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Governed by the Supreme Council  
Order of the Knights Templar

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32nd-Sublime Prince of the Royal Secret  
31st-Inspector Inquisitor  
Order of the Knights of Malta 30th-Knight Kadosh  
29th-Grand Scottish Knight of St. Andrew  
Order of the Red Cross 28th-Knight of the Sun Adept  
27th-Knight Commander of the Temple  
26th-Prince of Mercy  
Thrice illustrious Master

25th-Knight of the Brazen Serpent  
Super Excellent Master 24th-Prince of the Tabernacle  
23rd-Chief of the Tabernacle  
Select Master

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22nd-Knight of the Royal Axe  
21st-Noachite or Prussian Knight  
Royal Master 20th-Master, Symbolic Lodge  
19th-Grand Pontiff  
18th-Knight Rose Croix  
Royal Arch 17th-Knight of the East and West
16th-Prince of Jerusalem
Most Excellent master 15th-Knight of the Sword
  14th-Perfect Elu
Past master 13th-Royal Arch of Solomon
  12th-Master Architect
Mark Master noneth-Elu of Twelve
10th Elu of Fifteen

The York Rite is a collection of separate Masonic Bodies and associated Degrees that would otherwise operate independently.

9th-Elu of Nine
8th-Intendent of Building
7th-Provost and Judge
6th-Confidential Secretary

5th-Perfect Master

4th-Secret Master

Blue degrees or the 'outer Portico' governed by the Grand Lodge.

Royal Arch Mason

Royal Arch Mason degree in English Masonry is placed here as a 'completion' of the Master Mason.


Master Mason


Entrered Aprentice

A Master mason can go directly to 18th degree in English Freemasonry

Two routes to the same top.

This is the 'main frame' of freemasonry worldwide though there are some geographical / regional differences and also a substantial number of sub-degrees along the York Rite.  

There are differences in relation to British Commonwealth Masonry and American and Prince Hall Masonry.

In the British Commonwealth countries Ancient and Accepted or Scottish Rite only the 18th, 30th, 31st and 33rd degrees operate in the higher degress above Royal Arch Mason. These are highlited in blue in that degree channel.

In August 1938, the Grand Lodges of England, Ireland and Scotland each agreed upon and issued a statement identical in terms except that the issuing Grand Lodge appeared throughout. This statement, which was entitled  'Aims and Relationships of the Craft':  stated that the Blue degrees (that is1st 2nd and 3rd degrees)  'do not recognise or admit the existence of any superior masonic authority however styled'.  The official wording states..

The Grand Lodge is aware that there do exist Bodies, styling themselves Freemasons, which do not adhere to these principles, and while that attitude exists the Grand Lodge of (England) refuses absolutely to have any relations with such bodies, or to regard them as Freemasons.

The Grand Lodge of (England) is a Sovereign and independent Body practising Freemasonry only within the three degrees and only within the the limits defined in its Constitution as 'pure Antient Masonry' It does not recognise or admit the existence of any superior Masonic authority however styled.

In practice however this is not the case. I have watched an official Masonic video of a large Masonic gathering in Northern Ireland attended by many hundreds of rank and file Masons, where many of the guests of honour who were interviewed for the video were high ranking (32nd degree) American visiting Masons.  In Ireland Scotland and the USA the popular Holy Royal Arch degree is outside the Craft jurisdiction. 

A minister friend who had moved into a new home found in the attic two official Masonic handbooks which he handed over to me. One (which was in Masonic code) contained the rituals of the first second and third degrees. The other was a Masonic report for Northern Ireland and included all the photographs of local high ranking Masons (18th -33rd) all of which are featured in this databank.  EVERY higher degree Mason is also a Master Mason and if such a war existed they would not be allowed to be members of both.   

One English Mason who argued this point of total separation between Craft and higher Degrees then admitted that he was also an 18th Degree Rose Croix.Mason.  The Rose Croix comes under the authority of the Supreme Council in Duke Street, which is in turn under the seniority of the Supreme Council in Charleston, South Carolina, USA, and the Rose Croix receives its charter from the USA.

Despite all its variances from country to country freemasonry is simply Freemasonry.

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