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Our son's hip healed

Note: This is not only a personal family testimony, but it is also the means by which God drew me into studying the potential spiritual effects of Freemasonry on Masons and their families. 

My father was a Mason. He was a Master Mason (3rd), a Holy Royal Arch Mason (often referred to as the completion of the Master Mason's degree), and he was a Past Master of his lodge in Belfast. He died in 1988.  

In 1991 my mother received a cheque for £40 at Christmas time from my father's lodge. I was at that time a new Christian of only two years standing and knew very little about such strange things as Freemasonry. However, I had heard enough to know that it was wrong, so after discussing it with my mother she returned the cheque with a polite letter, asking the lodge not to send any further monies. However, the following year another cheque was delivered by hand and this time my mother allowed me to return the cheque for her. 

By this time I knew a little more about this brotherhood, and wrote a three page letter to the worshipful master explaining why Freemasonry was incompatible with true Christianity and delivered it by hand to the lodge at 5 pm on a Wednesday.

When I arrived home that evening (about 6.30 pm) I found my son Stephen in a very distressed state  He had been carried home from a friend's house, shortly after 5pm, with severe pains in his right hip.  We initially thought that he had merely hurt himself playing, so after praying for him, and anointing him with oil, we put him to bed early. However the pain did not go away and a night's sleep did not ease the pain.  The following day my wife took him to the doctor. The doctor told her to take him immediately to the hospital, where he was quickly examined and x-rayed. The doctors were baffled and said that it was not what they thought it might have been so we were no further on.  We returned home with Stephen still in great pain.

Several hours later (as I was getting into the bath!) the Lord suddenly impressed upon my spirit the words 'Masonic spirit'.  At this early stage of my Christian life I knew NOTHING about 'spirits' so this was something I had to sit down and reflect on. What had God just said to me?  Then it dawned on me.  My son's pain in his right hip began - almost exactly -at the time I had delivered the letter against Freemasonry to my father's lodge.

After discussing this with my wife, and with two Christian friends, we stood little six year old Stephen upon the kitchen table and prayed for him. The rather nervous, very simple prayer went something like.. "In Jesus' Name I command the Masonic spirit to leave you''.. and instantly Stephen was 100% pain free.

As I walked upstairs to put the Bible back on my bedside table I noticed that it was open in my hand at Matthew 12 and my eyes suddenly locked on to verse 43 which reads "When an unclean spirit goes out of a man, he goes through dry places, seeking rest, and finds none. Then he says, ?I will return to my house from which I came'

What made all this so unusual was that my eyes saw different words for a few seconds. I saw "When an unclean spirit goes out of a man, he goes through dry places, seeking rest, and finds none. Then he says, ?I will return to my house in seven days(please note: This is not a new translation but a 'Rhema word' from the Lord')

I said nothing to my wife and friends but prayed for Stephen's protection for several days - then forgot the whole incident.

Just over a week later my wife told me that our best friend's young boy had developed the same distressing pain in his right hip, and he also had been taken to the doctors - with the same results as we had with Stephen..  Then I remembered the 'word from the Lord'. I asked Linda if our friend's little boy had been in our home on the Wednesday (seven days after Stephen's ministry) and Linda said that he had been. I then remembered that our best friend's father had been in Freemasonry so I phoned her and told her about our incident and what we prayed for Stephen. 

She and her husband prayed for their boy the same way and phoned back shortly to report the same instant release from the pain.

Shocked I turned to my wife. "But ..the Body of Christ is full of Freemasonry"

It was then that I realised where the Lord was beginning to direct my heart.. And in studying Freemasonry it became impossible not to study the occult from whence it emerged. 

More than a decade later I have learnt a lot lot more. I have had the honour of teaching the Body of Christ about the spiritual effects of Freemasonry and I have had the privilege of seeing many people released from the spiritual bondage that comes from involvement in it.  Indeed even this web site is part of the unfolding purposes of God that have gradually emerged from this incident with Stephen.

And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose. Romans 8:28

To God be the glory!

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Skewed hip straightened. Spiritual eyes opened.

I received this testimony by email from a South African man who had been through the ministry section at the end of the two days teaching section on Freemasonry during the NETS 7 course at Ellel Pierrepont, England.

A person that wanted to become a FM came to see me because he was confused by all the Christianity interwoven in FM, and thought that it was not so bad. I explained the bit that I know about FM, and I also told him what I am writing down here. Then I gave him my testimony. It was during Nets 7 with you, that God touched me during the ministry session. I had a slightly skew hip since I can remember. I thought that that is the way I was formed. Not everyone is perfect. I also realised later how I had difficulty reading the Bible before.

During the breaking of curses on the 3?, my hip moved slightly. I thought I imagined this but went and checked in the mirror. My hips are the way they were suppose to be. It was due to a FM curse that I had a skew hip, and suffered from some sort of spiritual blindness. Everything looked so clear after the prayers as if a window had been cleaned. I can read the Bible without having difficulty.  

My father became a FM after I was born. My grandfather was before my birth a FM. This curse I believe came from my grandfather.


My father renounced FM and we went through the prayers, and after that he burnt all his regalia. That was a wonderful experience for me. My grandfather passed away about three years ago.


After hearing all this the man decided that he will not join FM. Hallelujah. Thank you for being obedient, so that I could be touched by God. Now I can pray with people, and trust that the Lord will set the captive's free.

To God be the glory!

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Kidney pains healed

This testimony is from a church ministry team leader who invited me to come to his church and teach his team about freemasonry.

Some weeks later his wife told me of how, from childhood, he had suffered intermittently from excruciating kidney pains, and relied on hospitalisation and morphine to keep the pain in check.  When I discovered that his father had been a Freemason I offered to pray for him.

He agreed and asked me to use him as a 'guinea pig' and to minister to him in front of their ministry team.

When, in Jesus' Name, I broke the Masonic curse upon the kidneys that came from the two swords pressed against the kidneys he was healed.

One year later he wrote..

  • "I had been suffering from stones in the kidneys for twenty years. This would come periodically, maybe every five years requiring  hospitalisation.  When I arranged with yourself to begin a seminar of freemasonry, the interesting thing was that the day after we had our first seminar the old problem returned and continued intermittently for over a month. This was diagnosed as renal colic (stones in the kidneys) The pain was so bad that I was put on strong painkillers. As you remember we had our practical session at which you ministered into the area of freemasonry - and I was the 'guinea pig' I was not in the masonic myself but some of my close relations were. After the ministry session was over I had no recurrence of pain from then to this day."

To God be the glory!

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Bad back

Short email testimony received from a young man who suffered greatly from lower back pains

  • my back has been so much better since visiting you.  I can now do things I have not been able to do for months. 
God Bless You much

To God be the glory!

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Whole family restored

This is the testimony from a father who saw not only his life, but the life of his whole family dramatically changed. He calls it a miracle..

At the age of 21, I joined freemasonry. Three of my brothers were already members. I never felt comfortable or at ease in the meetings. I would only have ever attended a small number of meetings, but I felt in myself that it wasn't right for me.

About six years ago, while talking to a minister about it, I knew I had to resign, which I did. After that I thought I had put it to bed! However I realised on talking to Ken Symington that I hadn't put it to bed but had left a smouldering rag in my generational line.

In the second half of 1999, I had been out of work for almost five months and doctors were unable to diagnose what was wrong with me. I was suffering from chronic fatigue, depression and my blood was being poisoned, but the consultants were unable to pinpoint where the poison was coming from or offer any help.

In April 2000 I went on a healing retreat to Ellel Grange in Lancaster. 

In June 2000, I went to Ken Symington for follow-up ministry. He was led by the Holy Spirit to freemasonry. He delivered me from the curse of freemasonry, which I had unwittingly and unknowingly brought into my generational line. The day after the ministry, as I travelled home by train  the thoughts kept coming to me that by my joining freemasonry that I had exposed my wife and three children, to the curse of freemasonry also. When I arrived home, I discussed it with my wife. We both agreed to talk to the three children and if they were happy to go to Ken Symington to receive deliverance from the curse of freemasonry, that I would phone Ken. 

When I discussed the issue with Ken, he said that it was the first time that he had ever received a request like this from a family, and that he would pray into it and be guided by God. My  wife and  three children travelled to Bangor at the beginning of July 2000. 

The changes we have experienced in our family since then could only have happened supernaturally. 

Until that time, we were all having repeated illnesses and chronic fatigue. As I read through the various oaths taken in freemasonry I realised that I had unwittingly and unknowingly cursed myself and my family with ill health.

 For a number of years, we have spent close to a five-figure sum annually on medication which consisted mainly of alternative medicine (New Age) i.e., acupuncture, kinesiology, homoeopathy and colour therapy and on looking back the problems were never solved, they only changed their appearance. At that time we walked away and repented of our use of Alternative Medicine and we all had soul ties cut with the various alternative practitioners. 

It is now a year later and our total spending on health related issues is insignificant.  

Since our whole family has received deliverance from freemasonry, an evil force has been taken out of our family.

Where there was illness, rebellion, anger and frustration this has been replaced by peace, love and relationships have been restored within the family. Looking back over the last 18 months this was the most significant breakthrough in our journey as a family to health and wholeness.

It is very difficult to put into words the changes that have taken place within our family. 

God has come centre stage, and not just in our lives but also in our three children's lives. We can now read the Bible and pray together as a family.

We thank God for the miracle.

To God be the glory!

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Memory and hip healed

I became aware of problems in three areas that would not shift with prayer, fasting, more prayer and more effort. These were:

1. Inability to learn by committing to memory scripture verses. I have never been able to do this in over 30 years as a Christian. Strangely I had just accepted this as a poor memory and had not seen a spiritual root in it despite my ability to remember other things.

2. Inability to diet even though I can fast. Have fasted for up to 26 days but can not diet for more than about 3 days. Even tried (unsuccessfully) to fast in order to lose weight rather than for a right reason.

3. Ongoing problem with pain in right hip. This has waxed and waned over 6 -7 years and although it has improved with prayer it always returns. There was no medical reason that could be identified so put down to a virus (doctor speak for we have no idea).

At Kilravock I was chatting to two ladies one evening before you had mentioned any experience or expertise you had in this area when one of them mentioned that Freemasonry problems were sometimes passed down the female line. All of a sudden I knew that the memory problem was somehow linked in and wrote to Peter (Horrobin) asking if there was someone who might be able to help me deal with this. 

The rest you know, I wrote to you, you very kindly prayed with me and since then two of the three problems have become history. I believe that the over-eating is also dealt with but time will be the proof of that!

It is interesting to me just how deep this problem was rooted. I have been a Christian for many years, have been seeking to be obedient to what God would have me do and where He would have me, I have seen God act in many areas in my life and in other people close to me. I had even attempted to deal with this specific problem and yet it remained hidden yet limiting my effectiveness.

I am extremely grateful to you for your help and trust that the above is what you wanted for your archive records.

With all good wishes and sincere thanks for your anointed teaching.

To God be the glory!

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God's love breaks through!

I suffered a bit through life from rejection as I was abandoned by all except my mother at birth and although well adjusted and make friends easily, I have been a bit sensitive at times and felt rejected by people and struggled to receive the love of God. Like and hourglass I have a bit up top (head) but it is slow to trickle to my heart, and that includes having revelation of some Godly issues, such as the love of God.

My Testimony.

At the end of the Freemasonry course Ken Symington took us through the
renunciations and breaking of curses of Freemasonry. This is the second
time in the week I had done it (previously at the 'Men of God' conference),
but I gave my all, although thinking that it wasn't really so relative to me
as I had done it and didn't think it influenced my family. (Though the
possibility it was there 3-4 generations back). During the renunciations it
was like I sensed God saying He loves me and I wept a bit. This surprised me.
It hit me a few times and it was like the words bi-passed my head to go
straight to my heart like a wave and when it hit I would put my hand near my
mouth and struggled (failing at times) to say the words on the screen. It
was brief. At one point I looked outside and I could see the sun shining on me and the
words within me were like God saying I am here, watching over you. Another
wave of love (as I would think it was, or the words of His love) would hit
my heart. Moments later I noticed the sun behind the clouds and the words
within me were, even when you can't see me, I am still there and know,
accept and love you. Soon after I would notice the sun again and again the
words of here I AM. . . .
The waves kept flowing more as I said the renunciations. It did surprise me
and was and still am unsure if it is related. But as the waves of love hit,
I was unable to speak and it was like something was holding my heart, not a
bad thing, but something that treated my heart love a money box, only
depositing love in to it though. :o) Maybe I had to open my mouth to allow
Him to make the deposit (as I write that it actually sounds deeper than I
intended as I was kidding around). From then on until the end of the
renunciations the waves kept coming and my speech decreased as the waves
were more, by now it was like He was saying I LOVE YOU, I LOVE YOU, I LOVE
YOU, I LOVE YOU. . .over and over and it wasn't going to my head this time.
It had been there a long time already, now it was going to my heart. In the
end, trying not to cry too much, though feeling it was good for me, I lost
control and let loose a lot of tears. Common for me to weep, rare to lose
control of tears and they flowed. I didn't really care what people thought
either (it wasn't a time for self-consciousness).
A few times in the evening I thought about it and wept a little. Even at the
time of writing the journal (11:45pm, 7hrs since) my heart felt physically
sore, not pain sore, but like the feeling when you have cried so much and
can still feel it a while later that the heart muscle has been exercised.
I went to sleep and woke up today different, feeling more confident in who I
am, who God is and what He thinks of me. I could write great words about
these things previously, but had little experience to share. I am confident
of my forgiveness, not condemned of the wicked things I have done and know
they are forgiven and cleansed by Jesus Christ.
God feels more real than ever and, although early stages since it happened,
know that I am going to know God (particularly as my Father) more intimately
as a result.
Praise God alone for this.
Thank you Ken for your ministering obediently as called.


To God be the glory!

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A son speaks for the first time !


While teaching in Scotland during a two week seminar entitled 'Reclaiming the ground' I decided to offer an additional ministry session into Freemasonry for any of the delegates who were willing to give up their free period after lunch. 

One lady from Wales felt led to stand in for her adopted and disabled son, now 16.  After the ministry time she phoned her husband in Wales to ask if there was any difference in their son. He replied that their son had just spoken for the first time.  She wrote me this short note..

"After prayer for Freemasonry our disabled son spoke - he was 100's of  miles away at the time"


To God be the glory!

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Able to worship

I wasn't expecting much to happen yesterday (at the Freemasonry teaching / renunciation day) but this morning I awoke and rather than really struggling to worship I found I was able to worship for a full hour and not want to stop whereas before I couldn't wait to stop.  Also I found it difficult to pray for others and have had great freedom this morning to pray.

Also I have felt accused of a lot of bad stuff which hasn't been real in my life and yet I felt accused of it. I believe - but this needs to be tested over a period of time - that I feel delivered from this  this morning.


To God be the glory!

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