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Jehovah's Witnesses - officially known as 'The Watchtower Bible and Tract Society'

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Who are they?

They call with you and I because they believe that they are earning their own salvation. A salvation on earth, not in heaven.

For them, no work ‘for the kingdom’ means no salvation.

They are well indoctrinated in their teachings, and well trained in door to door work.

They can easily confuse a ‘three verse Christian’ with their apparent deep knowledge of scripture. (Though it turns out not to be deep!)

When Christians will not, or worse, can not, defend their beliefs with scripture, it serves to confirm to them that they have the truth.

They abhor ‘Christendom’

The abhor the ‘cross’.

They especially abhor ‘ministers’.

They are kept spiritually isolated within their kingdom.

They must follow the writings of their leadership, in particular the writings in their regular editions of the Watchtower. To not do so would mean disassociation from the Society, and hence no chance of salvation.

They are tasked with first giving and then selling their literature into our homes, but they are not allowed to read our Christian literature.

They will not join an army.

They will not accept a blood transfusion.

They do not acknowledge birthdays.

They regard our Christmas and Easter celebrations as being based on heathen dates and heathen practices as forbidden by God. (and on this non-salvation point alone I believe they are correct - see Christmas and Easter papers in the Study section)

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