January to July 2016


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Dromineer Bay County Tipperary Ireland

An exciting new year.  A Challenging new year.


The world is changing rapidly. Are we ready for challenges that the church in recent centuries has never had to face?


Western nations have sought to rid themselves of their foundational Christian influence and the vacuum is rapidly being filled with spiritual darkness. Increasing levels of family breakdown. Gross immorality with increasing levels of sexual violence. In the UK alone reported rape cases have increased by a staggering 70% in the past decade, with an increase in England and Wales of 41% last year.


Islamic terror is spreading its tentacles into more and more countries while the seemingly unending influx of immigrants from different middle-eastern cultures and religions will bring many opportunities but also many unwanted issues.


Meanwhile it seems that Christians are reading their Bible less and less. And less. And so compromise and dull spiritual greyness has settled on many who are called to stand for truth and be light in the growing darkness. 


I agree with Egyptian Dr. Michael Youssef when he says "Every time the church of Jesus Christ departs from living under the authority of scripture Islam expands


I might extend that to read "Every time the church of Jesus Christ departs from living under the authority of scripture spiritual darkness in every area expands"


Yes, it's an exciting new year. A busy new year. And a challenging new year.


And we have been born for such a time as this!


Portroe January 2016
This is our tenth year going to Portroe near Nenagh in County Tipperary. To the meeting hall built by Anne -Marie Mulrooney in the grounds of her home so that we would have a teaching base in that part of Ireland and so that people in that area - and further afield - could hear the gospel, receive good Bible teaching and receive prayer ministry. A team of seven, including myself, travelled the 220 miles to Portroe and on Friday evening I taught on the subject 'When God doesn't answer prayer'. On Saturday morning I taught on the subject 'Warriors-not worriers' followed after coffee by 'Do Christians and Muslims worship the same God?'  After lunch as a team we ministered to twenty-one people who came for individual prayer ministry. During one ministry a lady gave her life to Jesus after saying "I need to get saved!' On Sunday morning we spent time fellow-shipping with Anne-Marie before heading for home. I took the beautiful Dromineer Bay photo at the top of this newsletter just 100 yards from the bed and breakfast house (The Well Meadow B&B) we were staying at in the tiny village of Dromineer.
Ellel Ministries Ireland - January 22nd - 24th
Ellel Ministries Ireland
I have taught at Ellel Centres in England Scotland Australia New Zealand France Canada Hungary Germany and Sweden but perhaps surprisingly - until this weekend - I have never taught at the Ireland centre, just one hour from our home! It was good to reconnect with directors Jim and Irene Murdoch whom I first met on an Ellel Ministry trip to Poland and Lithuania in 1997. The majority of delegates on the weekend were from Southern Ireland, especially the far south around Wexford and Waterford. Quite a distance!. The Presence of God was very real and it was obvious that God was ministering the life-changing revelation of His love into their hearts.
Ellel Ireland

Germany. January 27th - February 2nd
Germany 2016

I last taught here in 2009 and 2010 so it was lovely to reconnect with the Ellel Ministries team based in Altensteig on the edge of the famous Black Forest. Although I have taught this subject for a decade and a half, it was surprising to see how many additional aspects God laid on my heart during the weekend. The testimonies at the last session were very moving and very encouraging. Linda and I had a free day both before and after the weekend (Friday evening through to Sunday lunch time) and courtesy of team leader and host Andreas Hefti and his wife Ria, we got to see, taste (Black Forest Gateau) - and photograph - this beautiful area.

Linda and I

Good news from my heart reviews.
At my quarterly heart-nurse led review on December 15th - after hearing that I had just completed a 5K run - it was decided that after ten years of regular checkups there was no longer any need to see me. Then on February 8th at my annual consultant led heart review - after hearing that I had completed a 5K run in December and then climbed in the Mourne Mountains in mid-January the consultant said "This is unusual"  "You are an inspiration!" and "If you can do that then I have no excuse!"  Those who know the story of my heart know only too well that this is God and God alone at work. Medically speaking the life I lead is impossible!
5K run Mountain top

Pierrepont 2016
Father Heart of God advertisement

This visit marked my 17th year teaching at Ellel Pierrepont. The first day was teaching term 4 students. These are students who have chosen the full one year NETS course and are in their 4th and final term. They leave shortly for a mission to Israel. That evening I was treated to a meal and two games of Top Golf with Ellel teacher David Steele who will be leaving Ellel in April to serve God in Hungary. (Score - one game each!) On Wednesday and Thursday I taught the 'Father Heart of God' to NETS 37 term 2 students (I first taught NETS 4 in 1999) During the first day of the course I normally take the class for an hour long walk around the grounds to teach on Romans 1: 20 but for only the first time in the 33 NETS courses I have taught on the walk had to be postponed until the second day due to bad weather. That evening I met with and taught the Pierrepont young people's team who are known as 'Quiver'. Doubtless some will be tomorrow's leaders. The Friday morning communion sermon 'Worry is not a gift from God' has received excellent feedback and will shortly be be available on the NETS web site and on YOU TUBE. (posted further down this page) God willing, I will be back at Ellel Pierrepont weekend 1st - 3rd April teaching 'The Father Heart of God' and this will be open to the public.

Good fellowship.
Paul and Diane Watson in Bangor March 2016

We first met Paul and Diane Watson and their lovely family when they were founding directors of Ellel Ministries work in Sydney and Perth.


Paul has recently been appointed as Executive Leader, Director of Ellel Pierrepont and Regional Director for Australia, Pacific and India, and his wife Diane has been appointed Deputy Director of Ellel Pierrepont


Following their teaching weekend at Ellel Ireland we had the pleasure of spending a day and a half with them at our home. This photo is of Linda, myself, Paul and Diane during a walk around the local marina on a cool spring morning. What's in Paul's plastic bag? A local t-shirt proclaiming 'Norn Iron - the best wee country in the world' (note: 'Norn Iron' is local speak for Northern Ireland!)

Two new translations now available.
Two new translations

They have been in progress from quite some time but finally two new translations are completed and published.


Praise God that 'Loved Like Never Before' is now available in Arabic (as well as English, Swedish, and French)


And Praise God that 'The Great Adventure' is now available in Swedish.


May they bear Kingdom fruit.

Worry is not a gift from God. Sermon given at Ellel Pierrrepont February 19th 2016

Worry is not a gift from God

A Father Heart of God weekend at Ellel Pierrepont April 1st - 3rd
Father Heart of God weekend at Pierrepont 2016
As this weekend period was in the gap between the NETS 37 school ending and the NETS 38 school beginning, it meant the weekend was made up entirely of members of the public with a substantial percentage at Pierrepont for the first time.
The Romans 1:20 walk at Pierrepont

A most unusual part of this course is that I take everyone on a 'let's look at creation' walk through some of the 35 acres the centre is beautifully set in, stopping at various points to expand on Romans 1:20. 


Always a popular session!

Each NETS school has a photo montage of memories framed on walls throughout the centre, and I found this photo making up part of the montage for NETS 4 way back in 1999.


This was a major event for me on three fronts.


One, it was my first time teaching at Ellel Pierrepont.

Two, it was my first time ever teaching on one subject for ten hours (eight sessions each 75 minutes long)

And three, it was my first time teaching the Father Heart of God course.


I was 51, very nervous, and very honoured to be asked.


My first teaching in 1999

Advanced prayer ministry days.
Advanced school 2016 Each year we hold some advanced teaching workshop and ministry days open to anyone who has attended our annual basic prayer ministry school [see previous newsletter] During April and May we held days on the subjects of Freemasonry, The Queen of heaven, Abuse and Occult.

 "Ken, great news from a lady who was at the advanced school on Saturday. She had been in great great pain in her feet, no medical reason. But at the teaching on Saturday she realised that she had been involved in kick boxing and The Holy Spirit - through the teaching - showed her the root of the pain. She stood for prayer and all pain has gone. She is praising and rejoicing"


"Thanks Ken for your ministry. the Lord sent me to hear your teaching and when I thought I'd dealt with my issues, I hadn't. Because of that and the Lord calling time I'm free of torture guilt and hating myself, thanks to my Saviour Jesus Christ, you and your team. May God bless you all abundantly"


Bluebells and wedding bells.
Bluebells and wedding bells
On May 4th we travelled to England for the wedding of our second son, (and the last of our four children to marry) and what a grand occasion it was. During the church service it seemed that the best man had forgotten the rings. Cue very awkward moment! Suddenly he held up his hand and a barn owl swooped down on to his hand with the two rings! Cue gasps, amazement and relief! 
The owl with the rings The kiss and the confetti
Linda and Ken at wedding 2016
The castle grounds where the reception was held had the greatest expanse of bluebells I have ever seen. Add in sunshine, great food, new friendships, all the family and it truly was an unforgettable occasion. God is good!

An encouraging web site testimony..

A 37 year old man from Dublin (approx 120 miles away) travelled by train and taxi to attend each of the recent advanced schools. He emailed me this testimony about how God has used the web site in his life and in his family and friend's lives. Very encouraging!


Hi Ken,

I just wanted to thank you and the C.R.I team for all the free teachings they have really helped me so much in my walk with God. After a couple of big supernatural encounters with God I eventually came to faith on my 35th birthday on the 30th of July 2014. It was only a few weeks later that someone mailed me an audio file of a Ken Symington teaching. After a quick google search I found my way to the Christian Restoration Ireland website. The video teaching on hindrances really touched me deep in my spirit, I prayed the prayers and immediately I was set free from 20 years of porn addiction. To be honest I never saw porn as a problem it was just a normal thing for me until then. It took me a further 6 months to deal with my fornication but I dealt with that in February 2015.

I've listented to every teaching on the website and said every prayer I can to free myself from anything ungodly. I downloaded all the audio files, burned them to discs and passed them around to family, friends, and anyone else who's struggling, I still do. The teaching on grief, sorrow and loss really helped my mother and 3 sisters after my brothers suicide, a marriage teaching really helped a close friend of mine see things more clearly, the list of people your teachings have helped goes on and on... Again I just want to thank you and the team from the bottom of my heart. May God bless you all abundantly and meet all of your needs as you teach His truth on all things spiritual, for His glory.

My goals in life are very simple now, pass on what I've learned, proclaim the kingdom, heal the sick, cast out demons, and destroy the works of satan.

Be Blessed

James Griffin


Note: You can hear James's testimony on YouTube. 'My truth I give you' - The truth of my grief after my brothers suicide and a supernatural encounter I had with Jesus Christ.

More encouraging emails about the web site.
I so value the times I had been able to sit under your teaching. Your Psalm 23 enactment of the table being set IN the enemy camp, stays with me. I love this site - what an awesome resource in the Kingdom of God! (South Africa)
Great to read your newsletter. So refreshing with all the nuttiness going on to have this ministry holding the plumb line. (Australia)

Littleton, County Tipperary
Littleton County Tipperary Ireland

On Friday June 1st a seven person team drove to Thurles in County Tipperary for a two night stay. On the Saturday we did a one day Father Heart of God course in the community centre in nearby village of Littleton. We normally go to God's Garage in Portroe when we are in County Tipperary so this was our first visit to the Christian group in this area. People came from as far away as 50 miles. After a full day's teaching the team ministered to a substantial number of people in the dining hall for a couple of hours. One man gave his life to Jesus during a ministry time.  Many said they experienced God in a special way. Organiser Michael Lonegan sent me this text..


"Hi ken just a note to say thanks to u and team very much for a special blessed day yesterday. Got a load of feedback of how God met with so many to show how much he loves them, and now see him as a loving papa..... May God bless u, family and team in all health, wealth, and most of all love for each other...thanks see you soon....michael"

Ellel Pierrepont, Freensham, Surrey. July 12th - 15th
Communion service July 2016
On Tuesday July 12th I taught stage 4 NETS students on 'God's testings'  'The dark night of the soul' and 'Hearing the voice of God'. On Wednesday and Thursday I taught stage 2 NETS students on 'The Father heart of God' and on Friday morning at the weekly communion service for staff and students I gave a half hour sermon titled 'How not to build a conservatory' As usual the video of this sermon will be available on this site, on the Ellel Pierrepont NETS sermon site, and on You Tube from mid-August. Students attending were from many countries including Taiwan, Israel, Finland, Ghana, Canada, USA, Germany, England and Australia. What a priviledge!

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