trouser leg is rolled up above the knee - whether it be his own trousers or pyjama trousers.

He puts on a slipper with no heel in it. He is now dressed in ‘pauper’s clothing’.

He is blindfolded, either with a bag placed over his head, or with a proper blindfold,
blue in colour. This is called a ‘hoodwink’.

A noose is placed around his neck with the end hanging down his back.
This is called a ‘cable tow’ rope.

He then waits in an ante room next to the lodge room and waits to hear three knocks coming from inside the lodge room. He hears these knocks being returned by the Tyler who prepared him.

Everything is now acknowledged to be ‘properly tyled’, and the ritual can begin.

The lodge door is opened and the inner guard asks who it is that the Tyler has with him.

The Tyler answers, 

“a poor candidate in a state of darkness..of his own free will
and accord, properly prepared, humbly soliciting to be admitted to the mysteries and privileges of Freemasonry”

The inner guard tells the candidate that he will obtain these privileges with the
‘help of God’

And so the candidate, indeed of his own free will, enters a temple which he is told in the ritual ‘is a true representation of King Solomon’s temple’.

A temple it is indeed, with an altar, with a chaplain, with an open Bible, (or the ‘holy book’ of whichever country the temple is in) with hymns, and with the name of ‘God’ being invoked during the proceedings.

What the candidate is not told, is that while Solomon’s temple faced west, as per God’s detailed instruction, this temple faces east, towards the sun.

He is not told that the black and white floor of the temple symbolizes the equal authority of Lucifer and Adonai (Jesus) - with Lucifer being the white square.1

He is not told that the pentagram in the centre of the floor is one of the two most occultic symbols in witchcraft.

Nor is he told that the
oath he takes after kissing the open Bible through a square and compass to seal the ritual is found nowhere else but in witchcraft ritual.

When he joins he is deliberately misled.

Only should he rise to the very top of Freemasonry, and become an ‘adept’ or ‘sage’ one of the Masonic ‘elect’, will he be told the truth.

Freemasonry’s Universal pontiff of Freemasonry, the late Commander Albert Pike 33rd degree (held in such high regard that he is buried within the walls of a 33rd degree temple) on pages 104,105 &819 of his Masonic book ‘Morals and Dogma’ says..

“Masonry, like all the religions, all the mysteries, Hermericism and alchemy, conceals its secrets from all except the adepts and sages, or the elect, and uses false explanations and misrepresentations of its symbols to mislead those who deserve to be misled, to conceal the truth which it calls light, from them and to draw them away from it. The blue degrees (the first three degrees) are but the outer courts or portico of the temple. Part of the symbols are displayed there to the initiate, but he is intentionally misled by false interpretations. It is not intended that he shall understand them, but it is intended that he shall imagine he understands them

And so the candidate begins a journey through a variety of degrees with different rituals, oaths curses and regalia. A veritable spider’s web that ritually desecrates in a short time, virtually every part of his body - designed by God to be a temple of the Holy Spirit.

This bowing of the knee in another temple to another god is not without real consequences. For the candidate, and then also for the seed that emerges from within his body, even on to the third and fourth generation.

It is a spiritual principle spoken of again and again in scripture.

The answer, and the only answer, is in the finished work of Jesus at Calvary.

Positionally, the land of Canaan, a land flowing with milk and honey, was the land that belonged to the Children of Israel. It was a free gift to them.

As far as God was concerned, that land was theirs.

In experience however, they then had to make it theirs by evicting the enemies that were there before they were given the land. The first generation never tasted the milk and honey.

The enemy frightened them, even though God had given them the land, had commanded them to evict the enemy, and had assured them He would be with them every step of the way as they engaged in the eviction battles.

Sadly, they remained, lived and finally died, so near and yet so far away from their rich inheritance.

Likewise, in position, a Christian is forgiven from all his sin, past, present and future. Christ’s work was the finished work. The complete sacrifice for all time.

Yet, in actual experience, and from within the safety of that wonderful position of total forgiveness John the beloved writes to the church of the day ..

“If we claim to be without sin, we deceive ourselves and the truth is not in us. If we confess our sins He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness”.

The born again Christian’s inheritance is righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit. That and much more.

But areas of unconfessed sin leave provide the moral darkness which the powers of darkness are confined to and recognize as their territory. 2

A failure to understand how to bring our experience into line with our position has left us with a substantial proportion of the church that - as any person called to prayer ministry will confirm - still struggle with many severe physical, emotional, mental and spiritual problems - all the while pretending they do not exist because their theology tells them that such spiritual problems cannot exist.

The inheritance of life, and life abundantly is ours in position.
In reality, many have almost lost hope of such an inheritance outside of Heaven.

The spiritual enemies who were given rights by us and our fathers or forefathers long before we came to Jesus, still regard it as their land until we rise up in our rightful authority and remove their rights and evict them and ‘take the promised land allotted to us’.

Nearly a quarter of all Jesus’ ministry involved setting people free from evil spirits that held them into a variety of bondages.

If simply believing in Him alone achieved that full liberty then they would not have needed Jesus to exercise such a ministry of deliverance.

Mary Magdalene was a believer and yet He needed to cast 7 spirits out of her to enable her to have her full measure of liberty. Why would He do that if her salvation alone would have instantly and silently achieved the same purpose?

The ‘daughter of Abraham’ was a believer whom Satan held into bondage with a crippling condition for 18 years - until Jesus loosed her from the spirit of infirmity.

If the only purpose of this ministry was to be but a demonstration of His authority over the kingdom of darkness then He could have demonstrated His authority over non believers or nor receivers - like the Pharisees and Sadducees - with great effect.

Deliverance, Jesus told to the Syrian Phoenician woman is ‘the bread of the children’3 .

The liberty is ours by inheritance and also ours in experience when we exercise our authority in Christ. The enemies in place could never be shifted prior to salvation. After salvation they must leave when their rights have been removed. Praise God!!

Freemasonry is one such enemy to be dealt with. Oaths and curses taken have never been renounced. Regalia accepted and worn has never been rejected.

And so Masonic spirits hold on to their ‘legal right to that spiritual portion of land.

Freemasonry has not caused every problem - but is has undoubtedly been at the spiritual root of many.

This simple ministry aid paper is not a ‘formula’ but merely a framework series of prayers that have been used in ministry for several years to bring release from Masonic bondage to many people.

Freemasonry is like a massive maze. From country to country the words and ritual vary somewhat. It doesn’t matter.

It is always the same antichrist kingdom putting on the same chains. The same antichrist kingdom that forbids the Name of Jesus from being mentioned in its temples. 

The same antichrist kingdom that allows scripture to be used as long as the Name of Jesus is omitted.

And this antichrist kingdom clings to its legal rights until the words we and our Fathers and perhaps their Father’s freely gave to that kingdom are renounced.

This paper is a guide to doing just that.

Jesus commanded His disciples to preach the good news, heal the sick, cast out demons, and raise the dead 4 . Then He told them to make more disciples teaching them also to obey everything that He had commanded them to do 5 .

You can’t cast spirits out of non believers because 7 more will come back and occupy the territory vacated and the state of the person will be worse than before. 6

That’s why deliverance is part of discipleship, and why deliverance is truly the bread of the children of God.

Jesus summed it up when He said,

“The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy;
I have come that they may have life and have it to the full”.
John 10:10

For more in-depth teaching on generational issues click here cri-small.jpg (1024 bytes)

    To God be the Glory!

Generational chart check list     (back to contents list)

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Ruling spirits / ministry chart    (back to contents list)

ruling spirits.gif (7653 bytes)Whatever you loose on earth is loosed in the heavenlies

It is important to take the ‘sword of the Spirit’ and separate each individual stream and to loose the counsellee from the ruling spirits which may be operating at each point indicated.

Cut all ungodly soul ties with ‘brother masons’ In other words, ensure that there are no spiritual ‘roads’ left open for spirits to draw strength from.

                                       For more in-depth teaching on soul ties click here cri-small.jpg (1024 bytes)

Quick check list of main degree points   

This quick view list will give those ministering an overview of what went on in the secret rituals

Ist degree 'Entered apprentice' -  called “Shock of entrance”    (back to contents list)

  • ‘coming from darkness, seeking light’
  • pauper’s clothing..bare left leg, right arm & left breast + heelless right slipper
  • Masonic penny..poor box
  • hoodwink..cable tow rope
  • dagger or compass point at heart or bridge of nose or under chin
  • Degree curses -
    having my throat cut across from ear to tongue torn out” by the root and buried in the sand of the sea at low water or a cable’s length from the shore where the tide regularly ebbs and flows twice in 24 hours”
  • secret handshake, due guard, penal sign
  • password “Boaz”
  • Kissing Bible (Psalm 133) through square & compass on witchcraft oath
  • Deacon’s wands overhead in 'lozenge' shape to symbolise female generative parts
  • Bows knee to the east under worshipful master 
  • Working tools - 24” gauge,gavel, chisel, square, level, plum line, tracing board,
    ashlar & skirret
  • White apron

1st degree desecration      (back to contents list)                                                                                                                                
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2nd degree Fellow Craft     (back to contents list)

  • pauper’s clothing..bare right leg, left arm & right breast, + heelless left slipper, 1st degree apron
  • hoodwink
  • cable tow rope wound twice around right arm
  • Degree curses -
    having my left breast laid open, my heart torn out & given to ravenous birds of the air or
    devouring beasts of prey in the fields
  • secret handshake, due guard, penal sign, fidelity sign & hailing sign
  • passwords “shibboleth” & “jachim”
  • Kissing Bible (Amos 7) through square & compass on witchcraft oath
  • Working tools - plum line, square, level, trowel & compass
    2nd degree apron replaces 1st degree apron

2nd degree desecration     (back to contents list)

2nd degree.gif (9870 bytes)


3rd degree Master Mason     (back to contents list)

  • two escorts or guards into ceremony carrying large staffs
  • pauper’s clothing..both legs both arms & all the chest laid bare, + heelless left & right slippers, wearing 2nd degree apron
  • hoodwink
  • cable tow wound three times around waist 
  • two swords placed in a ‘v’ against kidneys or waist.
  • secret handshake (‘lion’s paw’ grip) & 5 points of fellowship (see below)
  • due guard, penal sign, signs of ‘horror’
  • Secret signs - ‘sympathy’ ‘grief’ ‘distress’ ‘joy & exultation’
  • passwords “Machoben” & “Tubal Cain”
  • Kissing Bible three times (Ecclesiastes 12) through square & compass on witchcraft oath
  • Agree to imitate Hiram Abiff so that 'like him we may welcome the grim tyrant death'
  • Degree curses-
    being severed in two, my bowels burned to ashes and those ashes scattered over
    the face of the earth and wafted by the four winds of heaven that no trace or
    remembrance of so vile a wretch may any longer be found among men

  • Working tools - gavel (maul) 24” gauge, chisel, square, pencil, level, plum line,
    tracing board, ashlar, skirret, compasses & trowel
  • Drama acted out by blindfolded candidate who becomes ‘Hiram Abiff’ and receives three violent blows to the body from three ‘Juwes’ on the..
  1. throat with a 24” gauge
  2. chest with a square
  3. head with a maul.(death blow)
  • He then falls onto open stretcher and is shown open coffin/skull/bones (death symbols)
  • buried under ‘temple rubbish’ then under ‘Acacia tree’
  • resurrected into new life in freemasonry by worshipful master using ‘lion’s paw’ grip.
  • Five points of fellowship- foot to foot..knee to knee..chest to chest..hand to back..mouth to ear
  • Grand Masonic word “Mah - hah - bone” given under penalty of death if revealed
  • secret word “Machaben”
  • 3rd degree apron (which candidate keeps) replaces 2nd degree apron
  • other regalia may include the Junior warden’s jewel, sashes, fur collars & cuffs

3rd degree desecration     (back to contents list)

3rd degree.gif (14137 bytes)

Holy Royal Arch of Jerusalem degree     (back to contents list)

  • during ceremony candidate is instructed by mason acting the part of Zerubbabel
  • hoodwink
  • password “Ammi Ruhamah”
  • ceremony centre’s around a hidden vault is found during rebuilding of Solomon’s temple and candidate is lowered into this dark vault by ankles
  • candidate’s principle activity during acted out ceremony in hidden vault is to remove the cornerstone from the temple to allow more light and more access into the vault.
  • Discovers that the ‘Sacred and Mysterious Name of the True and Living God Most High’ is ‘jah-bul-on’
  • clothed in ‘robes of innocence’ jewel on chest + badge & ribbon (sacred emblem)
  • told that the mark placed on forehead as a mark of salvation (referring to Ezekiel 9:4) is the ‘mysterious triple tau’
  • penal sign, hailing sign, penitential sign, monitorial sign & fiducial sign
  • Kissing Bible four times through square & compass on witchcraft oath
  • Lecture words .. “the secrets of the Royal Arch were only regained by wrenching forth the keystone thereof..”
  • Degree command..“Rise, wrench forth the keystone, and prepare to receive the light of the Holy Word”
  • Degree Curses-
    suffering loss of life by having my head struck off
  • Working tools - sword, trowel, pickax, crowbar & shovel
    penal sign, hailing sign, penitential sign, monitorial sign & fiducial sign.

Holy Royal Arch degree desecration    
(back to contents list)

holy royal arch.gif (11225 bytes)

Basic prayer guidelines for the prayer minister    (back to contents list)

Ministry can be at the end of each degree renounced or at the end when all the degrees have been renounced. Please note: the words are not a formula but a framework for your own prayer ministry as the Spirit may lead.

“Thank You Father that Your Word assures us that we have been given authority to trample on serpents and snakes, and authority to overcome all the power of the enemy and that while doing so nothing can by any means harm us17 . We thank You that Your Word assures us that whatever we bind on earth is then bound in the heavenlies, and that whatever we declare loosed on earth is then loosed in the heavenlies18 I now place ................... under the authority of Jesus Christ of Nazareth who came in the flesh, and I bind up the whole Masonic kingdom at work within or upon him / her.

All masonic legal rights through temple rituals have now been renounced and removed, put under the blood of Jesus, and I now exercise my authority over your kingdom in Jesus’ Name”.                
Dealing with other demonic kingdoms that may link in with masonry - used if you suspect that there are areas of occult activity as yet undealt with)

"In Jesus' Name I now seperate the masonic kingdom from any other occult kingdoms and declare that you will play no part in this ministry"

Dealing with external masonic links -

In Jesus' name I now loose ............... from all spiritual spirit / soul / body ties to... (read understanding soul ties and use ruling spirits chart here)

Dealing with the degree strongmen -                                                                                         
“Spirit of the entered apprentice, In Jesus Name, I take authority over you. I bind you, and I command you to leave this person now, and to go only where Jesus tells you to go.

In Jesus' Name I cut this person and his family completely free from your ungodly influence and declare in Jesus Name that he, and they are now free”.

“Spirit of the Fellow Craft degree , In Jesus Name, I take authority over you. I bind you, and I command you to leave this person now, and to go only where Jesus tells you to go.

In Jesus' Name I cut this person and his family completely free from your ungodly influence and declare in Jesus Name that he and they are now free”.

“Spirit of the Master Mason degree , In Jesus Name, I take authority over you.
I bind you, and I command you to leave this person now, and to go only where Jesus tells
you to go.

In Jesus' Name I cut this person and his family completely free from your
ungodly influence and declare in Jesus Name that he and they are now free”.

“Spirit of the Holy Royal Arch degree , In Jesus Name, I take authority over you.
I bind you, and I command you to leave this person now, and to go only where Jesus tells
you to go.

In Jesus' Name I cut this person and his family completely free from your ungodly influence and declare in Jesus Name that he and they are now free”.

Cut all 'soul ties' to masonic brothers - click here for understanding of soul ties

Prayer ministry now to start plundering those degree kingdoms using your understanding from -

  1. the 'temple' diagram below

  2. the degree charts above

Minister as you feel led to - listening always with the ‘ears of your spirit’ to what the Counsellor, the Holy Spirit is saying in the situation.

Always watch as you minister.
And relax. It’s not by might or power. It’s always by His Spirit.

Where the temple is desecrated      (back to contents list)

temple.gif (20330 bytes)

Higher degrees?    (back to contents list)

There are 30 more degrees should a candidate proceed further in the Scottish rite form of Freemasonry and 10 more should he proceed further in the York Rite form of Freemasonry.

If it is known that there are higher degrees involved, and those degrees are known, we recommend the workbook produced by Freedom Ministries International, written by Derek Roberts and available from their web site.



1 Universal Pontiff, 33 degree, Commander Pike’s teaching to 23 Supreme councils of the world.

2 Jude 6

3 Mark 7 :24-30

4 Matthew 10:7-8 & Mark 16:17

5 Matthew 28 : 19-20

6 Matthew 12: 43

7 Ephesians 1:4

8 Psalm 139 13-16

9 Romans 8:38

10 Exodus 20:12 / Deut. 27:16

11 Neh 9:16

12 Lev. 26:40

13 Exodus 20:5 & 7

14 Isaiah 53 4 - 6

15 1st John 1 : 8 - 9

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17 Luke 10 : 19 Mark 16 : 17

18 Matthew 16 : 19



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