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   July - December 2014

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   New book published

Australia 2014  
Linda and I flew out to Australia on July 30th for a stay of five weeks. First we had the pleasure of staying at the well known Cradle Mountain Lodge in Tasmania for 4 days - courtesy of a gift voucher we received.  
Cradle Mountain Lodge

The lodge is situated on the edge of  the world famous Cradle Mountain National Park in Tasmania. We arrived in deep snow and though this curtailed our ventures into the national park it was a welcome time of rest and recovery after the recent health issues (see last newsletter) and photographically quite exciting. The wild life was very tame and easy to hand feed.


We were truly blessed. Thank -You Lord!


Ellel Gilbulla, outside Sydney. August 8th - 17th  
Ellel Gilbulla 2014  
Friday August 8th - Sunday August 10th.   "LOVED LIKE NEVER BEFORE"  

The Father Heart of God. I have taught this every year since 2003 (except 2005) and it continues to be my favourite teaching. This great truth just relentlessly keeps on changing lives! Even as I type this an email has come in from a grateful husband whose wife attended the weekend. He writes..'Thank you for the Father Heart of God course that my wife attended at Gilbulla. She returned to us a woman who finally got the fact that God loves her. The difference that makes is most extraordinary'   I thank God continually for the privilege of teaching this.

Hope Radio

My next engagement - on August 12th -was a half hour interview with journalist Dwayne Jeffries on Sydney's Hope Radio. It was played on August 20th in the Open House programme.


Producer Karen Tong wrote " was well received and we have a couple of emails providing positive feedback about it."

Radio interview


Wednesday August 13th - Pastor and Leader's Teaching Day



Pastor and leaders day

3 disc boxed set.


This teaching day was titled 'The challenge of leadership' and was advertised as follows....


The spiritual landscape has changed dramatically in recent years and is still changing at speed. We, the Body of Christ, seem to be caught in a fragmented state of doctrine and paralysed by the challenges of animosity as western Christendom has all but died, and aggressive atheism is now the popular position. In this one day teaching Ken will unpack today's challenges for those in leadership and how to respond to those challenges. How do we sound a clear note, and how do we live out a clear note?


One delegate was in tears saying he had waited so long to hear truth taught again without compromise. Another said that some parts of the teaching would remain with him till the end of his days.  Thank you Jesus!  You can listen to the sessions here.

Thursday August 14th - Visit to The Evangelical Sisters of Mary
Sisters of Mary
This was our second visit to meet and spend several hours of quality time with The Evangelical Sisters of Mary. The welcome we received yet again was unforgettable. The sisters gather round and sing to you! We had a very moving walk round their prayer garden, and were with them at their 3pm service in the small chapel. We stayed for lunch and as we entered the dining room the sisters were singing and waving flags. We left overloaded with gifts of books, CD's and love!
During our two weekend stay at Gilbulla I had the privilege of speaking at both the Friday morning team communion times, and on the morning of Friday 15th after communion time, we both had the privilege of talking to the young people's team outside in the sunshine. This took the enjoyable and challenging form of questions and answers.
Talking to young people

Friday August 15th - Sunday August 17th  "LIVE LIKE NEVER BEFORE"  

The great adventure

8 disc boxed set.

The Great Adventure weekend teaching was mostly based on my new book of that name. It was advertised as follows...


Following Jesus is not meant to be unexciting or monotonous. However this is often the experience of many disciples today. What has gone wrong? How can we reclaim the life we see lived out in the New Testament, yet so often seems out of reach? In his trademark humour and revealing honesty, Ken Symington guides us on a path to deeper intimacy with the Master. He will challenge you to pursue Jesus in a way few have ever thought possible.


The many testimonies during the final session showed that The Spirit of God had been at work. They were best summed up I think by the last person's short comment. "This has been a life changing weekend"  Thank you Jesus!

Ellel Gilbulla report 2014

August 18th - 21st - Holiday time with friends.  
Byron Bay  
Following a day and a half drive from Sydney we enjoyed four days of rest and relaxation with dear friends at their home in Byron Bay, Australia's most easterly point. Two days of sunshine and two days of rain. Sadly within days of arriving home we heard the news that a man was killed by a shark at the very place where this photo was taken.
Finally - two weeks with family in Queensland before flying home on September 6th
Book sales increasing.  

Praise God, both books continue to be read by increasing numbers of people. Amazon UK's computer generated sales rankings change continually so any figure is only accurate for a short while but they do give a reasonable barometer and I occasionally do random checks to see what is happening there. There are over 25+ million paperback books listed on Amazon and 3 million titles on Kindle (as of 17/9/14) so a top 100,000 ranking in either field on any date is very very encouraging. When I did a random check on the evening of September 19th Loved Like Never Before in paperback was ranked 28,375 (top 0.1%) and The Great Adventure in paperback was ranked 61,255 (top 0.25%)   [screenshots below]


Amazon UK paperback book rankings sept 19 2014  

Alistair Petrie and Ken Symington

It was good to spend a full day with my great friend Alistair Petrie of Partnership Ministries (Canada) when he was on speaking tour in Ireland. Alistair and his wife Marie travel the world teaching and spend up to eighty percent of their year away from home. He is without doubt one of the most knowledgeable men on the subjects of transformations and revivals, and has authored several books on the subject.

Alistair and Marie Petrie

Alistair's books


The annual Prayer Ministry School

Prayer ministry school 2014  
The annual Christian Restoration in Ireland basic prayer ministry school started Tuesday evening October 7th and will run weekly through to the end of January. It is the largest school since it began 13 years ago. Subjects covered include Qualities of a prayer ministry person, Understanding the spiritual realm, Understanding spirit soul and body, The Lordship of Jesus, Forgiveness, Generational influences, Freedom from damaging relationships, Inner vows, Abortion, Fear, Anger etc. Running alongside this school for the basics, there will be several full days for advanced level teaching for people who have in any year, attended the basic training. These subjects include Freemasonry, Occult, Abuse etc.
France 2014  

France October 18th - 20th.


It was a privilege to travel to Ellel France at St.Laurent Du Pont to take a weekend seminar on The Father heart of God. On Thursday morning I taught their ministry team on the subject of spiritual warfare and then spent the afternoon with Pastor Patrick Chambron at the amazing city of Grenoble where we dined at the restaurant in the bastille high upon the overlooking mountain!

Bastille dining

I was delighted to hear that the seminar had attracted the most delegates for any course (two people travelled from Paris) and I was blessed to have an excellent translator throughout my stay. (Thank you Marion) Starting Friday evening and through all day Saturday until Sunday at noon, I taught seven sessions each one and a quarter hours in duration.

Ellel France


The centre is planning to translate my book 'Loved Like Never Before' into French, and I hope to return in 2016 to do a weekend seminar for men. When the course ended at Sunday lunchtime I was treated to an afternoon with Pastor Patrick Chambron and his family in the stunning mountains nearby. Naturally I was in action with my camera!  [France gallery]

France landscape  

Father heart of God - Bangor, Northern Ireland


This is the first Father heart of God seminar I have held in my home town in County Down and it was exciting to see people travel up from Dublin in Southern Ireland as well as people from other Northern Ireland counties travelling for the event. There was much ministry at the end of the day and one Dublin lady gave her life to Jesus. The feedback after the event has been very encouraging. Thank you Jesus.

Father Heart at Bangor



"I had an amazing experience with Father God yesterday.  Over the years I've done the Father heart of God maybe 10 times and I thought "I had it". But then yesterday at the end of the teaching when the music was on, and it was our quiet time to connect with Father God... I felt God's presence surround me and as I breathed in I felt like He was blowing His breath into me. It was like when you suck a strong mint (only without the mint taste!) With each breath I breathed in I felt God’s love flow into me. It was an amazing supernatural experience. Ahhhh it was lovely. I just felt God continually telling me how much He loved me unconditionally, and that no matter what, I was loved and saved, and that I was his boy. It's the first time ever that my head knowledge that Father God loved me actually became real and I had it in my heart, and I knew that I knew that God loved me no matter what. It was a truly an amazing , lovely , comforting experience. Thank You Daddy God "

Thank you


67th birthday

On December 18th I reached the ripe young age of 67. Amazing when I remember that in July 2005 the heart consultants told my wife and family that I would die within 24 hours and there was nothing they could do to stop that happening.


In December I was informed that my teaching 'When it's dark' was the second most viewed teaching

on the Ellel Pierrepont website in 2014 and 'How to boil a frog' is the third most popular of all time.


Top videos in 2014


Best of all time



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