I believe that there is much that we have lost over the centuries.

We do not walk in the power and blessings of the early church and surely God is not the one who has moved!

From time to time I find myself burdened with seasons of study and prayer in a genuine effort to get to the truth of what God might think on many controversial issues.  These studies have either served to confirm that what I believed and how I lived was already in line with God's will, or, they have served to challenge me into bringing my life into greater alignment with His clearly expressed will.  

I heard the quote  'The Bible is either absolute or it is obsolete'  and I agree with that.  

I present my thoughts on some of these issues to you.  They are still 'works in progress'.  I realise that many Christian brothers and sisters may hold different views.  

However if they challenge you to check in God's Word then I have succeeded. 


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' To do the noble thing is always difficult ' - Oswald Chambers

Title ...                                                             
Creation or evolution?
Is God right to condemn homosexual behaviour?
Gender Confusion
Is infant baptism scriptural?
Is Mary the 'Queen of Heaven'?
Is Jesus our 'easter' Lamb or our Passover Lamb?
Have we watered down the Great Commission?
Should God given ministries be registered as charities?
What might God think of Christmas?
Should a minister marry a Christian to a non-Christian in 'Holy matrimony'?
Christians and alcohol - to drink or not to drink?
Are we right to expect a great end time revival?
Christians, copyright and commercialism.

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