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Jehovah's Witnesses - officially known as 'The Watchtower Bible and Tract Society'

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What do they teach?

From the seventh day adventists, Russell borrowed doctrines such as

1. The person is not a trinity of body/soul/ spirit, but only body/soul, and with death comes the extinction of both the body and the soul.
2. The annihilation of the wicked.
3. The denial of hell.
4. A modified form of the investigative ‘judgment’

On top of these borrowed doctrines he went further.

5. He denied that Jesus was the ‘Son’ of God - but taught that Michael the archangel became a man called Jesus, and was duly adopted by God as His son at the Jordan, and that the only value of his death was as a ransom, to release people from satan and from their pasts in order to enable them to be free to work out their own salvation.
6. He thus denied salvation by faith, as a gift, and insisted that a person earns their way by ‘works’.
7. He denied the Person of the Holy Spirit.
8. He denied the Trinity of the Godhead.
9. He denied the bodily resurrection of Jesus.
10.He claimed that Jesus was hung on a pole, not a cross.
11.He taught that only 144,000 of his followers would actually go to heaven and that the rest of the ‘true witnesses’ would remain on earth.
12.He taught that God’s one and only Name is Jehovah and that He only responds to that name alone.
13.He taught that a person was ‘born again’ when they could pass a 100 question scripture test.

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