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Jehovah's Witnesses - officially known as 'The Watchtower Bible and Tract Society'

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The Occult connections

Any involvement with occult is strictly forbidden by God. Yet the evidence shows that it was thoroughly mixed in with the foundations of the Jehovah's Witness movement.

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Late in the summer of 1923 God's holy spirits contacted Pastor Greber. They revealed great truths to him and approximately two and one-half years later he was given permanent leave from the church to take care of his relief organisation (Hilfsbund).  He continued in his capacity as a leader in the self-help organisation until 1929, when he emigrated to the United states. Here he received additional proof that what he had been told in Germany was God's truth.

He started a number of prayer groups in and around New York City. In his spare time he started to work on his book 'Communication with the Spirit World'.  Later he translated the New Testament with the help of God's spirit world.

The task was not simple. many contradictions between what appears in ancient scrolls and the New Testament, as we have grown to know it, arose and were subject of his constsnt prayers for guidance - prayers that were answered, and the discrepencies clarified to him.

At times he was given the correct answers in large illuminated letters and words passing before his eyes. Other times he was given the correct answers in during prayer meetings.  His wife, a medium of God's spirit world, was often instrumental in conveying the correct answers from God's messengers to Pastor Greber.

The Watchtower quotes Johannes Greber in support of their doctrines.

  • Aid to Bible understanding
Page 1669 The Word
  • Aid to Bible understanding
Page 1134 Memorial Tombs
  • Make sure of all things
Page 489 "A God"
  • The Watchtower 9/15/62 
Page 554 The Word
  • The Watchtower 10/15/75
Page 640 No resurrection
  • The Watchtower 4/15/76
Page 231 No resurrection
  • The Word 
Page 5  "A God"

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Charles Taze Russell was a freemason. He used the red cross and other distinctive features of the Knights Templar logo. He also used the Masonic symbol of the winged sun disk with snakes, and he is buried in a pyramid with masonic symbols on its capstone

Extract from 'The Watchtower and the Masons'. Fritz Springmeier page ii and 90

The winged disk or winged solar disk is a symbol of the sky god and was originally used for magic winged disk.gif (10419 bytes)

This symbol originated in ancient Egypt, where it was the quintessential symbol representing Horus the sun god. The winged disk was used throughout the centuries to represent the supreme god of other pagan cults and societies. It was the symbol for the baal god during Jezebel's reign, as well as the god of the Zoroastrian cult, founded by Zoraster, the Persian religious prophet.

The symbol is used by 33rd degree Masonry.  Charles Taze Russell was a Mason and he wanted the winged disk put on all his covers (which were later removed by Joseph Rutherford)

Extracts from Masonic and Occult symbols illustrated; Dr. Cathy Burns pages 159, 161

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