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Then the Lord said to Moses, "Rise up early in the morning and stand before Pharaoh, and say to him, 'Let My people go that they may serve Me'" Exodus 8:1

Christian Restoration in Ireland (CRi Ireland) is a ministry dedicated to the restoration of the Christ centred, Christ obedient life within the Body of Christ, His church. As with the commission given by God to Jeremiah in chapter 1, there is a necessity 'to uproot, to pull down, to destroy and to overthrow', as well as 'to build and to plant'  

Among the former - the 'rooting out' - is what Jesus called the 'traditions made of men'.

Traditions that keep the door closed to the work of His Spirit.

Among the former is the luke-warmness to the absolute Lordship of Jesus and consequently, to discipleship. Jesus asked for disciples, not believers.

Among the former, where it has made inroads into the Body of Christ, is the secretive, counterfeit fellowship of Freemasonry. God will never bless what He cannot bless.

Among the former is the almost complete decline of true Godly fear.  Among the former is the 'yeast of the Pharisees', where cold legalism triumphs over love, and where judgement triumphs over mercy. Among the former is the casual attitude to sin. And the casual attitude to true repentance and Godly sorrow for sin. And among the former is the love for the things of this world.

Among the latter - 'the building and planting'- is the great need for God's people to understand the Biblical nature of blessings and curses. Behaviour has consequences. To understand the principles upon which the Kingdom of God is set. Principles that offer us choices, in order to respect our liberty. Among the latter is the need to restore the giving heart of God's people. To give God total access to finances, time, talents and above all, to hearts. And to understand the eternal principle of the 'measuring cup'. Among the latter is the need to open the Bible fully, believe the Bible fully, and to release also the harder sayings of Jesus, in order that the church is exposed to the real Jesus, and not a Jesus, shaped by careful omission, and made to man's own liking. God calls His Word a sword, not a feather. And it is not a single edged, but a sharp double edged sword. Among the latter is the need to bring all three witnesses back into the church. The Spirit, the Water (the Word) and the Blood. All three give the same testimony.

Among the latter is the need for God's people to understand the unseen spiritual realm. To understand the work of both angels and demons. To understand Christ's complete triumph in this realm at Calvary, and consequently, the disciple's authority in this realm, in His Name. To understand what can lead a believer into spiritual bondage, and to understand what keeps a believer in spiritual liberty.

Above all, above all, is the need for men and women to be willing and hungry to be led by God's Spirit, and for God's church to lift up its gates of tradition and allow God's Spirit to do what HE wants in HIS church, when HE wants, through whom HE wants, in whatever manner HE chooses. To allow Christ to be today, what He was yesterday, and will be tomorrow. Lord. Saviour. Baptiser. Healer. Deliverer. King.  When the walls of Jerusalem are rebuilt again, and the spiritual enemies within are exposed and destroyed, or driven outside the walls; when 'The Book' is opened again completely, and the words within hungered for by obedient hearts; when the desire of God's people is to seek first His Kingdom; when lives are laid upon the altar again as living sacrifices, holy and acceptable unto God: when the people of God see spiritual Babylon being rebuilt at a mighty rate all around them and cry out to God for His Kingdom to be a Kingdom of power, and not of words; when these things come to pass, then this ministry will have served its purpose.

It will surely happen. And it will not be by any man's might. Or by any denomination or committee's power. It will be, as it has always been, 'by My Spirit, says the Lord'. Lord, we look, as always, to You, and to You alone, for our salvation.

On Tuesday, April 13th, 1993, after two years of continual ministry in the caring, healing and deliverance ministry - and whilst on holiday in County Clare - the Lord gave me the name of this ministry, showed me the work that this ministry was to undertake, and where the work of this ministry would eventually come to be centred in. Two more years of intense shaping, pruning, teaching, and training under the Lord's hand followed before I felt spiritually and emotionally equipped for, and understood the extent and responsibility of the call.

Then, on December 24th 1994, at the Lord's beckoning, I resigned my position as Managing Director of an Advertising Agency, to follow where the Lord would lead me.

And to give birth to this ministry.


   Ken Symington


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