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Note: Many 'wicca' participants are taught that satan is simply a relatively modern and convenient invention of the Christian church. With that belief they therefore reject the references to satan described below. That lie is easily dealt with. The pre-Christian Old Testament mentions satan nineteen times. Indeed, the ancient Hebrew manuscript of Job,  the oldest of the 66 'books' that make up the Bible  - and therefore written long, long, long, before the Christian church emerged - mentions satan some 14 times. 

Pentagram  The five pointed star is an important symbol in magic representing earth, air, fire, water and spirit and is most commonly used by white witches.   Used by Freemasonry and the Orange Order   (More details)  
Inverted Pentagram  The five-pointed star when inverted is associated with 'black' witchcraft and satanism. It symbolizes the goat's head which represents satan (as on the cover of the satanic bible) The two points up signify the horns of baphomet and the three points down represent the Trinity. It is also a reverse of the pentagram above as it signifies contempt for traditional spiritual and occult values.   wpe5.jpg (2354 bytes)
Hexagram  One of the most powerful symbols of the occult, it is used by witches to cast spells. (Not to be confused with the star of David which has no circle around it - although there is a school of thought which says that Israel will reject this occult based symbol when they come to know Jesus as Lord - since this Jewish symbol became established at the time when King Solomon was in disobedience to God, having married foreign wives and joined them in pagan worship)  
Cross of Nero  Crow's Foot or Broken  Cross (inverted). This was the 'peace' symbol of the '60's but today it is being used by some heavy metal fans and occultists to represent the defeat of Christianity. wpe7.jpg (1939 bytes)
Swastika  Or Sun Wheel.  It was an ancient religious symbol long before Hitler adopted it and it was used in sun worship.  Now it is a modern symbol of evil. Nazis used it counter clockwise to depict movement away from the Godhead. wpe8.jpg (2097 bytes)
Anarchy  Denial of authority. Many adolescents use it to show contempt. It can often be seen at scenes of vandalism where spray painted satanic graffiti appears on buildings. wpe9.jpg (2121 bytes)
Thaumaturgic Triangle  Used for purposes such as spell casting or summoning up demons.   Satanists will often mark out a triangular area with symbols or 'powered' (cursed) items to draw in demonic power. This area can be of any size in any area - with 'items' at the three points.  wpeA.jpg (1255 bytes)
Udjat  All seeing eye, sometimes called 'eye of Horus'.  Used with minor variations in Nazism, on dollar bills, in New Age, and in many occult based groups including Freemasonry. wpeB.jpg (1390 bytes)
Lightning Bolts  Also referred to as the 'satanic s'. Used by Hitler's 'elite' and now popular as symbols with some heavy metal groups wpeC.jpg (1522 bytes)
666  Number of the 'great beast' or 'antichrist' in its various forms (Rev. 13:18)  As 'F' is the sixth letter of the alphabet it is sometimes used instead of a '6'   These symbols are common forms of tattoo used by occultists. wpeD.jpg (2061 bytes)
Ankh  Egyptian symbol of life, often associated with fertility.   Popular symbol hung on necklaces today.  wpeE.jpg (1238 bytes)
Inverted Cross  Sometimes called 'Southern Cross' it symbolizes mockery and rejection of the Cross of Jesus Christ.   It is often seen in the form of earrings and necklaces   wpeF.jpg (1042 bytes)
Black Mass Indicator  Both symbols can be used to indicate a Black Mass where holy items are defiled and illegal activities are performed - including the sacrifice of unbaptised infants.  (signs of satanic activity) wpe10.jpg (2155 bytes)
Cross of Confusion  First used by Romans who questioned the truth of Christianity.  wpe11.jpg (1309 bytes)
Church of satan  Can be found in Aanton La Vey's satanic bible above the 'Nine satanic statements'  Many adolescents are using it in note books, graffiti and self made tattoos.  wpe12.jpg (1576 bytes)
Emblem of baphomet  Strictly used by satanists and considered a demonic deity symbolic of the devil. Note the inverted pentagram forms the goat head.  wpe13.jpg (2414 bytes)
Point within the circle  A symbol that came from Babylon where it symbolized the sun god Ra. It then evolved from the serpent biting its tail - swallowing itself - and is the symbol of the destructive. New age teachers say that the point refers to the supreme one, the god behind all gods wpe16.jpg (1796 bytes)
Cross of baphomet  This is the symbol of baphomet or mendes. It was worn by top occultists such as satanist Albert Pike and appears on much Freemasonry 33rd degree note paper in slightly modified form.     wpe17.jpg (1399 bytes)

Adolescents also will write words, sentences and sometimes entire letters backwards. Some typical examples below:

Natas / Satan

Nema / Amen

 Redrum / Murder 

Evil / Live

Mad dog / God dam    

Susej / Jesus

Extracts from The Devil's web : Pat Puling & Kathy Cawthon : page 162 -166

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The Pentagram  takes many forms and is used by  New Agers, Freemasons, Ladies of the Order of the Eastern Star, the Mormon Church, the Orange Order, satanic heavy metal bands, plus major occult groups such as the Golden Dawn.  Celtic priests called it the witch's foot.  In the middle ages it became known in Britain and Europe as the goblin's cross, the devil's sign and the wizard's star.  Among the Druids of Great Britain, it was the blasphemous sign of the Godhead. Amongst the people of Babylon it was a magical charm.  It is used extensively in Black magic and can be used in three ways. The star may be broken at one point by not permitting the converging lines to touch. It may be inverted by having one point down and two up, or it may be distorted by having the points of varying lengths.

When used in Black magic, the pentagram is known as ' the sign of the cloven hoof' or the footprint of the devil.  The star with two points upward is also called the 'Goat of Mendes' because the inverted star is the same shape as a goat's head. When the upright star turns and the upper point falls to the bottom, it signifies the fall of the Morning Star.  

'Mystery mark of the New Age' : Texe Marrs ; page 95

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This list is by no means complete. New age has a long list of symbols, as does Freemasonry.  A useful reference book is 'Masonic and occult symbols' by Dr.Cathy Burns (includes 728 illustration)

Occult writing

This is almost certainly the adolescent end of the occult at work. Graffiti using unique alphabet, pentagrams, upside down crosses, devil's tail and reverse writing. Serious (usually generational) occultists are not given to such blatant attempts to draw attention to themselves.

Opposite a large church hall

On the pavement outside a minister's home..


At a busy roundabout.

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There are various occult alphabets. This one omits the letters 'J'  'U'  and 'W'.   Adolescents typically use the alphabet above and refer to it as the 'witches alphabet' 

(The Devil's web : Pat Puling & Kathy Cawthon : page 167)

Rune alphabet - important letter symbolism of witchcraft


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Satanism can be evidenced in an area by clues which may include..

Use of Christian symbols (inverted cross, vandalized Christian artefacts)
Discovery of candles or candle dripping
Unusual drawings, symbols on walls/ floors (pentagrams etc)
Non discernable alphabet
Animal mutilation, including removal of specific parts (anus, heart, tongue, ears etc)
Use of animal parts (feathers, hair, bones, to form signs and symbols on the ground
Absence of blood on the ground or in a dead animal
Altar containing artefacts (candles, chalice, knife, etc)
Effigies like voodoo dolls stuck with pins or otherwise mutilated
Bowls of powder or coloured salt
Skulls with or without candles
Robes, especially black, white or scarlet
Books on Satanism, magic rituals, etc.

see also symbols page in Freemasonry section

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