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 ''All the days ordained for me were written in your book before one of them came to be'. Psalm 139:16


As I enter my 72nd year it seems the years are passing by faster than ever! Moses's prayer - recorded for us in Psalm 90:12 - states, 'Teach us to number our days that we may gain a heart of wisdom'.  Taking that advice, let us both value, and invest our remaining days wisely. They will end, and I for one, want to hear those precious words 'Well done good and faithful servant'  Believers are precious, but as the moral and spiritual darkness rapidly develops this is the time when true disciples are needed. The spirit of the age knows the church is spiritually lukewarm and in a weakened moral state and - working through the godless culture - demands that we submit and compromise or renounce various Bible truths that many in previous generations laid their lives down to keep alive. For those who will not bow the knee, persecution in myriad forms will be their portion. But take heart. Jesus has gone before us and walked that walk. He overcame satan by the word of His testimony "it is written", by the shedding of His Blood, and by not loving His life even on to death. And He assured us, 'Blessed are you when they revile and persecute you, and say all kinds of evil against you falsely for My sake. Rejoice and be exceedingly glad, for great is your reward in heaven, for so they persecuted the prophets who were before you'. Matthew 5:11-12

Ellel Pierrepont, Frensham, Surrey. 26th February - 1st March
Prayer, intercession and spiritual warfare - Tuesday 26th February

Ellel Pierrepont's well known NETS course is made up of four ten-week stages, helping students develop in the Biblical areas of healing, deliverance, discipleship and leadership.


This particular teaching is normally a nine session course held over a weekend but for the first time I taught a condensed one day version to NETS term 2 students. Students come from all around the globe and this course was no different. It contained students from,


United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, India, China, France, Sweden, Norway, Papua-New-Guinea, Hong Kong, Romania and Australia.


And have redeemed us to God by Your blood out of every tribe and tongue and people and nation. Revelation 5:9

                                 Teaching in The Great Hall
The Father Heart of God - Wednesday 27th February - Thursday 28th February.

This is my 19th year teaching this subject at Pierrepont and I never tire of teaching it. It is very close to my heart. After salvation, I believe this is the most important foundational truth to help build strong disciples upon. Many people keep God the Father at a 'safe distance' because of negative experiences from their earthly father, and so this course needs two days to gently but surely take off the old glasses and let them see the Father that Jesus revealed to us.

A unique part of this course follows session two, when, after being reminded that 'God's invisible qualities...have been seen ..from what has been made...' (Romans 1:20) I take them on an hour long walk through Ellel's beautful wooded grounds alongside the River Wey. During the walk I stop several times along the way and teach Kingdom principles through the things that The Creator has made. My favourite session!


Friday morning sermon with communion - Friday 1st March.


Every Friday, students and staff gather for worship, teaching and communion. It has been my privilege on many occasions over the past 20 years to deliver the teaching.  Each teaching is then made available to the public through the Ellel website and YouTube.


To watch this sermon click on the image below.  To see my previous sermons click here

God's Garage, Portroe, Ireland - March 15th- 17th

Portroe is a tiny village in County Tipperary with a population of less than 500 people. On the outskirts of the village Anne-Marie Mulrooney - a science and maths teacher and a mother of seven children - so deeply desired that Kingdom truth be made available in her area that she converted an originally standard sized garage into 'God's Garage', a place set apart for one purpose only. To glorify God. This was our 32nd team visit since it opened eleven years ago, and it is our favourite team visit. On The Friday evening I spoke on 'God's wrath' (!) and how the good news dramatically enters into that truth. On the Saturday morning I taught on 'Restoring the human spirit', and in the afternoon our ministry team ministered to more than twenty people.


On the ground floor of the greatly extended garage Anne-Marie also built this substantial 'teachers' apartment'. Truly amazing!

Book by Anne-Marie Mulrooney
Book enquiries:  am.mulrooney@gmail.com


 Watch the video interview I did with Anne -Marie in 2009

The weekend also saw the launch of Anne-Marie's book 'You were God's idea.' I had the honour of writing the Foreword. Here's an extract from what I wrote...


"I have known Anne-Marie for more than a decade. She is one of the most passionate followers of Jesus I have ever encountered. But she was not always like that. She has her story to tell, and she tells it brilliantly. I first met her at a church we were ministering in some distance outside Dublin. She then started coming to my home town in Northern Ireland for more teaching. And more teaching. She had an insatiable hunger for God. A woman after God's own heart. She dreamed of the teaching being made available in her part of Ireland, and, clearly led by God's Spirit, she converted the simple garage at the side of her home into a substantial meeting place known as God's Garage. As a team we have been coming to this venue about three times a years for more than a decade. There we have had the privilege of teaching and ministering to people from as far away as Cork, Limerick and Dublin. ... As I read through the initial drafts of this book I found myself at times close to tears, at other times putting the block of pages down to absorb the power of the truth in the sentence I had just read. Anne-Marie's passion for God leaps of the pages and I couldn't stop reading until the end. If you doubt God, read this book. If you love God and want to love Him even more, read this book. There is a 'still small voice' from heaven throughout these pages that your heart can pick up, if you turn down the world's voice for a while'

My hobby is photography and I put my favourite photos on a 'not-for-sale' website for the sheer joy of seeing them 'out there'. Other than a mention at the bottom of the Extras section the site is not promoted anywhere, and so I am continually surprised at the number of weekly and monthly visitors !!

Understanding the occult activity all around us - Thursday April 4th.

Christian leaders and prayer groups have become more aware of the visible fingerprints of occult activity all around us, and I was invited to bring teaching on this subject. After 25 years in full time ministry this is the first time a local church gathering has asked for such. So to say I was delighted to do so is an under-statement! The teaching after worship went on to around 11pm. The feedback was very encouraging, and it seems there is a developing hunger for a deeper understanding.


'Hi Ken, thanks so much for last night, it was brilliant and folk got a lot out of it. ... Lots of positive feedback so far and folk were saying maybe we needed to do a day sometime. Blessings 


'Hi Ken, just wanted to say thank you again for your talk last night in the church. It was just what the doctor ordered!! ... the Lord has given me an assignment in connecting, facilitating and intercession. He gave me a word for healing of the land in this region that He wanted to do. I would be very interested in your course in reclaiming the land if it was at all possible to be given access to it. Last night brought back the great times in the house group when we were privileged to sit under your teaching. Thank you!'


'It went really well. Very carefully and sensitively handled and with a very passionate heart for the Body of Christ. Well balanced too for the audience. Lots of questions afterwards. Was good to be there. Well done Ken!


'..it was a really good night! ..people there who had travelled some distance to hear the teaching and to have questions answered!


'..just the right level for those present. Good to hear the teaching'

It was an unexpected blessing to get a call from Anna Verenych, a long serving member of Ellel Ukraine, who along with Orla from Ellel Russia was paying a quick visit to Northern Ireland. Anya (in red) translated for me at the Russian holiday school in Hungary in 2015 and came to stay with us the following year. She is a dedicated and an inspirational sister-in-Christ. Orla and her husband will be heading up Ellel in Russia and it was lovely to hear that when I was teaching at a conference at Rostov-on-Don many in Russia in 2002, her husband was in the audience.

I have taught in Russia in 2002 and 2012 and Linda was there with several of our CRI team in 2003.

< Orla, Anya, Linda and Myself


I have never had any web site training since I started this site over 25 years ago. The site was previously built on a programme called Adobe Contribute, but a few years ago Adobe stopped updating it, deciding it's useful life was over. However I managed to keep on using it until recently, and then found that only one other web site programme - Adobe Dreamweaver - could seemlessly work with the exisiting web site. Dreamweaver is a more advanced programme so after failing to master it I had to pay for a days professional training in my home and have made the transition fairly well. When the trainer was with me he said that when he checked out my 'domain authority' it was rated as 35. Now to me this meant nothing, but he assured me that this was a high figure. In a niche market a score of 25 would be excellent. Below is a screen shot of the Domain authority and the page authority for this site. So what is domain and page authority? In brief, 'Page authority ranks the content within a website while Domain authority is a score of the website’s overall authority. This score takes into account all of the published content'. He was also very surprised when he checked out the site's visitor figures. God is good!

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