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Wanting to die for 15 years since her daughter died - this Ukrainian woman was wonderfully released !

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Following a wonderful week long pastor & leaders conference just outside Kiev, and a one day praise and worship seminar in Kiev Ellel International Ministries sent seven follow up teams out to churches throughout the Ukraine during the second week to teach and to minister.

This is what happened to our team at the Bridge of Hope Church in Ukraine's capital city, Kiev.

Pastor Vadim Urimagov explained to us when we first met that his church was under considerable pressure at that point in time. There was the possibility of a split taking place, and many marriages were under much pressure.  He asked for teaching/ministry to be given to the church each evening with Personal Counselling Appointments (PCA's) for individuals and married couples during the day.

Starting on Saturday I had 5 hours to teach and used it to teach on the spiritual realm, on understanding our spirit/soul/body makeup, and how we interact with the spiritual realm. I dealt at length with the Lordship of Jesus and at the end of the evening about 95% responded to the call to be 100% submitted to Christ.

On Sunday at church I taught on the Father heart of God and this had a substantial effect on many - but none more so than the Pastor himself. It was obvious to all that God had spoken deeply into his spirit and he was lost in praise and worship, amidst some tears, for several moments on stage. Later seven men came forward to be prayed for having understood the role of a father for the first time. Most wept as they were prayed for. It was a very powerful service.

During the week, in the evenings, I taught on sexual soul ties, curses, abortion, and generational sin - especially with regards to communism. The response to all was almost 100% - but the most time was spent on dealing with the issue of curses. Two evening alone were needed to deal with the awful curses spoken upon these people by parents, teachers, partners, witches etc and even upon themselves by themselves. Almost every person stood up and spoke these off their lives. Almost all were in a very emotional state as they finally dealt with words that had shaped their lives in a destructive manner.  Great freedom followed the ensuing deliverance ministry and there was much rejoicing.  God was doing great things amongst His people.

During the daytime we operated as two man counselling teams at three different locations and every person/couple who came for counselling to each of the teams was greatly released by God. There was much ministry into marriages and the immediate fruit was evident to all.  The team did very well. There were no disappointed counsellee's at all.  On the last evening Alona took the microphone and said that 'God had sent us along at just the right time'. At the airport Pastor Vadim expressed a desire to have us back again and that is always a great blessing. The greatest blessing however came from Vadim's lovely wife Ena.  ''Other's have taught us about Jesus, but you brought Jesus to us!''

It was a wonderful two weeks. I will never forget it.  Thank you Jesus!.


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